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Twin Flame Fuckery, Game Objective

It seems the breakthroughs are coming in more quickly now and it's about time. I have been trying to sort things out for 5 years. The latest breakthrough I have had is about where things went horribly wrong in here. How and why did we get stuck and it became the cluster-fuck it is today? I think I might have figured that out and I want to share it with all of you.

First we need to re-cover some ground for the lazy people who don't want to go back and read older blog posts. This reality and everything in it is a VIRTUAL REALITY. We are ghosts in the  machine. A Professor and 12 of his college students stepped inside. Now it wasn't just random students but this class is "Relationship 101" and was meant to test their relationships to see if they would last.

Trying to sort out where the problem came in at has been a challenge, but a message my friend and soul sister got from spirit helped a lot in putting it all together. Mari, from The Dragonfly's Student, said spirit said that someone pooped in the baby pool and we are back here to clean things up. That single sentence played through my head over and over again. "Baby pool" means that the players involved are young and the incident was unintentional. It just happened and wasn't malicious sabotage

I hate that I have to keep going back to the Bible and religion but it is where we left some valuable clues for ourselves. The story of creation and the first people starts with Adam, Eve and one dastardly snake (think Lindworm Prince)....only he wasn't a snake at all, he was the duplicate of Adam...his twin....his polar opposite. Where the Bible leaves out important information is Eve had a duplicate too...a twin. Her polar opposite was Lilith and we only hear rumors she existed and her being a reality makes perfect sense if you can remember as I do that I split apart and became two people with a tether connecting us.

A more accurate illustration would show another set with the woman under the Sun and the man with the moon.
This is where I remind you that this is a GAME designed to teach but it was never meant to be the nightmare it has become. The Professor's class entered the Tunnel Of Love and started playing out the story arch of the game...Adam and Eve and Lucifer and Lilith. Adam and Eve aren't literally part of the same soul, it is only the story arch they are playing out to test their relationship. The storyline written says that Adam and Eve were part of the same soul, they split apart and became man and woman. And if you think about it, technically that would make them siblings because when a fertilized egg splits, we call them twin siblings which puts a twist into the information you could be receiving to try to navigate the game.

I believe all six sets of college kids stepped into the role of Adam, Eve, Lucifer and Lilith. At least one of the sets fucked up in an epic way and that is the story that became famous. Where did it go wrong? Well imagine two sets of identical twins. You have a male set and a female set. Have you ever known identical twins? I have and just because they are identical doesn't mean their personalities are identical. They each have their unique personalities. I had identical twin friends in the second grade and, if I am completely honest, I would tell you that I preferred Lisa over her sister Linda. Lisa was more outgoing and Linda was more reserved.

Now these twins in Eden would have an even bigger variance in personalities because they are polar opposites. I think Adam was sweet, gentle, reserved and a little bit boring. Lucifer was playful, outgoing, volatile, funny and he had a healthy sexual appetite, but of course the sex gets twisted and distorted into something evil and wicked in religion. Sacred sex is neither wicked or evil but beautiful and magical, only we have forgotten what actual sacred sex really is. I am not talking about just going out and getting your rocks off, but a real sexual connection where you both are connected on every level. But the tale that sex is to blame for everything is simply a perspective of a jaded twin.

Where things went pear shaped (terribly wrong) is when Lilith (Orginal Eve) and Lucifer chose to be together. "Why is that wrong?" you might wonder. Because Adam and Lucifer are polar opposites, one is white/sun/masculine and one is black/moon/feminine. Adam is white and Lucifer is black. Lilith is black and Eve is white. Lucifer and Lilith were two blacks coming together and that left Eve number 2 no other option but to be with Adam. By having two blacks together and two whites, essentially it threw the whole game into chaos because it wasn't balanced. It needed to be balanced to maintain the paradise it started out as but balance was lost when they made the choices they did.

See, I made the mistake of assuming that the duplicate of ourselves went to a separate unseen parallel universe. I don't think that is actually what happened based on this new theory and given that I believe fully I am back to correct the original imbalance that was set in motion at the beginning of the game.

Early on, I used to dream of 4, two cats and two dogs. Then something was wrong with one of the cats and then suddenly it was always 3 that I dreamed about. What threw me off was when there was also mention of four bands being booked but one of them cancelling. The four bands was something else and it got mixed up with the sets. The cat that died was my Eve. I like to refer to her as Rose Red from the Snow White Rose Red fairytale. The primary two drivers in my Oktobre vehicle are the scientist mother and the Snow White/Lilith.

