Sunday, November 5, 2017

When Your Theory is Proven Wrong

Photo by Lucia O'Connor-McCarthy
I can admit it.

I was wrong.

I have been wrong a lot when trying to solve the two puzzles that were given to me. Completing the puzzles means I can complete the game, but both of my puzzles are still incomplete.

I had a dream on September 18, 2017:

I had a nap and dreamed something about some story ... some meme being passed around. I told people they should go to the one who wrote the story to unravel it. I was seeing following a string that was rather complicated to follow because it was tangled. I heard the name Jinnway (Jin Wei?) and remember thinking about a genie/jinn. I saw myself going to the author to get the next part of the story. "Go to the one who wrote the story to unravel it."

Interesting to note is that I did a search of that name and was reminded of the episode in Avatar: The Last Airbender, the animated series, called "The Great Divide" where there was a character named Jin Wei and one named Wei Jin.

Photo by Anton Tammi

In the Torah, using the Torah Code there is a sequence of: TORAH - TORAH - YHWH - HAROT - HAROT

HAROT is TORAH spelled backwards which echos the Jin Wei/Wei Jin thing. Again we are seeing forward/backward names. I get images of ink being dripped on one side of a paper and then the paper being folded to create an exact mirror image. The YHWH points to the true identity at the center and the TORAH/HAROT shows us two sides of the same coin.

On October 18, 2017 I would be guided to the author of the story that my dream eluded to. It was on that day that I would start researching the story of Enki, Enlil and Ninmah. Zechariah Sitchin wrote several books based on information gained from ancient Sumerian writings. The Lost Book of Enki is said to be memoirs of Enki. The information in this book basically negates my "Original Sin Theory" a point. There were multiple Adams and Eves...aka experimental humanoids....and not just one line. There was the original line and then there was the line that Enki contributed to by getting it on with two human women.

I can see clearly where certain misconceptions and myths developed over time. The Bible got its most significant stories from these ancient Sumerian stories, but the stories get distorted and have gaping holes where important information is left out. I can see how the Enki, Enlil and Ninmah love triangle got twisted into the whole Adam and Eve tale. There wasn't drama and infidelity with this genetically manipulated couple. The drama happened with their creators. I can clearly see how the myth of Lilith came from Ninmah. She was a very intelligent doctor and scientist. She initially was intended to marry her half brother, Enki. Before the marriage took place, her half brother, Enlil, seduced her and she gave birth to his first song
. As punishment, their father forbid her from ever marrying, but the love triangle continued on Earth where she gave birth to two daughters from Enki's seed. Enki was married to a different half sister and Enlil was ordered to marry the woman he raped who was part of Ninmah's team of healers.

Photo by Terry Border
So much becomes more clear after reading the Lost Book of Enki, but it also negates my earlier theories. I felt really annoyed after gaining this new knowledge. I was really pissed. Not because I had gotten it wrong before, but because Enki's memoirs make it really clear that we inherited the problems of our makers. The imbalance was in place long before we were created. The patriarchy model was alive and well, complete with power struggles, wars and betrayals. It pissed me off that any of us would revere and worship these assholes who helped create a micro community of fucked up people. I say "micro" because they were larger and lived a lot longer than us...bigger dicks, bigger pissing contests.

The biggest question remains. Where and when did we fall into imbalance? What needs to be corrected to bring this entire reality into balance?

I still believe fully that we are inside a virtual reality and we are playing a game. Trying to complete the game when you aren't sure what the objective is, is difficult.

What I am certain of is there are two puzzles I am trying to untangle and put together. I believe one story is the story that took place inside the game and the other is fragments to my real life outside the game.

To put this into perspective, Enki, Enlil and Ninmah are elaborate versions of Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach. Our challenge is to look at the story, discover where and how the balance got thrown off and then to correct it. It is a game...a learning tool. Somewhere among the pieces are bits of the real us but it is difficult to sort it all out and know which pieces. Part of what keeps us from graduating from this school is our beliefs. Since it is our thoughts that create in here, they also can hold us hostage and keep us on the hamster wheel.