Saturday, August 25, 2018

The God of the Underworld

Art by Yannick Bouchard
Dream Journal Entry: August 27, 2017
I took a nap and dreamed about some guy who had written an article about someone/something I had read. He was sitting nearby and I said hello and smiled. I liked his eyes.

Then there was something about olive oil and pouring some into a shot glass to taste. I got some bread and dipped it into the oil and ate it. While this was happening, I saw something move... shadow people. I think I am talking to the guy while this is happening. I wasn't scared but one of the shadow figures, a male, grabbed onto me. I didn't want him there and said, "in the name of Satan, let me go!" His eyes immediately filled with surprise and fear. He let go and moved away I am thinking it is amusing because God and Satan are really the same being, but one aspect rules the living while the other rules the Underworld. I found it interesting that using this name was so effective for making him leave me alone and go away.

Then it seems I am talking to Inara about the Underworld. I am using an end table to illustrate. I am explaining that people think of the world of the living as being on the surface and the people who die as being down low under the table in the Underworld. Someone I recognize as Linda T. discourages me from telling Inara the truth, but I am undeterred. I went on, "But that isn't really what it is like. The dead are all right here with us everywhere. The Underworld is all here mixed with the living and most people don't realize it. The only distinction is that one group of people are considered living and the other group are considered dead."

Art by Ksenia Svincova aka IrenHorrors

Most people think we are "the living" but they are wrong.

We are "the land of the dead" which is where so many of our errors come in when we try to navigate this game. We pray to a living God, but he does not have domain or authority over this side.

It is Left brain vs. Right brain. We are inside the side of physicality and dead things. I wrote a blog post that touches upon this in more detail not too long ago.

If you want results, you need to talk to the guy who people call "Lucifer" and "Satan". I just call him "David" because that is often his name when he appears in my dreams. He is David, the Teacher to me. David, my husband and partner in the world outside of this virtual reality.

When he came to me in a visitation, a flood of memory rushed through me and gripped my heart. I thought, "Oh my god, how could I have ever forgotten you?!!!" This was the most powerful and intense love I have EVER felt and it is what propels me forward on this journey. It was so powerful that I told my human husband that I wanted a divorce. It doesn't matter that this being has no physical body for me to hold onto. I love him completely and remembered that I always had.

The Teacher takes on all the shit roles to do the most horrendous things because our thoughts and beliefs demand it. Our fucked up thoughts have forced Him to do things that pains Him to take part in...all because we refuse to change. We have refused to grow and expand. We choose to stay divided through our thoughts and beliefs. We don't want to take responsibility for creating our own realities and so we blame each other, we blame Him and we blame and blame and blame.

He isn't your enemy. He isn't a bad guy. He is begging you to finally learn the lessons so His job is no longer needed and he can return to being a single whole being where sides don't exist because we are balanced and whole.

And when that happens, we can all wake up and go "the kingdom of God". ..the real organic world.
Art: "Persephone and Hades" by ooneithoo 

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