Friday, June 16, 2017


As the title of my blog suggests, "Musings From My Journey," the blog entries that appear here are from my journey as I am going along. Yesterday I was trying to clear out old drafts and posts that I never intended to re-post again. I cringe when I read some of my older posts sometimes because I don't always hold those same beliefs anymore. The dilemma is, do I leave them "as is," take them down, edit them, or simply add a disclaimer?

I have decided that I will leave them "as is" because they reflect my journey and where I was at at that time. I have always maintained that what I believe is always changing and evolving as I go along. If you start from the beginning, you can definitely see my growth and development. If someone comes here and resonates with an old post, I guess it is right for them for where they are on their own journey.

Discernment is always necessary, especially for those on a spiritual journey of self discovery. So I urge the reader to take with them what resonates and leave the rest. And when that nugget you took with you no longer feels right, take it out of your pocket and simply let it go. That is what I have done and will continue doing until I reach the finish line of this maze.

I hear there is a party being planned for those who reach the finish line.

I will see you there.

Happy travels!