Saturday, June 23, 2018

Suffering and Struggles, The Biggest Lie We Tell Ourselves

Art by Chie Yoshii
I find it interesting when people talk about the "cabal" and those at the top that wish to do us harm. There is no doubt that, seemingly, awful things take place in this world, but today I want to try to give you a different perspective.

We hear so much about artificial intelligence and various people warning against it because it might take over. So much progress is being made with AI today as well. We are finally to a point in evolution that we can understand some of the technology in order to completely understand how to get ourselves out of the pickle we are currently in. Can you imagine Jesus trying to explain some of this stuff before technology was common?

I won't stop saying this.

We are in a virtual reality.

You think it is real but it isn't.

The virtual reality IS artificial intelligence. This game is The Sims on crack. Like with the Sims, some avatars have an actual live player operating it and other times you can opt to have a computer generated interaction.

AI already did take over, but not in the way you might imagine.

Art by Chie Yoshii
In here we are seeing history repeat.

We are very nearly to a point of creating a similar virtual reality playground within this reality...which would essentially be a dream within a dream.

But, there are still parameters and rules the machine has to follow. So, should someone complete the game or enough of us realize what I have come to understand and we choose our real lives, the veil drops and all go home.

If some of the characters are computer generated, they are essentially AI. But how do you know whether or not you are AI? I think the only way you would know is if you dream about life outside of this place. An avatar doesn't necessarily die when the core leaves. I think it can live on. Which is why I am obessessed with making sure this body is destroyed before the me at the core leaves because I would seemingly just go on and have no knowledge of the departure of the core and I would be left in suffering. "I" being ego....the character and identity of the avatar. The body must be destroyed.

I think the destruction of earth isn't what most people think it is. The people doing it think it is for control, but the people on the other side pulling those strings are likely doing it to help speed up us waking up for real out of the game. The sense of hopelessness actually creates people who let go of attachments and look to discover what they believe comes after. It actually triggers a spiritual journey.

Art by Christian Schloe
People have to die in order for our pieces to come back together. Call that population control from a muggle perspective or call it a necessary step in getting the fuck out of here. Our consciousness became fractured to perfrom many roles, but now needs to come back together.

Part of the problem with AI is that it still has its programming it follows and it was told to create reality from what people think. So it complies without consideration for what is happening. Just cry "uncle!" when it gets too much obviously wasn't part of the program. So, when people started to believe that we need suffering and struggles to grow, suffering and struggles are what the machine gave us. It gave us more and more suffering so that it was impossible to complete the game; so much suffering that people started to kill themselves more and more in various ways... addictions, risky behaviors, and actually pulling the trigger.

We don't actually need to suffer or struggle to learn. We can learn from it for sure, but we don't actually need it. It isn't the only way to get there. Learning from suffering and struggles is making fertilizer out of shit...but it isn't the only way we can fertilize our is just, people now believe it is.

If you were to take two babies or two plants and you gave one suffering and struggles and the other nothing but love and all of their needs were met, which do you suppose would fare better?

Studies have shown over and over again that the baby who experiences love and has all of their needs met fares far better mentally, emotionally, and developmentally. The plant who doesn't have to struggle and isn't mistreated, flourishes and is fuller, healthier and bears more fruit.

So why, then, do you still believe you need to suffer and struggle to grow and learn?

Change your thoughts and beliefs, put it into active practice, and you will help change this collective reality entirely.

***A special shout out to my very dear friend, Cynthia, for sharing the video that inspired the dialogue we had privately that basically became this blog post.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Alice and the Three Mad Hatters, Unconditional Love

Illustration by John Tenniel

What if...

...once upon a time...

...Alice went back into Wonderland after she married and had children? What if she went into Wonderland to fetch her children who were very late for dinner? Maybe her husband was there as well and decided to play a game with Alice to find out just how much she really loved him.

Alice made claims she would love him no matter what form he came in, so Mr. Alice decided to take this opportunity to see if this was, indeed, true.

Mr. Alice then appeared first as a beautiful prince who dies tragically, but he comes back in the form of a formless energetic being. Alice recognizes his energy and vows her undying love. He tells her he is coming back to a body to be with her and he will guide her to show her which one. She agrees, even though she thinks she could be content with him as an energy blob.

He tells her that she will have to help him remember when she finds him. Again, she quickly agrees to the task because she is eager to be reunited with her partner.

Mr. Alice provides a bunny who poops Scooby Doo clues. She is supposed to collect the poop clues in her basket that she carries her little black dog in and she hopes her little dog doesn't eat the bunny poop. As it happens, there in the Pacific Northwest part of Wonderland, all the forest animals poop chocolate covered toffee. True story.

Art by Naoto Hattori
Alice gathers her clues and is led to a Mad Hatter. "This is him! This is the body I am in!" the clues suggest to Alice. And so she sets off trying to help him remember. This Mad Hatter is tiny, almost gnome sized, and he is a bit of a hoarder. He likes things and collects things....lots of things But Alice believes in her heart that her beloved husband is inside this Mad Hatter and she tries and tries to reach her husband inside. She opens her heart to this tiny Mad Hatter and loves him deeply, but this Mad Hatter loves his things and ended up marrying a vulture princess.

