Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cherish These Moments

Here I am now
A new tomorrow has begun
Gradually rising
I look towards an eastern sun
Bright light awakens
In my smothering darkness, so new
Exploring unfamiliars
The bearer of the light was you

Hello happiness
I've missed you, where have you been
I've felt this way
Dizzy bliss, I can't remember when
Thank you I say
To the great Universe that has blessed me
Wandering emotions
I'm so alive now and quite happy to be

Terracotta sunshine
Breathing warm life into my soul
Missing puzzle piece
Has come to fill the gaping hole
Slowly it's formed
There is my cloud with a silver lining
Ray of hope is you
In a blanket of rain you came through shining

On the wind
I ride
On my lips
A name
Cherish these moments, I do
As our lives
As we find
New fame
Bright star in my eyes is you
Erasing scars
I hide
Erasing all
My pain
Cherish these moments, I do

By Oktobre Taylor

Funny...i don't have a date written on this poem but i can remember the fun filled night well that led to the writing of it.  It had to be written around 1989 or 1990 and it was spring. I remember someone picking a daffodil and giving it to me.

Take Me Back

Severance - Tom Bagshaw
Take Me Back

All grown up now
Oh yes that's what they say
Old-man thinking
Compounding with each day
Lights in my eyes
Fading quickly away
Need to go on
But doubt causes delay

Thumbing backwards
Through the pages of time
To regain understanding
Of Mother Goose's rhymes
Searching dark caverns
In the depths of my mind
To recover innocence
A part of me I must find

A tiny vessel
Adrift and lost at sea
Hell or paradise
What is it going to be
A water lily
A rose if she believes
Retain blind faith
Only blind faith achieves

Take me back to my younger years
To that state of mind which has no fears
When believing was all you had to do
To make your child words ring so true
Take me back to my younger years
To that state of mind which has no fears

Written March 23, 1990
By Oktobre Taylor