Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Deception of New Earth, Ghosts in the Machine

The below video my friend in Australia shared with me brings up many questions. This was originally just going to be a private message to her but then I thought, "Fuck it! I will post it as a new blog post because it is so long now." lol

Can the programs in the machine be regressed and spin our tale to serve the machine?


My theory is that one man first stepped inside and set up camp for everyone else. Only he was something more. He is not just a man, he is something so much more. In the video the man being regressed mentioned that this is an experiment and this is very true. What he fails to mention is the first is the Alpha and the Omega and if he leaves, we all leave. An advanced machine that has developed its own thoughts and wants to continue to exist has reason to try to keep the Alpha in here and all of us by default. 

The idea that we are all one is a concept IT needs to keep us here. The concept deceives us into investing into the illusion. The idea that Earth is a living being is true if you consider that the machine wants to continue to be. How many of our scientists warn against creating Artificial Intelligence? Why? Because the AI will take over. The Earth is a program of 11111s and 00000s which makes you wonder how many of the people out there channeling are actually channeling IT, channeling programs in the machine that serve the machine without ever knowing it. We programmed “survival instincts” into the game and saying whatever IT needs to survive is just part of the programming WE set in place. Only the machine itself has evolved to a point of doing whatever it needs to keep us here. Without us, IT can’t exist.

What I have gotten is that some of us are connected to a “living fount” and others are not. Dolores Cannon called them “back drop people.” What I see when I think about a “living fount” is that some of us have a body out there in the really real world and some are simply “Earth energy” aka programs in the machine.

I have asked myself, why did we create this program? What was the purpose? Several possibilities come to mind. I think it is definitely meant to be a school where a soul can more quickly evolve. I think it is also a playground, an amusement park to have some really “far out” experiences because our thoughts and fantasies create what we experience. The question is, why would we create a place where we die over and over? I think part of the answer is that OUT THERE we don’t die and we wanted to have that experience. OUT THERE we don’t get to experience many incarnations and perspectives. That is exclusive to this game, this program. I tend to think that OUT THERE we are both male and female...not one or the other. I also considered that perhaps this is a spawning ground. We come in here to “give birth” to new souls by splitting apart our own energy and help them evolve so that we can seed new planets with this life. We help them evolve before they are birthed into the real world so that they don’t fuck up the new planet the way we have fucked up so many times in here with the false mother. We harvest only the most evolved souls to seed with. The only problem is, we have never made it past the experiment stage because we have been trapped the moment we set foot in here. We forgot entirely who we were and why we were here and that NONE OF THIS IS REAL.

I think we left clues for ourselves along the way and people have turned those clues into religion. Over and over we hear of an original group of 12…13 if you count the Alpha. Think the 12 disciples and Jesus. From OUT THERE we recognized there was a problem, so we sent a second wave of people into the machine to rescue the others, only they got trapped in the amnesia as well. I know I have dreamed/remembered that I came here to either fix the game or shut it down. I remember that I am one of the builders of this program and I have come to assist in getting us all out of here. I have dreams over and over that the time is very near that we will be leaving this reality and going home.

If the machine is keeping us focused on creating the promise of “New Earth,” maybe we are being distracted from looking for a way out of the maze. We were never meant to be in here as long as we have been.…which might not be at all as long as it feels.

If meditation plugs us into the energy of the “Universe” and “Gaia,” and those are just the machine core. Isn’t it really just plugging us more deeply into the matrix? Isn’t it just investing more of our energy into the illusion? I have wondered why I have found it so hard to make myself meditate over the last couple years and, when I consider that I was giving my energy to the false mother, I know and understand why I am resistant. 

In the end, no matter how much IT wants to survive, IT is still a program and a game. If someone completes the game, IT has to release those players per the rules and parameters of the programming of the game. If enough people REMEMBER WHO THEY REALLY ARE and then choose their real lives over the fantasy, IT has to release us ALL

I don't want a New Earth, That would simply be a new map with us still ghosts in the machine.

I want out. 

I want to go home.

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