Monday, August 28, 2017

I Love Lucifer, the Lindworm Prince

Photo by Jaroslaw Datta

Is that title shocking to some of you? Do the names "Lucifer" and "Satan" fill you with fear and trepidation?

They used to fill me with all kinds of fear because it was taught to me that he was a bad guy. But my fear wasn't just in the God of the Underworld, I feared so much that it is amazing I was ever able to function. Fear ruled my life.

Embarking on a spiritual journey, which evolved into a journey back to myself, gave me the tools and knowledge to release my fears. Don't get me wrong, the spiritual community has its fair share of fear based people whose teachings create more fear. Fear keeps us from finding ourselves. If you are too scared to ever face your shadows, you will never make it all the way back to yourself.

Let's give you a quick reminder of what I have covered in previous blog posts. When we step inside the game, we split apart into two identical polar opposite twins. Only their personalities are different. Shit went down in Paradise and it was paradise no more. One twin was blamed for everything that went wrong and he is still blamed today. One twin we call "God" and the other twin we call "Satan/Lucifer." Lucifer did become God of the simply dying. One brother ruled the "living" while the other brother ruled the "dead." But in truth, there really isn't much difference between the two realms that are actually layered on top of each other. The only difference is a supposed "veil" between the two worlds, programming in the game that tells us we can't see "dead people." Without that veil you would be seeing "dead people" all over the place and all up in your business. LoL It might be a little weird because the rules and parameters for "dead people" are different to that of the living. Dead people can walk through walls and living people have a lot more limitations.

Art by George Clark Stanton

I honestly think the saying "As above, so below" is really about the world of the living and the world of the dead because in so many cultures, the world of the dead is seen as being far below the world of the living. I don't think this reality resembles anything like the really real world outside this Virtual Reality. So the only thing that makes sense for that saying is about the two different realms...this side and the other side.

I posted the below originally on Instagram:

"I have this theory. Stop rolling your eyes. Lol

What if Yeshua never died on the cross and it is the BIGGEST lie ever told? We have based whole religions on a single event...the death of Christ.

What if he never died? What would it do to Christianity? How would they move forward and justify what they do in the name of Jesus?

When I did research about Yeshua because my guides were very insistent, I was surprised to learn Thomas' real name wasn't Thomas at all. It was Didymos Judas and they called him Thomas because he was a doppelganger for Yeshua. The name Thomas means "twin."  Didymos also means "twin " What if Thomas took Yeshua's place and suffered the brutality, torture and death that was meant for someone else?

What if the real sacrifice has been kept secret for all these thousands of years? How would it change your view to know Yeshua didn't die for your sins but faked his own death and lived out his life in France?

I believe that is exactly what happened. After Thomas died, Yeshua assumed his name for a time until he could flee entirely and took on a new name.

Religion is the single most damaging and ridiculous thing to ever exist in this reality and has been a source for so much cruelty and injustice. I think the time is near when these long hidden truths will be revealed."

I will take it a step further and say that, based on information coming to me in dreams, signs and syncs, I believe fully that Yeshua, the son of God faked his own death and Thomas, a biological cousin and the son of Lucifer, took Yeshua's place on the cross. That doesn't mean God or Lucifer got it on with some human person. It means that the student driving the Yeshua vehicle had the God twin on board in the passenger seat to help navigate the game and the polar opposite twin of that student was driving the Thomas vehicle with the Lucifer twin in the passenger seat. Essentially they were polar opposites come together and that lifetime should have been "game over, let's all go home" but shit got fucked up.

Art by Alexander Andreyevich Ivanov

Don't get me started on the fact that I fully believe Yeshua was in love with a biological man...a transgender woman people call Mary Magdalene. *Gasp* What? Do you really think they didn't exist back then just because there wasn't plastic surgery and hormone therapy? Of course they existed but we will conveniently rewrite history to suit our palate. We do it all the time.

Art by Evelyn de Morgan

I love Lucifer with all of my heart and soul. I can say that in complete honesty and sincerity. His story is the ultimate "Beauty and the Beast" story arc. He is hated and blamed for every "bad" thing. He is the red headed step-child in the corner we all keep kicking because of fear, lies, and a need to blame something outside of ourselves. We hate him because we lack understanding and compassion for him and our own shadow selves. We have made him out to be a monster in this game but he is no monster. He is just a man who stepped inside this Virtual Reality and has had a whole lot of shit thrown at him during this game. He is tired. He is lonely and he longs for understanding and love.

