Sunday, February 19, 2012


I am a spiritual person but not a religious one. My power walks have been a time for getting inside my own head and reflecting upon whatever I feel at the moment I want to reflect upon. It is kind of like my time for "worship" if you want to call it that. Sometimes I talk to my inner voice and sometimes I just muse to myself about random things. For a couple mornings gratitude was the subject at the forefront of my thoughts.

It started with me being grateful my knees were working as they should because I had just spent a couple weeks unable to walk because of an injured knee. I was ever so grateful to be able to walk again. I was grateful for the legs and knees that still worked and were able to allow me to walk. That thought then led to thinking I was grateful I didn't smoke anymore and grateful for lungs that could take air deeply into my lungs without hurting. Emphysema isn't pleasant. I've seen it first hand. Yes, I'm grateful I am no longer going down that road. As I continued to walk I was grateful for living in a climate that allowed me to be able to get out and walk everyday. Our bad weather here in the Pacific Northwest really isn't all that bad. Yes, a few snowflakes is considered a snow storm and can shut our whole city down. lol I'm grateful for the rarity of snow so I don't have to wear snow shoes for my walks. 

I am grateful for the daughter I never thought I would have. She has taught me about what it means to be a mother. She has changed me in so many ways...for the better. I am grateful for a husband that takes all the many changes in stride and is patient with the mid-life crisis I seem to be having this year. lol I am grateful for the kind and generous hearts of his sisters, Miriam Mary and Jasmine. We've been rather lame at staying in touch with both of you and for this I am sorry.

Amrik and Inara
I walked on and mused on about what I was grateful for in my life. My friends I am very grateful ones and old ones. Those of us with dysfunctional families can relate to friends being family. We take them in to replace the dysfunctional members to create some sense of family. My two best and oldest friends, Shannon and Leslie are my sisters. They understand me and know me better than probably anyone else. I am grateful for their continued presence in my life for without them I would surely lose my mind. lol  

Inara and Auntie Shannon

Auntie Leslie

I am grateful for the many new friends (Aysha, Hafidha, Ashely, Cierra, Julie, Nora, Tricia, Sandra, Lisa, Joey, Adele, Lily and too many others to name) I have made who share with me their positive energy and enrich my life in so many ways. I am grateful for the many long lost friends I've gotten back in touch with. Some have offered amazing words of wisdom (Ron and Dan), some have made me feel all my hard work is paying off (Don and Arron) and others have been an inspiration to me just by being themselves (Orrin and J.).

It's hard to tell what I will ponder about on my walk tonight. If it is something worth telling all of you about, you can be sure I will be blogging about it.  :)