Monday, August 28, 2017

I Love Lucifer, the Lindworm Prince

Photo by Jaroslaw Datta

Is that title shocking to some of you? Do the names "Lucifer" and "Satan" fill you with fear and trepidation?

They used to fill me with all kinds of fear because it was taught to me that he was a bad guy. But my fear wasn't just in the God of the Underworld, I feared so much that it is amazing I was ever able to function. Fear ruled my life.

Embarking on a spiritual journey, which evolved into a journey back to myself, gave me the tools and knowledge to release my fears. Don't get me wrong, the spiritual community has its fair share of fear based people whose teachings create more fear. Fear keeps us from finding ourselves. If you are too scared to ever face your shadows, you will never make it all the way back to yourself.

Let's give you a quick reminder of what I have covered in previous blog posts. When we step inside the game, we split apart into two identical polar opposite twins. Only their personalities are different. Shit went down in Paradise and it was paradise no more. One twin was blamed for everything that went wrong and he is still blamed today. One twin we call "God" and the other twin we call "Satan/Lucifer." Lucifer did become God of the simply dying. One brother ruled the "living" while the other brother ruled the "dead." But in truth, there really isn't much difference between the two realms that are actually layered on top of each other. The only difference is a supposed "veil" between the two worlds, programming in the game that tells us we can't see "dead people." Without that veil you would be seeing "dead people" all over the place and all up in your business. LoL It might be a little weird because the rules and parameters for "dead people" are different to that of the living. Dead people can walk through walls and living people have a lot more limitations.

Art by George Clark Stanton

I honestly think the saying "As above, so below" is really about the world of the living and the world of the dead because in so many cultures, the world of the dead is seen as being far below the world of the living. I don't think this reality resembles anything like the really real world outside this Virtual Reality. So the only thing that makes sense for that saying is about the two different realms...this side and the other side.

I posted the below originally on Instagram:

"I have this theory. Stop rolling your eyes. Lol

What if Yeshua never died on the cross and it is the BIGGEST lie ever told? We have based whole religions on a single event...the death of Christ.

What if he never died? What would it do to Christianity? How would they move forward and justify what they do in the name of Jesus?

When I did research about Yeshua because my guides were very insistent, I was surprised to learn Thomas' real name wasn't Thomas at all. It was Didymos Judas and they called him Thomas because he was a doppelganger for Yeshua. The name Thomas means "twin."  Didymos also means "twin " What if Thomas took Yeshua's place and suffered the brutality, torture and death that was meant for someone else?

What if the real sacrifice has been kept secret for all these thousands of years? How would it change your view to know Yeshua didn't die for your sins but faked his own death and lived out his life in France?

I believe that is exactly what happened. After Thomas died, Yeshua assumed his name for a time until he could flee entirely and took on a new name.

Religion is the single most damaging and ridiculous thing to ever exist in this reality and has been a source for so much cruelty and injustice. I think the time is near when these long hidden truths will be revealed."

I will take it a step further and say that, based on information coming to me in dreams, signs and syncs, I believe fully that Yeshua, the son of God faked his own death and Thomas, a biological cousin and the son of Lucifer, took Yeshua's place on the cross. That doesn't mean God or Lucifer got it on with some human person. It means that the student driving the Yeshua vehicle had the God twin on board in the passenger seat to help navigate the game and the polar opposite twin of that student was driving the Thomas vehicle with the Lucifer twin in the passenger seat. Essentially they were polar opposites come together and that lifetime should have been "game over, let's all go home" but shit got fucked up.

Art by Alexander Andreyevich Ivanov

Don't get me started on the fact that I fully believe Yeshua was in love with a biological man...a transgender woman people call Mary Magdalene. *Gasp* What? Do you really think they didn't exist back then just because there wasn't plastic surgery and hormone therapy? Of course they existed but we will conveniently rewrite history to suit our palate. We do it all the time.

Art by Evelyn de Morgan

I love Lucifer with all of my heart and soul. I can say that in complete honesty and sincerity. His story is the ultimate "Beauty and the Beast" story arc. He is hated and blamed for every "bad" thing. He is the red headed step-child in the corner we all keep kicking because of fear, lies, and a need to blame something outside of ourselves. We hate him because we lack understanding and compassion for him and our own shadow selves. We have made him out to be a monster in this game but he is no monster. He is just a man who stepped inside this Virtual Reality and has had a whole lot of shit thrown at him during this game. He is tired. He is lonely and he longs for understanding and love.

Illustration by Kay Nielson

I understand him. I love him and I will love him until all those layers are peeled away from the Lindworm Prince to reveal his true magnificence.

Illustration by Kay Nielson

How can you love Lucifer too?

You can love and honor Lucifer by taking responsibility for all of your own shit, by embracing, understanding and loving your own shadow selves. End your codependent relationship with fear. Love you...all of you. Not just the parts that are easy to love but all of your parts. By loving all of your parts, you integrate and tame the Beast that is longing to be loved and understood.

I will leave you with a video that tells my favorite tale of The Lindworm Prince.

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