Tuesday, August 8, 2017

We are NOT All One, Twelve Oversouls

Art by Yana Movchan
Looking back over my journey, it is easy to see how I have evolved from regurgitating what everyone else was saying after learning "spirituality 101" to questioning everything I believe and coming to my own theories and conclusions based on my own information that was coming into me. It seems that every day I make a stride forward into expanding and new awareness. Some of the realizations have been hard to take on board because they made me have to reassemble my puzzles that I thought I was making progress on. It forces me to let go of what I thought I knew and understood so that I can see something the way it (probably) really is and, sometimes, assimilating this new information can leave me totally mind fucked. Sometimes I cry until I can accept it and deal with it.

I have made a new break through and it threw me for a loop but also left me thinking, "Fuck! Why does this have to be so fucking hard and complicated.?!"

Some people in the spiritual community believe that there are 12 primary Oversouls that branch off from Source. I have mentioned before how I feel like the 12 are actually students who stepped into school with their teacher who also happens to be the Navigator. The Navigator/Professor set the stage for his students. People think that the twelve branched off from the Navigator, but this is not the case at all. The Navigator is just that, he navigates his students through to help them try to complete their plans for any given life. He can also be seen as a time traveller because he is straddling all simultaneous timelines to help.

The twelve stepped in and their consciousness fractured to have all of these experiences and help them evolve and grow so that when they leave here, they won't be a menace to society but thoughtful and wise individuals who have something valuable to offer.... experience.

Now keep in mind, the twelve are basically kids.... college kids, but kids nonetheless. Haven't you ever met someone who just seems so simple and YOUNG no matter how old they are? I have and it always baffled me but now I understand. The core person they are really is a kid. That is why you can have someone who is 60 but it feels like they are still in their 20s. We assume that people choose not to "grow up" but maybe it is simply they can't actually grow up in this virtual reality because in the really real world, they are still quite young.

This is where it gets a little more complicated because when we stepped inside, we split apart into two of us...polar opposites. I know you are wanting to shout "twin flame" and I will say "fuck, no!" Twin flames are a fiction that is part of the game only and not what I am talking about. We split apart into an exact duplicate and only the personalities were slightly different based on the poles they embodied. One went into one universe and one went into a different universe. What I haven't figured out is if that was an accident or intentional. I tend to think it was intentional because I think part of the point is to find your way back to yourself. When you start that journey, you start reeling in the string that connects both of you between the two universes. When you shorten enough of it, you merge back into one being and slowly each person that finds their way back to themselves and self love adds another stitch in the tapestry to bring the two universes together into one.

Okay, are you ready for me to make it even more complicated and convoluted? This is were the mind fuck comes in.

Somewhere at some point things got fucked up and the kids and the Professor got stuck inside the Virtual Reality school. I tend to think that religion has fucked a lot of shit up because a lot of them teach you that you aren't worthy. They teach self-loathing, guilt, sexual repression, hate, intolerance, not taking responsibility for everything in your own life and so much more that leads us away from the journey back to self.

Edgar Cayce and Dolores Cannon both speak of volunteers that came in to try to help get people out who were stuck doing life after life after a life to a point where so many people just opt out one way or another be it addiction or suicide. They have become tired of having to do it over and over and failing to find their way back to themselves, so, many have given up. In dreams I see it as an entire class was kidnapped by a religious group. What would be the best way to send the volunteers in? They didn't suddenly create a whole new Oversoul, they simply stepped inside the vehicle with the incarnations of the students to assist them in navigating the journey back to themselves.


....a lot of the "past life" memories you think are yours if you are a volunteer are actually likely that of a student and that specific soul stream, of which there are millions per each of the twelve. What about past life regression? Well does the regressionist know which person to ask for? Do they understand that a volunteer shares a vehicle with the student to help them? Probably not because I have never read anything about this before. Sure, it may exist out there with some random person expressing the same, but I have not come across it from well known people in the field.

If I go back to my dreams with this new perspective, I can see so clearly where there are two distinct dreamer perspectives and I just never understood it. Even now it is hard to decipher some of it, but I have come to the conclusion that the volunteer part of me is the mother/scientist...like the really real mom in the really real world and the student part of me is the daughter. When I dream that my mother in this life is with me, I am dreaming from the student perspective and when I dream that my daughter from this life is with me, I am dreaming for the mother perspective.

Is it confusing enough for you yet? Lol

We HAVE to finally understand these things so that we can sift through the information coming to us and navigate accordingly. Who is the *I* of this character? Who is the driver? I think the mom/volunteer is at the moment because she wants to get shit done so we can all go home. I have wondered why it is that the guides keep telling me to sing and this version of me has no real inclination to do so. I think the me whose dream it was to sing was the daughter/student and maybe she will take the driver's seat when it is time for her to sing.

Suddenly all of those references to specific people in dreams being both husband and brother don't seem as weird. Both are present in one body. The daughter perspective sees her brother half and the mother perspective sees her husband half. I now understand why I would see my husband morph into my father at times. The daughter sees her father and the mother sees her husband.

So if you believe yourself to be a volunteer, ask yourself, as your puzzles pieces come in, whose eyes you are seeing through? What perspective are you seeing from? Knowing that you are on board with a student and helping them navigate the game will help you separate your memories from theirs and then act accordingly to finish the game.

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