Thursday, June 15, 2017

Assorted Original Poetry and Creative Writing

I find a lot of beautiful photos and sometimes can't find the quotes or words that feel like they match, so I have been inclined to write original material for those photos. I am going to try to put it all on one post for the curious and those who appreciate​ art in its many forms. These appeared first on My Instagram account.

Photo by Regina Relang, Paris 1953
She was a wildcard.
It wasn't obvious to most.
On the surface she looked placid and serene.
No one could tell there was an inferno raging inside her that threatened to unleash itself in a mighty explosion, reducing to ash those nearest to her heat.

Written June 25, 2016

I'm not like the others.
It doesn't take much to recognize that fact.
But it takes a rebel, a fellow warrior soul to stand beside me openly in certain circles.
It takes a fearless person to openly show support and understanding without regard for those who have disdain for me, because there are many.
Only a very special few will have what it takes.

Written November 3, 2016 

Photo of Teya Salat by Elzaran at DeviantArt
I don't need anyone to believe me for my truth to be true for me.
I don't need anyone to understand my truth for my truth to be true for me.
My journey is my own.
It is okay if you don't approve.
It is okay if you don't support me.
It is okay if you don't understand.
Please don't tell me how to navigate MY journey.
I am strong enough to navigate successfully completely on my own.
When you get upset by MY truth and are triggered, that is an issue with YOU and not me.
If you are unsettled by MY truth, look inside to find out why because it has nothing to do with me nor will it change what is true for me.
Your fear based concerns are unwarranted and unwelcome.
I share my journey to help open a dialogue and, perhaps, help someone on a similar journey.
It is not an open invitation for you to tell me what to do and how to live.
I am not asking for advice.
I am sharing.
Acceptance and respect of another person's truth costs nothing but are invaluable.

October 14, 2016

Photo by Noell S. Oszvald
There I was
My face against the door
Begging you to let me in
But you couldn't hear me
Just silence
You gave me in return
Like a boa constrictor
Slowly squeezing my heart
My kindness
Was a small seed planted
Watered by hope it sprouted
But neglect caused it to wither
Sadness and heartache dwell
Where once inspiration lived
Tears replace written words
Letting go
Is harder than most imagine
Turning and walking away
My heart bleeding with each step

April 14, 2016


Art by Tom Bagshaw

I would rather be hated for who I authentically am than loved for pretending to be someone I am not. I am not a quiet and timid church mouse. I am a bold and fierce lioness and I roar. To ask me to be a timid mouse is to ask me to pretend to be something I am not. I am who I am and you can either accept me for exactly who I am in this now moment or you can fuck off. It is that simple.

Written May 14, 2016

Photo by Julla Berglund
There I was
Thinking I was finally getting somewhere
But the winds of truth derailed me from my tracks
I laid breathless
On the edge
Wondering how I could go on

Written June 14 2016

Photographer Unknown
Sometimes I feel like I am about the only person brave enough to swim out into the deep parts of the ocean while everyone else is left wading on the shore.

Written July 7, 2016 

Photo by Katarzyna Dembrowska
Sometimes it is there
Quietly waiting
It catches me by surprise
When I hear certain words in a song
It spreads through my body
Enveloping me
Devouring my joy
Silencing my laughter
And replacing it with tears

Written August 11,2016


Photographer Unknown
I always wake feeling tired
I drink my coffee
Go on hikes
Commune with nature
But nothing really helps
I go to sleep and enter dreamland
Why do I always have to wake?
Why do my eyelids open?
When I often long to stay
Maybe my tired goes deep
Maybe it spans many lifetimes
I am so tired
I am soul tired
I need released from this prison
A prison of flesh and bones

Written September 16, 2016


Book art by Gertha Scholtz
In terms of digital communication and attention span, I often feel like I am an epic novel in a world of meaningless graffiti.

Written September 16, 2016

Photographer Unknown
I stood on the banks
Of the shore of my sorrows
There I cleansed myself
With the water from my tears
What once was obscured
Came into sharp focus
When I took my nose away from the page
The landscape of my bigger picture
Opened up and revealed itself to me

Written September 30, 2016 


Photographer Unknown
Sometimes you just have to let it out
Everything that has built up inside you
It isn't always predictable when it will come out
But when it does, it helps to have someone close
Who can comfort, support and have your back when you need to be covered

Written October 1, 2016 


Photo by Ferdinando Scianna
Pop Quiz

It was just a test
To see what you would do
Just a little pop quiz
Yet the outcome I already knew
You set me apart
From the rest of the crowd
Forgotten and ignored
In the fields that I plowed
I lend you my strength
And you slam the door in my face
I give you support
But for me you make no place
My songs of wisdom
Are met with deafening silence
My raw honesty
Is met with heart violence
Is the lesson that you taught me
Never give up
Although I long so much to flee
Pain is my fuel
Neglect, excluded, verbal starvation
But your gift of rejection
Is the clay for my newest creation

Written October 5, 2016


Photo by Ferdinando Scianna
I love you.
And I can love in whatever way you need me to.
I don't care if you are male or female.
I don't care if you are rich or poor.
I don't care how you wear your hair or what clothes you choose to wear.
I don't care if you are young or old.
I don't care what color or ethnicity you are.
I don't care what size or shape your body is.
I don't care if you have a religion or a political party.
The you I love is none of those things.
But while we are both here in the physical, I can love you in whatever form you need.
I can love you as a friend, as a mother, as a sister and as a lover.
I have already loved you as all of those and more in previous lives, so I can love you in whatever way you need in this lifetime, in this now moment.

