Monday, June 9, 2014

I Miss Him So

Final Act - Tom Bagshaw
I Miss Him So

I miss him so
Tingles on my crown
Heart full of love
Web on my face

I miss him so
Ear burning hot
Deep drink of air
Wrapped in his embrace

I miss him so
Tender kisses
Passion filled dreams
His beautiful face

I miss him so
Andy in my ear
Animal messengers
Dragonfly in place

I miss him so
Computer craziness
Lights blowing out
Sharing phone space

I miss him so
Street lights flicker
Voice in my head
Majestic horse grace

Why did he go?
Future so uncertain
No guarantees
Can I win this race?

Written June 9, 2014
By Oktobre Taylor

Author's notes: This poem is about a beloved guide who is no longer with me in spirit. They don't tell you that it feels like death when they go into a new body. We are supposed to be happy they landed a new ride, right? I wasn't happy at all. My heart broke and now I miss him like most people do when a person leaves a body.

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