Monday, September 29, 2014

Life as a Personal Play and More On Alpha Companions

So, one of my Facebook friends posed this question:

For there to be an Alpha; does there really need to be a Beta? ‪#‎hierarchyquestions‬ ‪#‎humanityquestions‬

 This was my response:

Well if there are only two people in your "pack" or whatever, then I suppose there could be only Alphas. But if we think in terms of importance of those around us, of course there are going to be Alphas, Betas, Kappas, etc. Does everyone you meet have
the same importance to you? No. What about the asshole that makes derogatory remarks to you? Are you going to hold him as near and dear as someone you trust and love? Probably not.

We all have soul groups/families and some soul groups/families are smaller than others. But as far as I know, none of them consist of only two souls. An Alpha can refer to simply the importance a specific person has to you. It doesn't have to be hierarchy in the way you are thinking. We all are Alphas within our own lives and who you choose to dance with before you come into the physical is something you agree with that other person.

I kept thinking more about this question and our so called "reality". Our lives are more like a stage drama...our own personal play where each of us plays a starring role.  We are each the center of our own Universe. If we think in terms of a play and we each have a starring role, then all the other people that ever come into your life also have parts in your play. The thing is, not every actor is going to be given top billing with you. Not everyone can see their name on the marquee alongside yours. Not every actor will even be given the same number of speaking parts.

You have supporting cast and these people might easily be considered to be in Beta and Kappa roles or even lower if they don't even have a speaking part. Actually, some "baddies" have some pretty big roles in some dramas that play out. The question is, how many lines will you allow the antagonist to have in your personal play? You can either give them a starring role or you can cut their lines significantly so that they only have a cameo...important but short.

When it comes to the Alpha Companions that I spoke about in a previous blog post, not many of us come into these lives and only experience one romantic partner. To think we would only ever have an Alpha Companion in our entire lifetime...well that would be a pretty rare thing as we often have several people we want to dance with and at least one we want to assume a starring role. Another term we could use is Primary Soul Mate. We can have multiple soul mates in lots and lots of varying roles. The word "primary" simply gives us an indication of the importance of their role. We have primary guides which could also be called an Alpha Guide, I suppose. We have other guides too, but at least one that is front and center and plays a really important role in guiding us through this personal play of ours. Maybe they are a little like the director behind the scenes keeping the play going the direction that we, ourselves, want it to go.

I was simply presenting an alternative to the "twin flames" term and offering one my guides have used with me during my time in the astral (aka dreams). I guess to me it isn't that complicated to understand the concept of an Alpha Companion simply because I know there are many people in my life who have different degrees of importance to me. It isn't about "hierarchy" but simply a reality of larger roles versus smaller roles. I'm not going to get butt-hurt that I don't have a big role in someone else's play if I don't even really care that much about them.

Edited: Go HERE for an update on Alpha Companions.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Alpha Companions, Twin Flames, and Facets of Source

Twin flames...a phrase that has become incredibly common and widely used. Often the definition of a "twin flame" is two parts of one soul...male and female split into two parts. I have a problem with the whole twin flame thing for many reasons and I will try to explain why here.

In the end we are all part of the one God/Source. It all goes back to that. I like to imagine Source as bread dough and pulling out a bit here and a bit there to create smaller loaves of bread or personal pizza if pizza is your thing. All the ingredients that were present in the original bread dough are all still present in the smaller pieces. So, if the smaller pieces decide, "Hey, I want to split to become two pieces of dough" they can. And guess what? All the same ingredients are still present to make a perfect smaller bread loaf. It is the same with us. No matter how many times we split, we still have exactly all the same ingredients that make us as the original blob of bread dough. Naturally, as we all originated from the single blob of bread dough.

So this notion that we broke off into masculine and feminine to create man and woman is flawed. When we split, we simply become two perfect and whole aspects of God/Source. The only thing that takes on male and female is the vehicle we choose. We chose to create vehicles that mimic the different parts of the soul to see what happens when they function side by side as different beings but the soul when outside the vehicle has no gender. There is no gender distinction outside the Earth vehicle. We have all had experience PLAYING A ROLE of BOTH male and female characters. The energy that makes us who we are, the soul, is perfect and whole on its own. We don't need to hook up with another being that is the other half of us. We ALL are perfect aspects of the one. So really, we are all parts of one soul. 

We don't NEED to find anyone to complete us. We are complete and whole in this now moment. We just have to realize that. We don't need join with some other being before we can fully awaken our Kundalini.  We need only to BALANCE our own masculine and feminine to achieve this. 