Written January 20, 2017


Photo by NASA Goddard Photos and Video
A sun is but a star in the sky. It burns hot and expends great energy so that one day it can be seen far and wide long after its heat and light has gone out. The stars we see at night are but an echo of a star long since gone. That is what you work for, my dear. The energy you expend now will burn bright for the world to see long after your human form is gone. You are not a moon who borrows the light of others. You are a sun and a sun creates light for others.  

Written April 9, 2016

Photographer Unknown
Cherish These Moments

Here I am now
A new tomorrow has begun
Gradually rising
I look towards an eastern sun
Bright light awakens
In my smothering darkness, so new
Exploring unfamiliars
The bearer of the light was you

Hello happiness
I've missed you, where have you been
I've felt this way
Dizzy bliss, I can't remember when
Thank you I say
To the great Universe that has blessed me
Wandering emotions
I'm so alive now and quite happy to be

Terracotta sunshine
Breathing warm life into my soul
Missing puzzle piece
Has come to fill the gaping hole
Slowly it's formed
There is my cloud with a silver lining
Ray of hope is you
In a blanket of rain you came through shining

On the wind
I ride
On my lips
A name
Cherish these moments, I do
As our lives
As we find
New fame
Bright star in my eyes is you
Erasing scars
I hide
Erasing all
My pain
Cherish these moments, I do


Art by Oksana Dimitrenko
Note To Self

Where do you find dignity
When you can't feel anymore
How can you live your dreams
When you have shoved them out the door

Life is a constant struggle
Between what is good and bad
And when you lose all hope
This world will seem quite sad

Like driving down a highway
Yet not having any direction
They tell you that they love
Yet you can see the rejection

The paths that we take
Have unexpected twists and turns
The salt poured in my eyes
Continues to sting and burn

How will you ever find love
If you won't answer the door
How can you find happiness
If you won't take chances anymore

Written March 22, 1987


Photo by Joel Sartore
Is this all that is left
Of the world nature created
Some like to call it "progress"
Your progress is overrated

They say we've come far
From what we used to be
Poison air, concrete land
And death in a blackened sea

Intelligent lifeforms
They say this is man
With all of your knowledge
You can't solve the problem at hand


Photo by Oleg Oprisco

I do remember
Although I want to forget
So much of my past
I continue to regret
All of the memories
I thought I'd locked away
Been brought to surface
How long shall they stay
Smoke in my eyes
Raining in my heart
Memories of yesterday
Still fail to depart
Like black thorny roses
They grow in the shade
A sunny day will come
And it all will fade
Words on white paper
Have left me cold
And they'll be there
When I'm grey and old
If I burned the journals
Would the memories remain
Ashes fall from my hands
In my head, still the names

Written June 16, 1987


Photo by Oleg Oprisco 
So many truths
Remain untold
Waiting for answers
To unfold
Tears would fall
If I could cry
My blood is sand
My eyes are dry


Photo by Anka Zhuravleva

Queen of her world
Doing what she wants
But she's so alone
So many dreams she has
Living deeply inside
This bird has never flown

Ballerina at a ball
Dancing by herself
Dancing to her own tune
Walking in the dark
Wishing upon a star
Singing to the moon

Written October 18, 1987  


Photo by Natalia Drepina
What is the point of hoping
When I know it's all in vain
What is the point of wishing
When I know it's just a game
It's all the same
And what is the point of wanting
Something that will never be
Why do I keep giving
Silence brought me to my knees
Please let me leave


Photo by Mrs White Photoart
I stand alone
Braving the storm
Daring it to knock me from my perch.
My balance wavers
I can barely breathe
The wind roaring so violent around me
My is face damp
From streaming tears
Searching deep inside for strength to go on
Turning myself
Inside out and open
I stretch my wings and prepare to take flight
I've come this far
Can't turn back now
I will do what I have come here to do

Written February 27, 2017


Art by Harry Clarke
Before you can be something new, the old you must die. The old you must burn away into ashes. Turn to ash all of the masks once worn in the game. The journey of self discovery has no room for pride, lies, or illusion. It strips away what isn't really you and incinerates it so that you may become the Phoenix and fly home.

March 15, 2017

Art by Emily Balivet
I was talking to my cousin and I asked him, "How would you slay a dragon?" He said something about shooting an arrow at it. I told him, "No, that is not how you slay a dragon. You slay a dragon by giving it love and understanding."