Illustration by Kay Nielson

I understand him. I love him and I will love him until all those layers are peeled away from the Lindworm Prince to reveal his true magnificence.

Illustration by Kay Nielson

How can you love Lucifer too?

You can love and honor Lucifer by taking responsibility for all of your own shit, by embracing, understanding and loving your own shadow selves. End your codependent relationship with fear. Love you...all of you. Not just the parts that are easy to love but all of your parts. By loving all of your parts, you integrate and tame the Beast that is longing to be loved and understood.

I will leave you with a video that tells my favorite tale of The Lindworm Prince.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Original Sin Theory, Reccuring Patterns and Issues

I have been twisting those "original sin" puzzle pieces around and around in my head. I know for sure something went terribly wrong with the first set who split into four and started the game. I definitely feel like the rest of us are trying to correct the problem and restore balance. It has to be something more than they ended up with the wrong partners.

I was talking to a friend and saying, "They left off a 6 in the book of Revelation. It should be 6666. Someone changed it." The reason why I believe this is there were 6 Adams, 6 Eves, 6 Lucifers and 6 Liliths. 12 students split into identical duplicates. When I said this, I remembered a dream I had where I saw 3 sixes that looked to be part of a recipe and there was a fourth 6 way off to the side. I think this is Lilith. I think she kind of got forgotten and left out of the story that was passed down and eventually altered over and over again until there were only pieces of truths left.

While I was looking for that specific dream, I came across a different one that spoke of a big black cat turning into a big black dog. A light bulb went off when I read that because it makes so much more sense if they all started out as basically the same species because, if you remember, I said when we split apart into two, we were exact duplicates of ourselves. Essentially we were sets of identical twins. So it was more like Atom and Eva (Alpha first set) and Adam and Eve (Omega second set). They were given different names in the tale probably to better differentiate between the two sets.

So what happened at the beginning of the game? What went so wrong it created such chaos and suffering that we are experiencing now?

This first set of 4 set the tone for all other players in the game and are known as the Originals. The rest of us are copies of copies of copies. I also believe that each of us embody one of the 4 archetypes from the original story arch. Our task is to identify who we embody and what our core issues are from this life we are currently living. By looking at your Issues and seeing how they are connected to that original archetype character, you have accomplished half of the battle. Most of us think our issues stem from this current life alone. When I took a close look at my primary recurring patterns and issues, I could clearly see how they stem from the Lilith/Eva perspective. Identifying these patterns also helped me come to some possible conclusions about what happened in the original story arch.

What I believe is a strong possibility of what happened is that there was infidelity for sure. Eva from set 1 went off with Adam from set 2 and they had a fling and wanted to be together. This discovery probably devastated Eve from set 2. It caused such a wound that it lingered and festered. She went through a myriad of emotions. She likely felt anger, rage, rejection, not feeling good enough, self loathing, betrayal and a hurt so deep that the only way to stop the bleeding was to freeze her heart in layers of ice so that she could become numb. Atom and Adam, who were basically twin brothers, probably fought over Eva and this further caused Eve to feel left out of the equation. Her festering wound likely caused a significant depression and a tendency to cling to what she had left. According to the Torah Codes, a lot of death occurred at the beginning. Did the brothers fight and one die accidentally? I believe this is likely, which would have caused sadness, grief and guilt for all involved. I believe Eva took her own life in order to leave the game. Only the game isn't that simple and she couldn't actually wake up to the really real world without her other part of herself. She couldn't wake up from the nightmare it had become. That was when she discovered that when she chose to drop out of school, she wasn't free because the Afterlife had other plans for her per the rules of the game. Upon killing herself, she changed from being a Black cat to being a Black dog. She now had to live out her time working in "the underworld" and dealing with troubled "dead" people.

So what is the aftermath of suicide for those left behind? There was probably, guilt, grief and a huge sense of loss. I think these are very strong possibilities based on what I know about my own patterns which I will discuss next.

Keep in mind that I also believe this reality is "Empathy World" where we have to walk a mile in the shoes of others when we come back. Some people call this karma.

I believe I was the cheater since I am playing the role of Eva/Lilith.

A huge pattern I have noticed is infidelity. I have been surrounded by people cheating on their partners and, for most of my life, I have been very rigid and judgemental about it. I have abhorred the cheater. It was like life kept presenting me with opportunity after opportunity to make different choices this time and I wasn't getting it. I needed to understand how I had made others feel, but I also had to learn forgiveness for myself and self acceptance. By hating the cheater, I was actually hating myself.

