Friday, June 27, 2014

Taming The Beast

It was a pretty brutal three days of caffeine withdrawal symptoms, but I made it through.  It will likely take me a little longer not to miss my trusty companion, but I will manage.  I like to think my body is thanking me and happy to not be loaded down with chemicals.  I have been more sleepy earlier, but hopefully that will balance out eventually.  And, yes, I am cutting all caffeine with the exception of a little dark chocolate now and then.  I feel really good and can imagine I will only feel better as my body is able to absorb nutrients uninhibited by the caffeine. Before you know it I will actually be one of those crazy healthy people who buys wheat grass smoothies. lol Okay, maybe not.

Thankfully I don't have a sweet tooth, so that is one addiction I don't have to confront.  I like salty things more than sweet.  I was that kid in the pasture licking the cow's salt block. lol  If I was given hot chocolate it usually was thrown away.  Most kids eat the center of an Oreo and leave the cookie. I was the opposite...scrape off the center and eat the cookie.  Cake frosting was scraped off and only the cake eaten.  Now salt is another matter. lol I'm not as bad as I used to be, but certainly I could cut some of the salt from my diet and be okay.

"What next?" I imagine the reader wondering.  Well, I really want to get outside more.  There are canoe rentals across the street calling my name and a number of lovely Oregon trails that I would love to get out and hike.  And now that I don't have to worry about missing my fix and getting a headache, I don't have to ever worry again about where the nearest coffee house is.  Tomorrow is my daughter's 6th birthday and we are going to the beach.  It will be a strange thing not to make that end of the day dash to a coffee house for a fix.  It will be nice, I think.