Saturday, April 27, 2013

What is Your Super Power?

How many times have we all wondered what our life purpose is? How many times did you have a sense that you came here to do something specific, but you can't remember what that is? You sense that it was something important, but memory of what your reason for coming here evades you. And then life gets in the way and you forget about that sense of greater purpose. You forget about even wondering what you came here for and you just go through the motions of life...surviving...existing. Maybe some people will never come out of their higher-self induced amnesia. But some of us are starting to wake up and find answers to those deep questions we have had inside ourselves.

Ever since I started to wake up, I started to reflect on my past and my childhood to see the clues that were there all along. My child self knew in her heart that she was here for something more than the lower vibrational human experience. She knew that talking to spirits should be as natural as breathing. She knew that talking to animals, plants, trees and elementals could bring balance and joy to one's life. She treated all things like they had "feelings". She was attracted to all things metaphysical. She was attracted to stories that told tales of kids being from other planets and traveling through other dimensions.

Our childhood can give us clues to what our life purpose is. Our younger selves weren't so immersed in the game of survival that the glimmers of who we really are is buried deep in the subconscious. Looking back to what we were naturally drawn to gives us clues. From this perspective, I can see that now.  One of my all time favorite books as a child was Madeleine L'Engle's "A Wrinkle in Time". I also loved the movie, "Escape to Witch Mountain". I loved stories about witches, mediums, magic, ghosts, goblins, fairies and elves. I loved stories about telepathic abilities...especially ones that involved using those abilities to talk to animals. I often felt closer to the animals in my life than the humans. During some of my "pretend" play sessions, I pretended a ghost boy was my friend.

My two favorite past times were sleeping and day dreaming. I called it "making a movie in my head". I made lots and lots of movies over the years. I won't lie, I still do. I love the world I imagine in my head where ANYTHING is possible and there are no limitations.

I grew up in a fanatically religious household and I was taught that all the things I was attracted to were "of the devil" and bad. Can you imagine the guilt that my child self felt over loving something that was considered evil? Yeah, it completely did a number on me.

As I got older I started to have dreams that came true. I started to have thoughts that felt like they were not my own. I started to sense feelings that I knew were not my own. But I think I wasn't ready to embrace who and what I was back then because I was still too immersed in a fear based life. At one point I wanted to turn it all off and just kind of forget about it for a while. During that time I went through many changes in my belief system. I started to spiral down a dark rabbit hole where the whole world was going to shit and we were all doomed.

When did I start to wake up, you might ask. When did I start to think in a higher vibrational way? I started to wake up soon after someone close to me died, which caused me to search for something more than this physical existence.  Since then, a whole new wonderful world has opened up to me. Thanks to the Channeling Erik blog, I have a whole new group of friends I can truly relate to and share with all that is in my heart. Channeling Erik has been a godsend to my life. 

I am currently working on trying to enhance and develop my abilities. After having closed them all off, it has taken some time and work to get them turned back on. I am still working on that, really. I have had lots of hellos from my guide, River. I just often wish that it was easier for me to actually hear him. I get hung up on not being able to hear him so much that I think it actually holds me back from doing the very thing I so desire.

It is true that everyone has their strengths, but we can all develop various abilities with practice and a will to do so. I am an empath. I sense, I feel, but I am working hard at learning how to be able to hear and see. I think one of the keys to opening up is using my super power. "What is your super power?" you might wonder.  My super power is my imagination...the movies I make in my head. I have done it all my life and clearly have been preparing for this very point in time. It is the key to EVERYTHING. It is the key to creating whatever reality I wish to see. It is the key to opening up my vision and hearing to my spirit friends. It is the key to bringing me closer to fulfilling my life purpose. I just have to implement it. 

So have you asked yourself lately, "What is my super power?" When you know what that is, you can build on it and let it be your key. We all have one....I promise.