Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Susan Seddon-Boulet - Shaman Spider Woman


You offer me your love
You offer me your touch
But I'm inclined to believe
You also offer an iron clutch
You offer me your hand
You offer me your kiss
But I have to wonder
If you offer a chain to my wrist

You say it wouldn't happen
You say it would never be
Well, I'm no stranger to this game
I've had many strings attached to me
You say you're different
You say I'd still be free
Well you might be intoxicating
But my eyes can clearly see

I want to fly with you at my side
But I don't want to get tangled in your strings
I want to play without being the prey
But a lady bug on a spider web always clings
Oh I don't want to get tangled in your strings

May 30, 1990
By Oktobre Taylor

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