Tuesday, May 27, 2014

If We Want the World to Change

If We Want the World to Change

We're trying to change the world
Trying to make it a better place to live
Talking about our environment
Politics and the need for a racial bridge
Drugs, the high crime rate, hunger
The homeless and the need for us to give

I'm telling you here
And now in all honesty
If we want the world to change
It must start within you and me
You can save the sky
You can save the trees
But what is it worth
Without humanity
We've got to make love for all
The focus of society
If we want our world to change
It must start within you and me

I see many obvious contradictions
With your words and the life you lead
Man on the street needs more than money
Yet for him you're unwilling to bleed
Oh yes, you realize there is a problem
Still your time is consumed by greed
Why not embrace a stranger today
I'm telling you love is what we need

Written  July 17, 1990
By Oktobre Taylor 

Edited May 28, 2014 to add Author's Notes: I want to make sure everyone knows that these poem/lyrics, for better or worse, were written over 20 years ago.  On Facebook a friend and I had a discussion about saving our world, etc.
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Susan Seddon-Boulet - Shaman Spider Woman


You offer me your love
You offer me your touch
But I'm inclined to believe
You also offer an iron clutch
You offer me your hand
You offer me your kiss
But I have to wonder
If you offer a chain to my wrist

You say it wouldn't happen
You say it would never be
Well, I'm no stranger to this game
I've had many strings attached to me
You say you're different
You say I'd still be free
Well you might be intoxicating
But my eyes can clearly see

I want to fly with you at my side
But I don't want to get tangled in your strings
I want to play without being the prey
But a lady bug on a spider web always clings
Oh I don't want to get tangled in your strings

May 30, 1990
By Oktobre Taylor

Take a Stand

Take a Stand

Can you see what I try to hide
The person I am somewhere inside
Hollow words and desperate cries
Complications with discovered lies
Pointless destination has a reason
Tasteless flavor has a season
Unspoken words have found a voice
Cruel demands? There is a choice

Oh condescending eyes reveal
No one man is made of steel
Immobilized and on goes time
Crusaders are accused of crimes
Crossing over the line too late
Who shall we blame? Maybe fate
Breathing in this poisoned air
And still alive but may I ask where?

Take a stand
If you want to be seen
Take a stand
If you want to be heard
Take a stand
Say what you mean
Take a stand
To move the unstirred

December 25, 1988
By Oktobre Taylor

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Myths About Spiritual People

I know I have touched upon this topic before in a previous blog entry about authenticity and the spiritual path. I am having a particularly shitty day where my faith in everything has been shaken. So many spiritual people give off the air of sunshine and rainbows. It is all about love, love, love and everything is always hunky-fucking-dory. Gotta plaster love and positivity because that is what is expected of us. Well guess what? Sometimes I don't feel like spewing fairy dust and shitting rainbows. Sometimes I fall into a really bad dark mood. Sometimes I question everything I think I believe. Sometimes I just want to say "fuck it all" and take an exit from the giant stage drama called "life on Earth."

It doesn't make me any less spiritual than the people who try so hard to stay "positive" at all costs. It just makes me more authentic and willing to show my flaws and true feelings. If I am in a bad fucking mood, I am not asking anyone to try cheer me up or to try to save me or help me. Just listen and try to be understanding. Allow me to me vent my frustrations because more than likely, I will move past it eventually.

People within the spiritual community tend to only want to share the joys of their life and happy thoughts. I have been just as guilty of that as there is nothing more annoying than reading someone incessantly complain about how shit there life is. I think sometimes we don't share the dark shit because if we see only kittens and flowers and positivity we can convince ourselves that our life is pretty awesome most of the time. It makes us feel better to read our own stuff we have shared. But I think it can give people an illusion of who we really are and they don't see that we are human and sometimes we are weighed down with very real and dark human emotions. Sometimes showing just a glimpse of our shadow sides helps the person next to us feel like it is okay to be real and admit that sometimes we hate the world and don't want to be here anymore. Sometimes we doubt our guides and think they are assholes who have forgotten how hard it is to be in a skin suit and just how very dense this life can be. Sometimes we feel like screaming and breaking things instead of meditating and breathing the shit away.

