Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Forgiveness and Redemption, Loving the Darkness

Art by Takato Yamamoto
Dream Journal Entry: September 4, 2018 I had some intense dreams last night. The first dreams I only remember repeatedly seeing two energies coming together and kept hearing Loa and Loa. I remembered that this is a term in voodoo for their Gods. I saw one energy as very dark and one very light. One was blue and white and the other blackness. I heard something about Heaven and Earth coming together to create something new.

I woke, saw some pictures my friend sent to me of Shanghai, replied and then went back to sleep.

When I went back to sleep, I found myself traveling to Shanghai to meet my mom. I was surprised that it seemed like all the people in her building were English speaking and none were actually from Shanghai. I think I wasn't going to be there long, which I thought was odd to come all that way only to spend the the night there. I remember seeing actual corn stalks growing inside by a window. I thought it was curious how this could be possible. There was no soil. There were, apparently some odd occurrences happening there. I was being told about them and they were rather dark things that were happening. All of a sudden, the electricity went out and I knew that meant some huge dark energy was coming. I had deja Vu in the dream and remembered how this had just happened in my waking state...the power going out. I braced myself for what was coming. I knew the things I would see would probably be unpleasant. At one point I saw human body parts hanging from inside a large old wood burning stove. I then saw a blue balloon and inside was the severed foot of my dog and I see the rest of her is inside the balloon as well. I am upset by this and am asking if she was dead. I heard she was an animated dead thing. She was still moving. I stopped and said that I didn't want to see this, that it needed to stop and I pushed open a set of red doors that led outside in an attempt to wake up out of the dream. Other people were outside too looking around in the darkness. I started to wake but quickly drifted back to sleep.

Art by Takato Yamamoto
I am back at this place in Shanghai, but now I am outside the building and I am asking what this was all about and I have this sense that this darkness simply needed more love. I had a sense that with my love, the darkness could balance and make different choices. And that is what I said to the darkness, the entity that was there looming, "You don't have to do this. You have taken it too far but you can make different choices. There is a place for you and darkness can be beautiful and help make us better people, but you have to make that choice." And I remember thinking, "I am strong enough to love you and help you understand your own value. I am strong enough to help you come into balance."

Later I saw something about a TV out in a barn and how there was some control being implemented through the programming but I am not sure by what or whom. And in another scene I am seeing something being put into a cylindrical opening in the top back of the head. It looks like wheat or straw and it looks like it is being taken in and ground up and these "people" seemed like both spiritual and religious "people" and were feeding those gathered around them information. I can't remember anything else.

Art by Takato Yamamoto
Comments: This is not the series I thought I would be posting today. Before I went to bed, I had something else planned and then my dreams had other ideas. I think I can make it tie into some of what I wanted to talk about, though.

Forgiveness and redemption IS about loving and understanding the darkness.

We all have karmic baggage to clear out with the people we come together with...and that doesn't necessarily mean you have to have a relationship with them in order to achieve that. It just means you have to understand the lessons you are meant to get and then make different choices, forgive, let go or do whatever the situation requires of you to move on to the next level of growth and expansion.

Dreams have told me that the final person they guided me to also has Mary's rapist on board that vehicle. He was the father of her son who was taken from her. Let's look at the symbolism for a minute.

Mary was 12 when she was brutally raped by a Roman soldier. He stole her innocence. And in turn, when her baby was born, she manifested her "innocence being stolen from her". Her baby boy was ripped from.her arms and taken from her. Do you see how the cycle starts? The soldier likely craved  the innocence he had lost. He became a killing machine to be a soldier. But instead of going within, he sought outside of himself, inappropriately, to take innocence. Yet it never filled him up because what he really wanted to connect with is his own innocence.

When we become conscious creators, we can pause, look at what we are being shown, and make better choices that don't harm others or ourselves further.

From my higher perspective, the Mary part of me can say to her rapist, "I forgive you". She can then say to those who took her baby, "I forgive you," because she can now see and understand how her own thoughts contributed to manifesting the circumstances she found herself in.

Not only can she forgive her rapist, but she can open her arms and say, "I love you and want you to be part of my life." Because the only way she can connect with the one she desires to be reunited with is to forgive and develop a connection and bond with the one she hated most.

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