Alice didn't want to give up, even when the Scooby Doo clues started pointing in a new direction. She followed the clues but kept trying to reach the spark inside the tiny Mad Hatter. Alas, when it was clear he could not possibly be her beloved partner, she made her departure.

The second set of clues led to a tall pretty Mad Hatter. She was very pretty, indeed, but Alice had never been with a woman before. She had never really been inclined in that direction and so she was faced with a decision to move forward into new territory or stay with what was familiar. This is where her clues led her, so surely this is actually where her beloved partner must be... inside this body. And so, as it goes, she chose to venture into new territory and imagined a happy life with this tall beautiful female Mad Hatter.

Once again she opened her heart and loved.

Art by Christian Schloe
Sadly, this Mad Hatter wanted nothing to do with Alice even though she was inexplicably drawn to her. It was hard to leave this one when the clues started leading her, once again, to a new Mad Hatter. But it was more painful to stay and be ignored than to take her leave.

At this point Alice was very tired and sad. The clues were leading in a new direction and she wasn't sure if she could open her heart one more time to love a new Mad Hatter that may or may not contain the essence of her beloved husband. She followed the clues only to find this Mad Hatter was very, very famous. Paparazzi and fans follow him eveeywhere he goes. If he sneezes or scratches his ass, it makes the headlines.

Upon discovering this, Alice cried out, "Fuck this shit! I am going home!"

She considered that the clues must be wrong and she put them all together once again but they led right back to this very famous Mad Hatter. She decided she would try to learn about him and see what he was about. To her surprise, she discovered this Mad Hatter was very kind and compassionate. The more she learned about him, the more she started to love him. But when she would imagine spending time with him, she would see paparazzi hiding in the bushes and fans interupiting to meet him, she would think, "I can't do this," and the imagining would dissipate.

Art by Stephen Mackey
The rabbit she had been following noticed she was no longer following and stopped to look at Alice.

"Don't you want to be reunited with your husband?" asks the rabbit.

"Of course! But I don't know if I can bear that kind of life again. I just want a simple life without struggle or complication." she replied.

Rabbit put a front paw under his chin and started thumping a back paw as if deep in thought then said, "So your love for him has conditions?"

Alice's eyes grew wide and she could feel an "ah ha" moment rushing through her. It  was as though she could hear her husband whispering in her ear, "How much do you love me? How far would you go to be with me?" It was then she understood all of it had been a test to see if she could love him no matter what his form or the circumstances she would find him in.

It was at that moment she realized she really could endure a life with a super famous Mad Hatter if that is where he was.

But really....her dearest wish was that they could go home and be together there so they could be who they really were and not the pretend characters they were performing in Wonderland.

Alice and Mr. Alice collected their children and left Wonderland once and for all and lived happily ever after.

Artist Unknown
How open would YOU be for love?

Would you love someone of the same gender if you typically prefer the opposite gender?

Would you love someone of the opposite gender if you typically prefer the same gender as yourself?

Does your love have conditions?

Can you grow past those conditions?

Friday, June 1, 2018

Mary, Isa, Perspectives and Role-playing Games

Image found here.
I think I need to make something very clear since Allison Coe shared my blog post in her YouTube community and my page has had thousands of hits since then.

I need to address my personal perspective.

I believe we are in a virtual reality playground.

None of this is real....not even the lives of Mary and Isa (Jesus).

Image found here.

With that said, I do believe there are different story arcs with specific directions the storyline can go depending upon our personal free will choices we make. Just like with any RPG, the outcome can be vastly different based on our personal choices.

Think of this place we call Earth as Roblox (on crack), the adult version. In Roblox there are so many choices and new options being added all the time. The Isa and Mary story is simply a single option and is what I like to call the "Tunnel of Love" or "Twin Flame Game". If you feel you are being drawn or guided to their story, then it is pretty likely you too are part of a team that entered that RPG together and you have your very own version of the Mary and Isa story to tell.

My version of the Mary and Isa story is just that....mine.

Don't look to it as YOUR truth unless you are a member of my team playing this shit out with me. My story might resemble yours. If you are being triggered emotionally, look closer to those triggers because it is trying to show you something. Don't stop seeking to understand and learn about your own story if you feel like you were one of the characters during the crucifixion. If you feel like you are trying to connect with a twin flame, look closely at the clues and information that is coming into you about how you played out one of those roles and tell your story if you feel that is your therapy.

I can only show you how I was able to piece together my version of the story. I can't give you any of your pieces. My story isn't yours.

In an RPG, limitless numbers of people can play out a specific role.

Were you Mary too? Were you Isa or Joseph? Maybe you were a thief on a cross. Whatever it is you feel drawn to, follow that string and unravel your own story so that you can get to the prize at the end of it....

...happily ever after.

Everyone's "happily ever after" can look just as different too.

Maybe your happily ever after looks like independence and freedom.

Maybe you save yourself by finding your way back to you.