I have sexual hang-ups. When I was in my 20s I would experience real guilt and self loathing when I had sex with someone. I would go for long periods of celibacy. I often feel like I could live the rest of my life without sex and be completely okay with it. This, of course, is an imbalance. I know this but am not sure how I can completely correct it because there have been no opportunities presented to do so. The main thing I can do is let go of the guilt and belief that sex is bad just because it seemed to fuck up paradise way back when.

I was perpetually single in my youth. I had a lot of hostility towards the male gender and a lot of fear if a guy actually said he loved me. My first innocent boyfriend who asked me to "go steady" with him was when I was 12. He made the mistake of telling me he loved me and I immediately broke up with him after. I briefly liked a boy when I was 14 and we kissed a little and held hands. He told me he loved me and I got really annoyed the second time he said it and told him he had no idea what love was and told him I didn't want to see him anymore. It was a pattern with me. I liked the ones who didn't like me back because they were safe. A sure way to get me to end my crush was to reciprocate. You see, in my mind, love equals pain and I didn't want to be hurt.

I have had a lot of anger issues throughout my life. Sometimes I feel so angry that if I could annihilate this planet with a button, I would do it. I know I have the potential to be very cutting and mean when I am angered too. Thankfully I have been able to calm the Beast inside since heading down a spiritual path.

I experienced a plethora or selfloathing and often felt like I wasn't good enough. I was anorexic-bulimic. I mostly starved myself a lot and when I ate and felt guilty about it, I would make myself throw up. I never thought I was worth very much. As a third child, I felt perpetually left out and overlooked. I felt invisible. When I was a young child I would play out fantasies in my head where there was a contest between me and other girls and the guy I fancied would choose me over them. That is a huge one. I want to be chosen as a first choice and not just as an afterthought because they were rejected by the one they wanted. I want to feel special and wanted and valued. Here again I can clearly see how I have been walking a mile in Atom and Eve's shoes to see how they felt.

Silence equals death to me. Being cut off and shut off from communication absolutely crushes my soul. It is unbearable when people won't communicate with me or suddenly cut off ties with no explanation. It hurts at first and then becomes a bitter rage that turns to venom.

Suicide is another theme. I am surrounded by suicide. Sometimes it is successful and other times it is simply attempts. When I was 16 I was suicidal and all I could think about was ways to escape this life and all the pressures of it. I ended up dropping out of school that year which successfully alleviated some of the stress from my pressure cooker. Leaving school is exactly what I think Eva did when she killed herself so it was very symbolic in ways because I often have dreams about being back in highschool and being pissed off about it. I suddenly realize I don't have to be there and leave. Recently I have had dreams about finishing school and feeling pleased I actually finished even though I won't get credit for it because I am not back officially or registered. I really struggle with staying in the game. It is a daily battle because there is a part of me that just doesn't want to be here and have to continue to suffer. I am tired. I am in pain and I want out. So I talk about it in hopes that will be enough to keep me in the game another day.

So what now?

I have no idea.
Art by Luis Royo

What this theory of Adam and Eva hanging out in the "Underworld" suggests is that when they split into identical duplicates, they were simply opposites....Atom white cat, Adam black cat, Eve white cat and Eva black cat. But when Eva became a black dog and later Adam became a black the Underworld...they became the shadow selves and were further polarized from their siblings. Our challenge is to pull ourselves together by loving our shadows and working through the issues from the Original story arch.

Which orginal character do you embody?

What patterns and issues are you being presented with to work through?

I know now that the majority of my heart chakra issues stem from the original story arch of Eva (aka Lilith). I have hypertension and asthma which are both heart chakra related. My Hope is that by acknowledging and working through the issues, I will be able to clear the blockages and then heal both my body and soul.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Twin Flame Fuckery, Game Objective

It seems the breakthroughs are coming in more quickly now and it's about time. I have been trying to sort things out for 5 years. The latest breakthrough I have had is about where things went horribly wrong in here. How and why did we get stuck and it became the cluster-fuck it is today? I think I might have figured that out and I want to share it with all of you.

First we need to re-cover some ground for the lazy people who don't want to go back and read older blog posts. This reality and everything in it is a VIRTUAL REALITY. We are ghosts in the  machine. A Professor and 12 of his college students stepped inside. Now it wasn't just random students but this class is "Relationship 101" and was meant to test their relationships to see if they would last.

