Tuesday, May 27, 2014

If We Want the World to Change

If We Want the World to Change

We're trying to change the world
Trying to make it a better place to live
Talking about our environment
Politics and the need for a racial bridge
Drugs, the high crime rate, hunger
The homeless and the need for us to give

I'm telling you here
And now in all honesty
If we want the world to change
It must start within you and me
You can save the sky
You can save the trees
But what is it worth
Without humanity
We've got to make love for all
The focus of society
If we want our world to change
It must start within you and me

I see many obvious contradictions
With your words and the life you lead
Man on the street needs more than money
Yet for him you're unwilling to bleed
Oh yes, you realize there is a problem
Still your time is consumed by greed
Why not embrace a stranger today
I'm telling you love is what we need

Written  July 17, 1990
By Oktobre Taylor 

Edited May 28, 2014 to add Author's Notes: I want to make sure everyone knows that these poem/lyrics, for better or worse, were written over 20 years ago.  On Facebook a friend and I had a discussion about saving our world, etc.
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