Now that is not to say that we don't all have our own unique vibration. I like to think of us as sound and light. I like to think of us as a song. We do have energetic matches. An energetic match in my mind is someone whose song matches ours harmoniously and we compliment each other. When we come together, our light blends to create both a new color and song. The song is beautiful and the color is amazing....BUT there is not a single vibrational match for every person. We have MANY matches. The question is, who will you choose to partner up with in the physical for this dance.

We CHOOSE the energetic match we want to dance with before we come into the physical. Again I say, we do not have just one match. There are many who match our energetic vibrations. Just like there is free will here, there is free will there. As above, so below. Why would we be forced to be with one single being based on being born with them. Don't you think that we are, perhaps, more advanced than that and can actually choose? Isn't it limiting to think that we have only one perfect match? I happen to think so.  Do we put a plan in place to meet up with someone we really dig to play out a role that will help the planet shift into higher consciousness? YES!  Is it possible to actually meet up with this energetic match and, in joining, it creates the perfect setting for a spontaneous Kundalini awakening? Most definitely, YES!  Look up "tantric sex" and "kundalini" and you will find vast amounts of information about awakening the Kundalini via "SACRED SEX".


What people are calling "twin flames" my guides have been referring to as ALPHA COMPANIONS in my dreams lately. When I first heard the term in my dream, I was like "huh?" and had to think about the meaning of both words. "Alpha" indicates highest ranking, most important, dominant, most valued. To pair it with "companion" would also seem to indicate there are other lower ranking companions. If I draw further on my own dreams, what they have shown me is I have two energetic matches close to me that I kinda dig. They, funny enough, have shown them to me as twins, but I have selected one before I came into the physical to be my Alpha Companion. Always in my dreams I am shown I fancy the funny one more. Apparently I like a person with a sense of humor.

Now....these are simply MY thoughts and my opinions. These are MY BELIEFS. It is up to each of you to figure out what you will choose to believe. I think the concept of a "twin flame" in the way it is described 95 percent of the time is both limiting and flawed.

Edited: Go HERE for an update on Alpha Companions.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Karma, Forgiveness, and Ho’oponopono

Blank name badge was found: HERE
I started to rouse this morning after reading something in a dream that made me go "Hmmm" and think "What did I just read?" My thinking monkey brain took over and I started thinking about what I was just shown. At the tail end of a dream I saw a name badges that are worn on shirts of employees sometimes so you can identify them. Sometimes they tell us if someone is a manager or an assistant manager. On this badge I saw a number "1". On a separate form I read what the "1" indicated.

It read:

Class 1: I don't do karma/rebirth

So, yeah, that one little sentence woke me from my slumber because it got me thinking. I believe my higher self was cluing me into the fact that that sentence is in my job description here on Earth in this now moment. It was a pretty amazing piece of information to be given considering that I have been thinking I need to do past life regression. Hahahaha I don't need to do any regressions because I am Class 1. I don't do karma/rebirth. 

I know I came here for a very specific mission and I think I am starting to understand more and more what that mission entails every day. Lately I have been reading two of Dolores Cannon's books and a couple of Brian L. Weiss' books. I have had so many "aha" moments where things are finally starting to make sense to me.

When Lina, my guardian angel, told me (through Jeannie Barnes) to start with reading Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss, she actually said I didn't necessarily need to do past life work. She said to just read that book and it will lead me in the direction I need to go and, so far, it really has. It has been amazing! I suppose not everyone would get as much out of these books as I have because we aren't all on the same path or the same exact mission, but I highly recommend both authors for the curious and open minded people who haven't already read them yet.

Let's talk about karma. I had no idea why I have had such disdain for the idea of karma...but now I do. None of us have to do karma. We choose to and, in doing so, get stuck on an endless cycle of death and rebirth trying to get in all the lessons we can while also paying everyone back. I think we are at a point now where past lives really don't matter as much anymore. I think karma is a choice. All we have to do to release ourselves and others is simply to love and forgive. Forget about asking some outside person/deity (Jesus/God) to forgive you. Each one of us ARE a perfect facet of Source/God. Just forgive others. Forgive yourself. Forgive. Forgive and love and you release the karma and you simultaneously heal all of the lives you might have had.

Instead of holding onto anger or hurts toward others or ourselves, just forgive and let go. If you feel moved to apologize to someone, then do it...but then forgive yourself too because sometimes it is ourselves we are last to forgive.