Trying to sort out where the problem came in at has been a challenge, but a message my friend and soul sister got from spirit helped a lot in putting it all together. Mari, from The Dragonfly's Student, said spirit said that someone pooped in the baby pool and we are back here to clean things up. That single sentence played through my head over and over again. "Baby pool" means that the players involved are young and the incident was unintentional. It just happened and wasn't malicious sabotage

I hate that I have to keep going back to the Bible and religion but it is where we left some valuable clues for ourselves. The story of creation and the first people starts with Adam, Eve and one dastardly snake (think Lindworm Prince)....only he wasn't a snake at all, he was the duplicate of Adam...his twin....his polar opposite. Where the Bible leaves out important information is Eve had a duplicate too...a twin. Her polar opposite was Lilith and we only hear rumors she existed and her being a reality makes perfect sense if you can remember as I do that I split apart and became two people with a tether connecting us.

A more accurate illustration would show another set with the woman under the Sun and the man with the moon.
This is where I remind you that this is a GAME designed to teach but it was never meant to be the nightmare it has become. The Professor's class entered the Tunnel Of Love and started playing out the story arch of the game...Adam and Eve and Lucifer and Lilith. Adam and Eve aren't literally part of the same soul, it is only the story arch they are playing out to test their relationship. The storyline written says that Adam and Eve were part of the same soul, they split apart and became man and woman. And if you think about it, technically that would make them siblings because when a fertilized egg splits, we call them twin siblings which puts a twist into the information you could be receiving to try to navigate the game.

I believe all six sets of college kids stepped into the role of Adam, Eve, Lucifer and Lilith. At least one of the sets fucked up in an epic way and that is the story that became famous. Where did it go wrong? Well imagine two sets of identical twins. You have a male set and a female set. Have you ever known identical twins? I have and just because they are identical doesn't mean their personalities are identical. They each have their unique personalities. I had identical twin friends in the second grade and, if I am completely honest, I would tell you that I preferred Lisa over her sister Linda. Lisa was more outgoing and Linda was more reserved.

Now these twins in Eden would have an even bigger variance in personalities because they are polar opposites. I think Adam was sweet, gentle, reserved and a little bit boring. Lucifer was playful, outgoing, volatile, funny and he had a healthy sexual appetite, but of course the sex gets twisted and distorted into something evil and wicked in religion. Sacred sex is neither wicked or evil but beautiful and magical, only we have forgotten what actual sacred sex really is. I am not talking about just going out and getting your rocks off, but a real sexual connection where you both are connected on every level. But the tale that sex is to blame for everything is simply a perspective of a jaded twin.

Where things went pear shaped (terribly wrong) is when Lilith (Orginal Eve) and Lucifer chose to be together. "Why is that wrong?" you might wonder. Because Adam and Lucifer are polar opposites, one is white/sun/masculine and one is black/moon/feminine. Adam is white and Lucifer is black. Lilith is black and Eve is white. Lucifer and Lilith were two blacks coming together and that left Eve number 2 no other option but to be with Adam. By having two blacks together and two whites, essentially it threw the whole game into chaos because it wasn't balanced. It needed to be balanced to maintain the paradise it started out as but balance was lost when they made the choices they did.

See, I made the mistake of assuming that the duplicate of ourselves went to a separate unseen parallel universe. I don't think that is actually what happened based on this new theory and given that I believe fully I am back to correct the original imbalance that was set in motion at the beginning of the game.

Early on, I used to dream of 4, two cats and two dogs. Then something was wrong with one of the cats and then suddenly it was always 3 that I dreamed about. What threw me off was when there was also mention of four bands being booked but one of them cancelling. The four bands was something else and it got mixed up with the sets. The cat that died was my Eve. I like to refer to her as Rose Red from the Snow White Rose Red fairytale. The primary two drivers in my Oktobre vehicle are the scientist mother and the Snow White/Lilith.

The life of Yeshua was supposed to set things right but that isn't what happened. Rose Red (Eve) gave birth to Thomas and Snow White (Lilith) gave birth to Yeshua. Where things went pear shaped was when Yeshua faked his own death by allowing Thomas to die in his place and assumed Thomas's identity, thus essentially choosing imbalance once again. So shit went from bad to worse. I think the parents stepped in for that life to try to get things back on track but it didn't work out, hence how Yeshua could be both father and son because both really were present inside a single body.
Art by Emily Balivet

Now we are back again to try to get it right only my Rose Red died and stepped inside the Oktobre body, but I think that Snow White is running the show. That is why Rose Red is seen sleeping on a shelf in a dream. The partner she is supposed to end up with is Lucifer, but since both Rose and Snow are present in the vehicle, both Adam and Lucifer would be considered a match. is what I haven't figured out. I believe all of the other students were in pairs and took on the same roles in the game to play out the twin flame fiction, but my question is, did any of them fuck up as well or was it just my team of 4?

