Monday, September 1, 2014

Carol's Quest to Find Her Birth Mother

I have this lovely Australian friend, Carol Carey, who has been searching for her birth mother on the Eastern US coast around the Boston suburbs. She came to the US determined to find her biological mom. She has been diligently doing all she can do to help bring her closer to her bio-mom. She has gone on radio shows and told her story. She has contacted psychics who might be able to pick up anything since she has little to go on. She has been going door to door delivering printed notes in the areas that her bio-mom might have lived to the point that her feet have bled.

This is an article that was written about her:

Carol said in regard to the article, "There is a mistake in this. I have two sons. They were laughingly teasing each other as to which one was referred to."

This is the woman who facilitated Carol's adoption. Her first name is Carol but her last name is not known.
She knew baby Carol's birth mother. Her Alias name is Carol Baker. Her correct last name was Polish or Russian. Carol is correct though.
This is baby Carol and her adoptive parents.

She composed a beautiful letter to her mom and hopefully one day soon her mom will read it and realize what a wonderful daughter she has just waiting to share her love with her.

To My Cherished Birth Mother

I thank you for the life you have given me, my precious Birth Mother.
I acknowledge and am grateful for the sacrifice you made by giving me up to be raised by my parents, Ruth and Ralph Bowers. My mother desired a child more than most can realise and you gave her and myself the opportunity to experience a life as a devoted mother and child in a relationship filled with love.

I am sure you have suffered for this sacrifice. I think giving up a child would be one of the most difficult and heartbreaking experiences a mother can go through.

If possible, I would like to be given a chance to help heal this sorrow by being present in your life in whatever capacity you may desire. I would love to be a real, present, daughter for you, but understand this may not suit you. I would like to extend to you the chance of expanding the love we both already have in our lives with our loved ones. I would especially appreciate the chance to have an extended family and meet any brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles that I might have.

Being raised an only child in a distant country like Australia, has isolated me from the experience of an extended family, but the circumstance has shown me how to make make a family of friends.

I am a person who has had an unusual life - full of rich and varied experiences and I would love to share this with my birth family.
I would love to introduce you to my own two wonderful sons. These young men are talented and well rounded individuals, who love their known grandparents very much, but have large hearts to share.

I pray to be given the opportunity to meet you, and get to know you. Although I loved my parents I have somehow always known a chunk of my life was missing, and I wonder if what I may have been feeling was a part of what you were feeling to. I have only in the last six years, been told about you, yet I think I have always known you were out there....

I doubt if either of us would consider ourselves as 'broken'. I doubt that we need 'fixing'. What has happened was meant to happen for some reason.
What I am hoping for is the opening of an opportunity to meet, and the possibility of enriching our lives through this meeting.

I have a heart filled with appreciation, compassion and love and I am enthusiastic to share this with you and my extended birth family, if you can bring yourself to meet me.

My intention is not to harm: I am a sensitive soul, myself. We would, very carefully, with great consideration and sensitivity, embark on this experience together.

Please, let us embrace this opportunity. It may possibly be wonderful.

With all my love,
Your daughter,

If you, or someone you know happens to know people on the East coast, it would mean so much to Carol if you could please spread her story around and hopefully her birth mom or someone who knows her will see her information and be able to get in touch with Carol.  I am crossing my fingers for a happy update to this story.

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