It is like getting pulled over by a cop for speeding and instead of the cop giving them a ticket, he smiles and says, "I forgive you," and sends them on their way. Now that is not to say if you are the one being forgiven you should drive off and keep speeding. We have to try to be the best that we can be and the "Golden Rule" still rings true. Treat others the way you would want them to treat you. is the big BUT...for fuck's sake, treat yourself as well as we treat others! Some us are HORRIBLE to ourselves. We can find all kinds of nice things to say about someone else, but when it comes to ourselves we are so mean to ourselves. Love yourself. Forgive yourself.

A Facebook friend recently reminded me again of Ho’oponopono. Here is the first article I read about it and still love it every time I read it:

In a nutshell, the theory is since we all are actually one and every person you come across in your life is another you and in order to heal them (and yourself) all you have to say is these simple sentences:

  • I Love You
  • Please forgive me
  • I am sorry
  • Thank you
It is basically a similar idea as what I am saying. You don't have to say those exact sentences. It is all about INTENTION. Forgiveness is key. Love is key. Compassion is key. I mean, you can't go in and just say the words or just think the words. You have to REALLY MEAN IT. You have to REALLY FEEL IT. We create our reality with thought and intention.

What will you choose? Will you choose to live a life mired in sticky karma? Or will you choose to live a life of love and letting go? Will you choose to stay on Earth's karmic hamster wheel and keep going around and around in an endless cycle? Or will you choose to step off and explore what other options are just waiting to be explored?

Monday, September 1, 2014

Carol's Quest to Find Her Birth Mother

I have this lovely Australian friend, Carol Carey, who has been searching for her birth mother on the Eastern US coast around the Boston suburbs. She came to the US determined to find her biological mom. She has been diligently doing all she can do to help bring her closer to her bio-mom. She has gone on radio shows and told her story. She has contacted psychics who might be able to pick up anything since she has little to go on. She has been going door to door delivering printed notes in the areas that her bio-mom might have lived to the point that her feet have bled.

This is an article that was written about her:

Carol said in regard to the article, "There is a mistake in this. I have two sons. They were laughingly teasing each other as to which one was referred to."

This is the woman who facilitated Carol's adoption. Her first name is Carol but her last name is not known.
She knew baby Carol's birth mother. Her Alias name is Carol Baker. Her correct last name was Polish or Russian. Carol is correct though.
This is baby Carol and her adoptive parents.

She composed a beautiful letter to her mom and hopefully one day soon her mom will read it and realize what a wonderful daughter she has just waiting to share her love with her.

To My Cherished Birth Mother

I thank you for the life you have given me, my precious Birth Mother.
I acknowledge and am grateful for the sacrifice you made by giving me up to be raised by my parents, Ruth and Ralph Bowers. My mother desired a child more than most can realise and you gave her and myself the opportunity to experience a life as a devoted mother and child in a relationship filled with love.

I am sure you have suffered for this sacrifice. I think giving up a child would be one of the most difficult and heartbreaking experiences a mother can go through.

If possible, I would like to be given a chance to help heal this sorrow by being present in your life in whatever capacity you may desire. I would love to be a real, present, daughter for you, but understand this may not suit you. I would like to extend to you the chance of expanding the love we both already have in our lives with our loved ones. I would especially appreciate the chance to have an extended family and meet any brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles that I might have.

Being raised an only child in a distant country like Australia, has isolated me from the experience of an extended family, but the circumstance has shown me how to make make a family of friends.

I am a person who has had an unusual life - full of rich and varied experiences and I would love to share this with my birth family.
I would love to introduce you to my own two wonderful sons. These young men are talented and well rounded individuals, who love their known grandparents very much, but have large hearts to share.

I pray to be given the opportunity to meet you, and get to know you. Although I loved my parents I have somehow always known a chunk of my life was missing, and I wonder if what I may have been feeling was a part of what you were feeling to. I have only in the last six years, been told about you, yet I think I have always known you were out there....

I doubt if either of us would consider ourselves as 'broken'. I doubt that we need 'fixing'. What has happened was meant to happen for some reason.
What I am hoping for is the opening of an opportunity to meet, and the possibility of enriching our lives through this meeting.

I have a heart filled with appreciation, compassion and love and I am enthusiastic to share this with you and my extended birth family, if you can bring yourself to meet me.

My intention is not to harm: I am a sensitive soul, myself. We would, very carefully, with great consideration and sensitivity, embark on this experience together.

Please, let us embrace this opportunity. It may possibly be wonderful.

With all my love,
Your daughter,

If you, or someone you know happens to know people on the East coast, it would mean so much to Carol if you could please spread her story around and hopefully her birth mom or someone who knows her will see her information and be able to get in touch with Carol.  I am crossing my fingers for a happy update to this story.