Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Soul Family, The Human Vehicle and Walk-ins

I am so used to talking with those within my own spiritual community that it is easy to forget that "regular" folks (I affectionately call them "muggles") probably don't understand the terminology that I use when describing different things.  I was talking to my daughter about her "Uncle" David.  He isn't a biological uncle, he is a spiritual uncle.  He is soul family and he was only recently brought into my awareness after my spirit guides told me he had become a "walk-in" and was now in a new body.  I was trying to explain to Inara about "soul family".  I drew a picture of a tree and branches and showed her how there is the ONE tree and all these branches coming off.  On each branch is a set of leaves.  The leaves on that branch are your soul family.  They are the ones we are closest too and most connected to.  I explained to her that David, my friend, Mari, myself and her were all leaves on that branch.  We are family no matter if we are born into the same earth family or not.  We would always be soul family.  Some say "blood is thicker than water" and I would say it has nothing to do with blood.  It is all about the soul and where we are on the tree of life.  Soul groups aren't necessarily family on the same branch. They can be from clear across on the other side of the tree.  We can choose to incarnate over and over again with whomever we like, but it is that soul family that we are going to FEEL a strong connection to.

I then drew a picture of a stick person with a chair and a steering wheel in the head region and drew a little circle to indicate a spirit driving the human vehicle.  I explained to her that the human body is a vehicle that we drive.  The body is not who we are, it is simply how we experience life in the physical.  I went on to explain that when the vehicle breaks down, the driver of the vehicle gets out and becomes an orb...ball of light.  My daughter hears spirits and she has seen many orbs so she understands this concept well.  She understands that because of the high vibration, like the wings of a hummingbird, it is difficult for most people to see spirits. 

Back to the subject of walk-ins...she understands how sometimes an exchange takes place and a new spirit can step in and take over.  I commented on a different blog about this subject in response to someone.  Here is that dialogue:

That’s not true. In fact the opposite is true.
If we consider brain activity the soul then the soul is everything. If you die your soul dies – otherwise you are not dead. Your body will live on forever, both the body itself as matter and the changes and memories it left behind. The soul will be gone.
When you take out a computer’s internal hardware there only is the shell left.

Clearly we come from different perspectives. Energy never dies…it only changes form and everything is energy. The body is a vehicle, the brain a hard drive…all true. Where we differ is that the hard drive of the body is only there so that should a soul decide that they want to bail, another soul can step in, an exchange be made and then the stand in can play the role seamlessly. And because of amnesia that takes place when we enter the physical, the new soul actually believes they have always been that character. Really our Earth “reality” is more like a giant play where we all come to play out certain roles. Often we come back in different roles working within the same soul family/group. Sometimes when an exchange is made, there is damage to the hard drive computer file and the new soul is like “oh shit, now what?” And those are the cases where someone suddenly speaks fluently a language they had never known before or suddenly seem like a different person. Those cases are rare. Most people who are walk-in/soul exchanges have no idea or memory they were not the original driver of the vehicle. I could go on about this stuff for days. Science is finally starting to catch up with spirituality and eventually the two will come together and marry. There is already scientific evidence of an energy that leaves the body upon death. Think of the soul as the SkyDrive version of the brain. We take all of our experiences and memories with us to the higher frequency we become. In actuality we are like a song…a sound wave. When we leave the body, we become a higher frequency and vibration.

My "brother's" walk-in experience took place during meditation.  The new spirit entered into the solar plexus region and the original driver was pushed out.  There was no trauma or illness.  A lot of walk-ins happen during severe illness where one soul says "screw this shit! I'm out of here!" another says "Wait dude, I will take over your ride. It is still viable. No sense in wasting a good ride."  Some walk-ins occur during an simple illness like a fever.  They suddenly feel different and they can't place their finger on why.  Sometimes it comes out when people are hypnotized and do regression therapy.  Sometimes is comes back in flashes of memories and triggers.  Usually adult walk-ins will remember eventually who they really are and that they aren't the original driver of the vehicle. 

I'm rambling.  I don't know why I am going on about this except that maybe some muggles will come here, read this and learn something. lol  A quick search of "soul exchange" and/or "spiritual walk-in" will turn up a lot of information that is available out there if you are interested in learning more.