Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Take a Stand

Take a Stand

Can you see what I try to hide
The person I am somewhere inside
Hollow words and desperate cries
Complications with discovered lies
Pointless destination has a reason
Tasteless flavor has a season
Unspoken words have found a voice
Cruel demands? There is a choice

Oh condescending eyes reveal
No one man is made of steel
Immobilized and on goes time
Crusaders are accused of crimes
Crossing over the line too late
Who shall we blame? Maybe fate
Breathing in this poisoned air
And still alive but may I ask where?

Take a stand
If you want to be seen
Take a stand
If you want to be heard
Take a stand
Say what you mean
Take a stand
To move the unstirred

December 25, 1988
By Oktobre Taylor

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