Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Dark Side of Channeling Erik

Ahhhh Channeling Erik....

What once felt like inspiration has become something very different over time.

Elisa claimed on a number of occasions that she had no desire to profit from the death of her son but it is my estimation she is doing just that with her multiple books, her desire for TV shows and radio shows. She once said she was going to start a non-profit so that any money that was made would go to help people. I just checked and could find no evidence of a non-profit in existence in Erik's name. She was going to dump the job in Jamie's lap and I checked that site too and still see no evidence to suggest that there is a non-profit that exists so that the proceeds from the books or whatever else are put to good use. Using it it to make more and more books is not putting it to good use, in my opinion. I was in the Channeling Erik group when Elisa tried to guilt members into buying multiple books because it wasn't selling well enough. She tried to guilt people into sharing her blog post more and she had to have X number of people like her Facebook page in order to ensure another book is published. I find this behavior really abhorrent.

It isn't just her that is profiting from Erik's death. The mediums she enlists to "channel Erik" get drawn into the Erik machine and they happily channel Erik for blog members for a price. Then there is the plethora of blog members who were "told by Erik" that they are meant to do this work be it psychic, medium or otherwise and they throw up a site and start channeling Erik too for a price. Essentially Erik is a prostitute and you can have time with him if you pay. It is all the rage, apparently.

What is my beef with all of these people worshiping Erik and channeling Erik? They are all creating dependency. They themselves are dependent on someone outside of themselves and in their marketing of Erik, they are also encouraging others to be dependent on him and them. Creating dependence on someone outside of you is the opposite of spiritual. Part of what we are supposed to be teaching in spirituality is that each of us have our own answers inside of us. Each of us need to connect with our own higher self...the God within. We need to be EMPOWERING people and not dis-empowering by creating dependency. ALL OF THE ANSWERS YOU SEEK ARE WITHIN YOU!! Seriously. Everyone can connect with spirit but what you should be trying to connect with is not outside beings be they physical or spirit. You should be trying to connect with the highest aspect of you. We all have the potential to develop abilities so don't look to someone else and think "but I can't do what they do." Well have you tried? Have you put in any effort to develop your abilities that lay dormant in each of us until we choose to use it and practice?

Onto an even darker side...

A friend shared a site with me today of another Erik dependent person. This is a bit from her page:

"And so, the journey began that way. Erik sent me gooshey love songs that I would have never sung to myself. He helped me understand how to recognize and interpret spirit “gestures” and have confidence in the meaning."

Here we go! Here is another one. This sounds all too familiar, love songs and whispering sweet nothings, etc. So far since I found CE, I could name close to 10 people if I include myself who have been romanced by this thing we call "Erik." I am not into fear mongering, but coming upon yet another gave me serious pause today and made me question everything I thought I knew. Yes, I am one of these people who was romanced by this thing...whatever "Erik" really is. I have known and talked to some of these women at length and I tell you that it fucks us all up. Not only do we become confused and emotional wrecks, everyone thinks we are crazy. Everyone thinks we are delusional. I am here to tell you that I am neither. Maybe I was lonely and unhappy and I was misled by this thing called "Erik" but nothing more. My question is, what type of higher being would do this to women? I honestly don't think a HIGHER being would do such a thing and I will tell you why. Because it encourages the humans involved to not really want to have physical relationships. In the long run it creates a heap of misery for the human.

So again I ask, what is this thing we call "Erik"? I believe you should question everything. What would be the motive for a being to do this? And I would bet you there are a hell of a lot more people experiencing what I and others have than we know about. A lot of people are going to keep it to themselves. I have considered on a couple of occasions that this thing feeds on us...on our energy. We focus on him and by default give him energy. But what if it creates an illusion that he is a primary soul mate or (barf) twin flame? Those individuals will give infinitely more of their energy freely. It feeds itself and becomes bigger with larger tentacles and all the adoration of this thing just gives it more power. Just maybe it is possible that the real spirit of Erik can't be heard because the monster tulpa we have created is so much louder and stronger. Maybe the real Erik wants no part of being prostituted. Maybe the real Erik stepped away ages ago and quietly reincarnated somewhere.