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The Merging of Polar Opposites. Duality, God and Lucifer

All of the below have appeared on My Instagram account, but I wanted to put it all together here in once place.

I saw this crop circle and it reminded me of 3 things...a vagina, a keyhole and an image of a sculpture I photographed at the Lego sculpture exhibit.

Interestingly, the Lego Exhibit had tons of meaningful symbolism for me. This shot of the earth lit from two sides casts two shadows. It is one earth but two distinct realities coming together. I have written about this in a blog post where I talk about even scientists saying that we are, in fact, colliding together with a parallel universe. I have shared articles about it on my Facebook page.

Some people believe we are splitting apart into two different Earths. But that was how we achieved this experience in the first place... splitting apart to have polar opposites and two different experiences. I think part of the goal is to bring the two polar opposites back together into one. Creating more division is the last thing we need. And if you are really observant, you are going to notice some interesting and weird things occurring around you. Will you notice when your other you joins you as one being? Probably not, but you may notice little differences around you as you balance and integrate your shadow self. 

This is an excerpt from a previous blog post:

"If you regularly read my blog, you will have seen this dream before in my declaration that I am not human. In that blog I talk about having a body in stasis. I believe we all do, the ones that are not just programs, have a sleeping body in the really real world. The key here is stating that I go "through" the game. Splitting apart was the creating of polar opposites that created two parallel universes. When we embark on a journey back to ourselves and learn to love even the worst part of ourselves, we help heal the rift and bring the two universes back together as one. I am still in the process and drawing in and winding the string to my other self and bringing her into balance within me. We see evidence of the two different universes with the Berenstein Vs. Berenstain controversy. Until recently, old original copies of the STEIN spelling could not be found, Not long ago, I saw someone on IG post a photo of an old version she found at a garage sale which had the STEIN spelling. To me, this demonstrates the merging of the two polar opposite existences. My friend, Cynthia, told me about the Sindbad/Shazaam controversy. I was surprised to hear that this movie was apparently never made in the current reality even though I remember clearly this very bad movie existing. Sinbad himself swears it was never made. Now when we start seeing copies of Shazaam, it will be further proof of a merging happening.

The more we embrace, understand and love our own shadow selves instead of rejecting, the more into balance we become and the more the two universes become one."

My theory is that there was a first person who stepped inside the virtual reality game to set up camp for the rest of us. We call this person "God" and "Creator" but I think that is because we are literally taking a walk inside the world his thoughts initially created. Sure we stepped inside and became co-creators, but he was the first. I like to call him the "Navigator."

Now let's talk about "Michael" and "Lucifer". Depicted in the art is Archangel Michael slaying the dragon, aka Lucifer. But what does this show us, really? I believe fully that Michael and Lucifer represents the initial split that took place.... polar opposites. It was the first split that created two parallel realities.

The book of Revelations speaks of a great battle in heaven, but I really think the only battle in heaven is the two originals coming back together into harmony, balance and as one being. The Dark Crystal story is a truth hidden in plain sight and most people have missed it. The Original really IS the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. .

Again I ask, how do you slay a dragon? By loving it.

Maybe a brave artist should paint a picture of Michael and Lucifer embracing each other and making peace because I think they are basically the same being...two sides of the same coin.

Love is always the answer. Love your shadows.

If the Mystics and Skeksis are two sides of the same coin and really one being split in two to create polar opposites...

Then maybe the Luck Dragon and Gmork are also two sides of the same coin.

But let's look at what the wolf wants to achieve. We assume the wolf is "evil" and "bad" but maybe he knows something everyone else doesn't know. He wants the Great Nothing to come and destroy Fantasia. But why? Fantasia isn't real and is dependent on our fantasies to keep it alive. Maybe by killing Gmork, the "brave" warrior was really preventing the rejoining of the two parts coming back together into one. Maybe the destruction of Fantasia was needed so that the Luck Dragon and Gmork could become one being again and everyone could be free. Maybe Gmork knows he is trapped there and wants to wake up and go home.