My name is Oktobre. I am a spirit who wears a skin suit. I don't always love my life. I don't always love my guides and trust them. I sometimes rage. I don't drink. I don't do drugs. I just get really mad sometimes and spew profanities and angry words. And guess what? I am still a very spiritual person in spite of it all. I always eventually find my center and get balanced again.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Stranger To Myself

Artist: Frank Dicksee
Stranger To Myself

Gasping for air
The waves push me down
I see you there
And still I start to drown
I fight this feeling
Yet it comes back stronger than before
My head's sent reeling
Won't you please unlock this door

I'm a stranger to myself
Wishing I was someone else
I missed the last train
And I'm left with this pain
A white rose in hand
Changes into white sand
Wishing I was someone else
I'm a stranger to myself

I'm left calling
Wondering if anyone will hear me
I seem to be falling
No one to catch me as I drop into the sea
Gasping for air
The waves push me down
I see you there
And still I start to drown

Escape is what I need
But my feet are rooted to the ground
Like a forgotten seed
My spirit will be dead when found

By Oktobre Taylor
Written November 3, 1987

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Death and Rebirth

Hunt and Gather - Tom Bagshaw
Where did that person go
The person I used to be
Once so full of feeling
Am I just a product of society
Where did that person go
Is this empty shell really me
Can I find what I lost
Am I just a product of society

By Oktobre Taylor
Written January 22, 1990


Somewhere beyond the rainbow
Lies forever
Somewhere beyond your knowledge
Is your soul
Someday you will find what it is
You're looking for
Someday you'll understand what it is
You need to know

The Sun is our Father
The Moon is our Mother
Love is our Sister
Love is our Brother
We all ask a question
We all have an answer
This is what the world is
This is what our life is

Somewhere beyond poverty 
Lies happiness
Somewhere beyond a cold surface
Is your heart
Someday you'll find in the darkness
A reason
Someday amidst the confusion
We'll find each other

Somewhere beyond the pain
Lies heaven
Somewhere beyond despair 
Lies hope
Someday soon a new beginning
Will greet you
Someday soon you'll remember
Who you really are

By Oktobre Taylor
Written April 4, 1987

Author's notes: I want to dedicate this blog post to Deryck Whibley. Until May 16th, 2014 I had no idea who he was. That was when my spirit guides brought him to my attention. He might never see this but I felt important to let him know that new beginnings are a gift.
Dear Deryck,

You have been through such a difficult low in your life recently, but now it is time to restart your life as though you are a completely new and different person...start over...start fresh and start anew. Look at this experience as a gift and choose a new path that the Universe has presented to you. Get back on your horse and ride, my friend. Everything is going to be okay. Love and light to you and all who love you.


Chequered Love

Fecund - Tom Bagshaw

Chequered Love

Crystal clear emotions
Shining through a veil
Blood from a rose petal
Standing tall but frail
The candle in my heart
Is burning at both ends
In the day I know what's real
At night I am compelled to pretend

Chequered love
For a chequered life
Life killed love
With an ivory knife
Prepare the person
Pour the wine
Word in my thoughts
You cannot define
Chequered love 
For a chequered life
Life killed love
With an ivory knife

Image in a mirror
Has yet to be known
Bird of a blue feather 
Has finally flown
Green light in my head
Tells me to go
Still the light I answer
Bellows a loud NO!

Chequered love
For a chequered life
Life killed love
With an ivory knife
Prepare the person
Pour the wine
Word in my thoughts
You cannot define
Chequered love 
For a chequered life
Life killed love
With an ivory knife

By Oktobre Taylor

Written August 28, 1987

Climb the Fence

Floatopia - Naoto Hattori

Climb the Fence

Sleeping through a waking state
Unaware of my surroundings
Stepping into a slow motion scene
Found motion so dumbfounding
Blinked my eyes and lost a thought
Thought came back an hour later
Spoke out the words I had to say
Found my tongue to be a traitor
Slurred, mumbled, mixed together
Even to myself I didn't make sense
The gate was wide open to me
But instead I chose to climb the fence

By Oktobre Taylor

Written October 21, 1989