If you think you are playing the twin flame game, ask yourself a few questions:

Am I a dog or cat? Dogs should be with dogs and cats should be with cats. Rose is a cat and Snow is a dog. Adam was the most famous cat as Lion is associated with the life of Yeshua. Lucifer is a dog. You shouldn't try to breed a cat with a dog, which is basically what happened at the start of the game. I can easily say I am a dog. I have always been partial to dogs. Once you have determined if you are a cat or dog, ask yourself what the object of your affection is, the one whom you believe to be your twin flame. If one of you is a cat and the other a dog, you better figure out real fast who and where your actual partner is that would make your duo balanced. You cannot complete the game and cross the finish line with the wrong twin.

Edited to add: I later came to the realization the above sentence is off. I now believe all 4 started out as the same species and one set went from being cats to being dogs and this represents one set moving from being living to being dead aka without bodies. Anubis, a dog, is associated with the Underworld.

Next determine what your color is. Are you black or white? I know my masculine side is dominant so I know I am white. I have a tendency to injure my left side. If I sustain an injury, more often than not it is on the left side. I broke my left foot. I broke my left hand. I get my migraines on the left side of my head. My weak feminine side is showing me what is feminine Lucifer counterpart. I can't speak for Rose Red as she hasn't been on board this boat for very long and I didn't even know she existed until recently. Once you have determined if you are black or white, determine what color the person is who you think is your twin flame.

Edited to add: I realized later that this is also off. My color is actually black but my feminine side is weak because being with another black/feminine partner caused a need for more masculine energy because it was lacking in the partnership so my feminine/black side was pushed aside to make up for the imbalance.

NEWS FLASH!!! GENDER does not determine your color and a twin flame match does not have to be opposite sex configuration. If you think that, you would be way off. I'm not saying everyone has to have a fluid sexual orientation, but it will help if that is the direction you are being guided. If you aren't open and are resistant, you might not find your correct match and miss out on completing the game with your partner.

Ask yourself if your other you is on board with you. If they are, you might be someone being presented with two possible matches but who you end up choosing will be highly dependent on who is driving the fleshy vehicle. If both sets of twins are present in your duo, count yourself lucky and move forward with trying to complete your task.

I think the term paper for these couples when they finally come back together is to create something together. In dreams I see it as they are all having babies but I don't believe it is literally babies. I believe it is coming together and working as a team to create something out of their combined love be it art, music, natural medicine, inventions, a business, whatever. Whatever they create together will be formed from their combined passion for each other and the action they are putting that energy into. For me I completely believe I am meant to create music with my partner because of how many times my guides have told me to sing.

If you are still hoping to bring your partner into your orbit and they seem MIA and you don't even know who they are, the very best thing that both of you can do is start the journey of self discovery. You will never be able to draw to you your partner who is meant to cross the finish line with you until you do the inner work and find your way back to you. You have to find your way back to self love and acceptance first. When you both do this, it will help you find each other in the maze.

And last but not least, good luck to all the players out there. I hope you find your correct partners. I hope balance is restored to this reality through your completion of the game and I hope I see all of you at the party we are having in 2022. 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

We are NOT All One, Twelve Oversouls

Art by Yana Movchan
Looking back over my journey, it is easy to see how I have evolved from regurgitating what everyone else was saying after learning "spirituality 101" to questioning everything I believe and coming to my own theories and conclusions based on my own information that was coming into me. It seems that every day I make a stride forward into expanding and new awareness. Some of the realizations have been hard to take on board because they made me have to reassemble my puzzles that I thought I was making progress on. It forces me to let go of what I thought I knew and understood so that I can see something the way it (probably) really is and, sometimes, assimilating this new information can leave me totally mind fucked. Sometimes I cry until I can accept it and deal with it.

I have made a new break through and it threw me for a loop but also left me thinking, "Fuck! Why does this have to be so fucking hard and complicated.?!"