Art by Tom Bagshaw
Darkness is beautiful, yet so many run away from it. They shield their faces from the darkness in others and especially the darkness in themselves. They shout "the devil" and "evil" and claim outside forces such as negative entities and attachments while never taking full responsibility for their darkness. It is a sad lonely child waiting to be embraced and loved for the beauty and uniqueness they possess. Anger and depression cast out like it is a demon to be exorcised. What if instead of trying to cast out what is half of the human experience, we embrace it, love it, hold a space for it and appreciate it for being the fire capable of transforming us...capable of burning away all that we once were and creating balance. We talk about bringing back the sacred feminine but the sacred feminine IS darkness and yet you shun her as something outside of you. She is Kali and she will destroy what needs to be dismantled so that she can create new fertile soil for planting new seeds. Balance is always key and your darkness is begging to be loved, understood and acknowledged. 

March 22, 2017

Photo by Olga Miropolskaya
You are my entire world," she told Raven.

"That is very sad," said the bird.

"But why? Does it not please you to know you mean so much to me?" she asked feeling confused.

"It is sad to know you mean so little to yourself and that your happiness is so fully dependent on me," replied Raven. He then stretched out his great wings and flew away, never to be seen again.


Art by Tom Bagshaw
Today a Sum41 fan commented about something I said to Deryck. They said, "Jesus lady why so deep haha"
I had mused in a comment as I sometimes do here on my own page but it was directed toward Deryck. I was kind and thoughtful. My response to the individual?
"oh wow! Who told you about my past life as Jesus?!? 😱 "Jesus lady" I was keeping that a secret. 😂 You know, yesterday was my day of actual Resurrection and all so I guess it was bound to get out. See, I can be humorous and pointless at times but depth and substance is my nature. @sum41 can easily scroll through the comments that all pretty much say the same thing...And some say nothing in particular at all. They are kind of like junk food. It tastes good but it doesn't really fill you up and leave you satisfied. I like to offer something different, something meatier that will satisfy and stay with him longer."
In a sea of forgettable one liner quips and emoticons, I aspire to be the giant fucking kraken here to grab hold of your ship and shake the shit out of it. It may only scare you so bad that you soil yourself, but at least you will sit up, take notice and remember me. Lol


Photo by Ida Wyman, 1943
"They call her "Little Miss Sassy Pants" because she says what is on her mind without reserve. When people tell her to hold her tongue, she sticks it out and holds it, but loses grip when the giggles creep in and take hold. She is defiant and strong-willed. Because of her fierce and strong nature, people call her "wicked" and "devil spawn". No, she cannot be tamed and all attempts will leave the trainer bloody and exhausted."

Written April 21, 2017


Photo by Daria Hlazatova
Once the anguish and river of tears subsided
Once the desire to use razor sharp words to inflict a deep wound in the one who wounded me dulled to a quiet murmur in my head
A blanket of numb wrapped itself around me
At least I could breathe now
At least I no longer felt like I would spontaneously combust
I felt nothing at all
Just the familiar numb
A very old friend

Written April 29, 2017


Photo by Yulia Brodskaya
It has always been there
A longing
A deep sense of knowing
This reality is not home
I have always felt it
So limited
Something is off
This was a glaring clue
I know I used to fly
I remember
In my dreams, I remember
But people don't believe
It never goes away
It remains
This longing that haunts me
I want to go home

May 10, 2017

Photo by Silverrr-official at DeviantArt
Ice Queen

It didn't happen over night
It was gradual
One icy layer at a time
Each heartbreak added a layer
To keep the fragile pieces together
So that it didn't fall entirely apart
Her heart looked like a beautiful jewel
Glistening like a rose just after the rain beneath the ice
And no one could touch it anymore
The layers of ice give an illusion of strength
They act as her armor
They call her "cold" and "unfeeling"
They call her "the ice queen"
But without​ the ice she would come apart and her pieces would scatter in the wind

May 21, 2017


Photographer Unknown
The depths of the rabbit hole I dove into seem to be never-ending. It is like I am shouting from my depths hoping someone will be able to make out what I am saying, but mostly I just hear the echo of my own voice. I like myself, so that isn't all bad. 

May 22, 2017

Photo by Mrs White Photoart
"I want to go home, Rabbit," she confided.
"I know," he said solemnly.
"But I can't remember how to get back or even who I am," she sighed sadly as they watched the waves roll in on the sand.
Rabbit took her hand in his and said, "I will hold your hand until you can remember."

May 29, 2017

Photo by Sarah DeRemer
Coffees​? Tea? Me?

Dark and delicious
Slightly mischievous
Strong and full of flavor
A taste you want to savor
Something to shake you up
Something to wake you up

Delicate and light
A sweetness so bright
Providing an immune boost
Helping brain fog be reduced
Hot, smooth and slippery wet
Take you higher, make you sweat

I'm all of this and more
If your key unlocks my door

Written June 12, 2017


Photo by Kirsty Mitchell
She breathed out
Releasing it all on the invisible droplets of moisture that left her body
She breathed out
Letting go of all that would keep her from taking flight
She breathed out
Releasing her heart from the armor which protected but kept it heavy
She breathed in hope
Her heart shimmering
Delicate and fragile
Like butterfly wings

Written May 1, 2017