Now let's take this concept of "the great nothing" and look at it closely. What do so many who practice meditation try to achieve? Nothing. They try ever so hard to empty their minds and become blank. But maybe there has been a purpose all along for this yet it was lost when it was turned into religion. Religion fucks up and muddies so much because we get stuck on the rituals and forget the true purpose of those actions. .

Maybe the real reason for trying to achieve nothing in meditation is so that this false (virtual) reality put together with our own fantasies will disappear and we can wake up and go home. Maybe Trump dismantling Fantasia is really Gmork just wanting to wake up and go home.

Sarah: Through dangers untold. And hardships unnumbered. I have fought my way here to the castle; beyond the goblin city, to take back the child that you have stolen. My will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom as great...

Jareth: Stop! Look what I'm offering you. Your dreams.

Sarah: My kingdom as great... my kingdom as great... damn, I can never remember that line.

Jareth: I ask for so little. Just fear me. Love me. Do as I ask, and I shall be your slave.

Sarah: You have no power over me!


Sarah: [the clock chimes 13:00 at that moment. Defeated, Jareth sends Sarah and Toby back to the real world where the clock finishes chiming midnight]

Dream Journal Entry: March 21, 2016 Yesterday I had a dream about two different paths I could take and I said I wanted to go home. I couldn't imagine why we would need or want to go back to this other place. I said I wanted to head home.

Later I am traversing the side of a mountain. We get to a point where there are lots of people's belongings because they didn't make it all the way. They died trying. We get ready to head the direction we are going and suddenly a group of people come upon us going the opposite direction. The path is narrow so we have to carefully navigate moving past each other without anyone falling down the steep drop off. It feels like some of the other group comes with us and there is one in our group wearing an unusual sweater that had big stripes on the front. I want to say purple and white stripes and the back half of the sweater was a different color and design. There was someone in the other group wearing an identical sweater and they start talking about their sweaters. We end up in some place that almost seems like a mountainside oasis. There was a building and inside there was a table. At the table a dead woman encased in glass sat upright. She looked like she had been there a while. I was startled when the mouth started to move but no sound was coming out. Eventually she started to move and the case of glass fell to the floor releasing her. I was a little freaked out but curious. I think there was something about her being "the professor's wife". At first she looked really old and wrinkled, but the longer she was out, the more the wrinkles and aged skin smoothed and plumped. She looked nothing like she did when she broke out of the case. There was a bit about tagging someone named "@mrvaudeville" and he was some important club owner or high up person. I had no idea who he was at first, i only had used his name because it was used by Deryck or whomever this public figure was the focus. Mr. Vaudeville was the top man, so having his name to tag was quite an asset. Like it felt like a huge score for us and I had accidentally tagged him without knowing who he was for one of my quote/image pairings.

Photo by Ivan Kavaldzhiev
What if the story of Snow White and Rose Red is really about the splitting apart of self to create polar opposites?

I once heard in my head in the in-between state, "RoseTop died fairly." I thought it was very curious and sat there trying to understand what it meant. I had a dream once where a woman named Rose died and apparently I had let her die on her own. In another dream I saw a red haired girl sleeping on a shelf. I invite her to join me in my bed so she could be more comfortable but she declined.

In the story of the Lindworm Prince two flowers are given...a red rose and a white rose. The mother is told to choose just one but she chooses both and it is disastrous resulting in twins...a normal "good" one, and a Lindworm. Sounds a little like Adam and a serpent in the Garden of Eden, eh? What if all of the Beauty and the Beast styled tales are about loving your shadow self and not really about romance?

In Through the Looking Glass, Alice encounters both a Red Queen and a White Queen. Two sides of the same coin split apart, perhaps?

While the Red Queen is often seen as angry and bitter, I think she actually represents the heart because I see my Rose Top, who sleeps on a shelf right now, as being the kinder and gentler part of me. I believe fully that "Rose Top" had to die in the parallel merging universe so that she could step inside to merge with this version of me. Often when I see myself in dreams, I have snow white hair. Over and over I dream of being in snow and cold. I'm not entirely sure what I will see when I integrate the other part of me and bring her into balance within me, but lately I have been dreaming that the snow is melting.

Heart/red and mind/white need to become balanced within to become one being.

The battle is within.

Everything that is outside of us first starts within us.

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