Some people in the spiritual community believe that there are 12 primary Oversouls that branch off from Source. I have mentioned before how I feel like the 12 are actually students who stepped into school with their teacher who also happens to be the Navigator. The Navigator/Professor set the stage for his students. People think that the twelve branched off from the Navigator, but this is not the case at all. The Navigator is just that, he navigates his students through to help them try to complete their plans for any given life. He can also be seen as a time traveller because he is straddling all simultaneous timelines to help.

The twelve stepped in and their consciousness fractured to have all of these experiences and help them evolve and grow so that when they leave here, they won't be a menace to society but thoughtful and wise individuals who have something valuable to offer.... experience.

Now keep in mind, the twelve are basically kids.... college kids, but kids nonetheless. Haven't you ever met someone who just seems so simple and YOUNG no matter how old they are? I have and it always baffled me but now I understand. The core person they are really is a kid. That is why you can have someone who is 60 but it feels like they are still in their 20s. We assume that people choose not to "grow up" but maybe it is simply they can't actually grow up in this virtual reality because in the really real world, they are still quite young.

This is where it gets a little more complicated because when we stepped inside, we split apart into two of us...polar opposites. I know you are wanting to shout "twin flame" and I will say "fuck, no!" Twin flames are a fiction that is part of the game only and not what I am talking about. We split apart into an exact duplicate and only the personalities were slightly different based on the poles they embodied. One went into one universe and one went into a different universe. What I haven't figured out is if that was an accident or intentional. I tend to think it was intentional because I think part of the point is to find your way back to yourself. When you start that journey, you start reeling in the string that connects both of you between the two universes. When you shorten enough of it, you merge back into one being and slowly each person that finds their way back to themselves and self love adds another stitch in the tapestry to bring the two universes together into one.

Okay, are you ready for me to make it even more complicated and convoluted? This is were the mind fuck comes in.

Somewhere at some point things got fucked up and the kids and the Professor got stuck inside the Virtual Reality school. I tend to think that religion has fucked a lot of shit up because a lot of them teach you that you aren't worthy. They teach self-loathing, guilt, sexual repression, hate, intolerance, not taking responsibility for everything in your own life and so much more that leads us away from the journey back to self.

Edgar Cayce and Dolores Cannon both speak of volunteers that came in to try to help get people out who were stuck doing life after life after a life to a point where so many people just opt out one way or another be it addiction or suicide. They have become tired of having to do it over and over and failing to find their way back to themselves, so, many have given up. In dreams I see it as an entire class was kidnapped by a religious group. What would be the best way to send the volunteers in? They didn't suddenly create a whole new Oversoul, they simply stepped inside the vehicle with the incarnations of the students to assist them in navigating the journey back to themselves.


....a lot of the "past life" memories you think are yours if you are a volunteer are actually likely that of a student and that specific soul stream, of which there are millions per each of the twelve. What about past life regression? Well does the regressionist know which person to ask for? Do they understand that a volunteer shares a vehicle with the student to help them? Probably not because I have never read anything about this before. Sure, it may exist out there with some random person expressing the same, but I have not come across it from well known people in the field.

If I go back to my dreams with this new perspective, I can see so clearly where there are two distinct dreamer perspectives and I just never understood it. Even now it is hard to decipher some of it, but I have come to the conclusion that the volunteer part of me is the mother/ the really real mom in the really real world and the student part of me is the daughter. When I dream that my mother in this life is with me, I am dreaming from the student perspective and when I dream that my daughter from this life is with me, I am dreaming for the mother perspective.

Is it confusing enough for you yet? Lol

We HAVE to finally understand these things so that we can sift through the information coming to us and navigate accordingly. Who is the *I* of this character? Who is the driver? I think the mom/volunteer is at the moment because she wants to get shit done so we can all go home. I have wondered why it is that the guides keep telling me to sing and this version of me has no real inclination to do so. I think the me whose dream it was to sing was the daughter/student and maybe she will take the driver's seat when it is time for her to sing.

Suddenly all of those references to specific people in dreams being both husband and brother don't seem as weird. Both are present in one body. The daughter perspective sees her brother half and the mother perspective sees her husband half. I now understand why I would see my husband morph into my father at times. The daughter sees her father and the mother sees her husband.

So if you believe yourself to be a volunteer, ask yourself, as your puzzles pieces come in, whose eyes you are seeing through? What perspective are you seeing from? Knowing that you are on board with a student and helping them navigate the game will help you separate your memories from theirs and then act accordingly to finish the game.