The life of Yeshua was supposed to set things right but that isn't what happened. Rose Red (Eve) gave birth to Thomas and Snow White (Lilith) gave birth to Yeshua. Where things went pear shaped was when Yeshua faked his own death by allowing Thomas to die in his place and assumed Thomas's identity, thus essentially choosing imbalance once again. So shit went from bad to worse. I think the parents stepped in for that life to try to get things back on track but it didn't work out, hence how Yeshua could be both father and son because both really were present inside a single body.
Art by Emily Balivet

Now we are back again to try to get it right only my Rose Red died and stepped inside the Oktobre body, but I think that Snow White is running the show. That is why Rose Red is seen sleeping on a shelf in a dream. The partner she is supposed to end up with is Lucifer, but since both Rose and Snow are present in the vehicle, both Adam and Lucifer would be considered a match. is what I haven't figured out. I believe all of the other students were in pairs and took on the same roles in the game to play out the twin flame fiction, but my question is, did any of them fuck up as well or was it just my team of 4?

If you think you are playing the twin flame game, ask yourself a few questions:

Am I a dog or cat? Dogs should be with dogs and cats should be with cats. Rose is a cat and Snow is a dog. Adam was the most famous cat as Lion is associated with the life of Yeshua. Lucifer is a dog. You shouldn't try to breed a cat with a dog, which is basically what happened at the start of the game. I can easily say I am a dog. I have always been partial to dogs. Once you have determined if you are a cat or dog, ask yourself what the object of your affection is, the one whom you believe to be your twin flame. If one of you is a cat and the other a dog, you better figure out real fast who and where your actual partner is that would make your duo balanced. You cannot complete the game and cross the finish line with the wrong twin.

Edited to add: I later came to the realization the above sentence is off. I now believe all 4 started out as the same species and one set went from being cats to being dogs and this represents one set moving from being living to being dead aka without bodies. Anubis, a dog, is associated with the Underworld.

Next determine what your color is. Are you black or white? I know my masculine side is dominant so I know I am white. I have a tendency to injure my left side. If I sustain an injury, more often than not it is on the left side. I broke my left foot. I broke my left hand. I get my migraines on the left side of my head. My weak feminine side is showing me what is feminine Lucifer counterpart. I can't speak for Rose Red as she hasn't been on board this boat for very long and I didn't even know she existed until recently. Once you have determined if you are black or white, determine what color the person is who you think is your twin flame.

Edited to add: I realized later that this is also off. My color is actually black but my feminine side is weak because being with another black/feminine partner caused a need for more masculine energy because it was lacking in the partnership so my feminine/black side was pushed aside to make up for the imbalance.

NEWS FLASH!!! GENDER does not determine your color and a twin flame match does not have to be opposite sex configuration. If you think that, you would be way off. I'm not saying everyone has to have a fluid sexual orientation, but it will help if that is the direction you are being guided. If you aren't open and are resistant, you might not find your correct match and miss out on completing the game with your partner.

Ask yourself if your other you is on board with you. If they are, you might be someone being presented with two possible matches but who you end up choosing will be highly dependent on who is driving the fleshy vehicle. If both sets of twins are present in your duo, count yourself lucky and move forward with trying to complete your task.

I think the term paper for these couples when they finally come back together is to create something together. In dreams I see it as they are all having babies but I don't believe it is literally babies. I believe it is coming together and working as a team to create something out of their combined love be it art, music, natural medicine, inventions, a business, whatever. Whatever they create together will be formed from their combined passion for each other and the action they are putting that energy into. For me I completely believe I am meant to create music with my partner because of how many times my guides have told me to sing.

If you are still hoping to bring your partner into your orbit and they seem MIA and you don't even know who they are, the very best thing that both of you can do is start the journey of self discovery. You will never be able to draw to you your partner who is meant to cross the finish line with you until you do the inner work and find your way back to you. You have to find your way back to self love and acceptance first. When you both do this, it will help you find each other in the maze.

And last but not least, good luck to all the players out there. I hope you find your correct partners. I hope balance is restored to this reality through your completion of the game and I hope I see all of you at the party we are having in 2022. 

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