Sunday, July 15, 2018

Left, Right and Building Bridges

I have shared this before. I altered it so that the jar says "poop" instead of "happiness" and thought it was hilarious. But today, it aptly illustrates what I am feeling and thinking about because we have created a lot of poop on this side of reality.

We think we are the "living" side and when we die, we go to the land of the dead...the other side. But, in actuality, we are the side of inanimate objects, physicality and solid objects as is mentioned and illustrated in the video I shared today. The side of death. We are inhabiting the left hemisphere of a brain.

The right, the other side, is the living side.

Think of the phrase "in living color" because this accurately describes what those who have "died" aka crossed over to the other side have seen. They all describe it as being so much more vibrant in color and none of the limitations of our current physicality.

When pets die, we often say they crossed "the rainbow bridge". But what is the rainbow bridge really? I believe it is the corpus callosum which is the bridge between the two hemispheres and creates the communication pathways between the two sides. Our corpus callosum is damaged because the communication between the two sides is extraordinarily limited. We rely on mediums and channels to communicate for us and their perception of the information coming in is limited, at best. It is left up to interpretation and filters.

We get dreams, signs and syncs as Communication from the other hemisphere. We are playing charades with the right side. They are giving us pictures and we are trying to interpret their meaning.

This video illustrates what happens when the communication line is severed.

See? Pictionary and charades for the right hemisphere and verbal for the left hemisphere.

It is a crap shoot, at best. Sometimes we get it right and sometime they are left throwing more and more images at us to help us understand.

I think many of us have come here from the right hemisphere to help build a bridge. The rainbow bridge, the corpus callosum, collapsed and we have to rebuild it from the inside out. Meaning, we have to balance ourselves internally first. We have to desire having a connection with the other side and want it so fervently that we do whatever it takes to make it happen.

I fully believe that as we balance, lines will blur everywhere. I think a symptom of the more balanced we become is not really identifying with one gender or the other but with both simultaneously. This will look like people who are comfortable wearing dresses and make-up one day, and business suits the next. Maybe they will wear make-up while wearing the business suit.

In dreams I see myself as both male and female. Sometimes I see myself as a hermaphrodite. Lines HAVE to blur if we want to balance, evolve and connect with the other side to create an entirely new and better reality. So, if you are having these feelings and inclinations, congratulations! You are more evolved and make us one step closer to restoring communication. You have become the foundation of the corpus callosum...the rainbow bridge.

That love for those in the right hemisphere is what will recreate the "rainbow bridge" and restore our communication lines.

And it will CHANGE EVERYTHING as we currently know it.

Everyone who has been talking about an event happening describe a rainbow cloud coming in and sweeping over everything. What if the event is simply a result of the bridge being successfully rebuilt so that our "two worlds" join as one harmonious place?

I have maintained that "in the beginning God created" and it was one man who was connected to a machine...a virtual reality...and it is his brain we are inside. Others came in after his connection was established and we all got lost and stuck inside of him and the machine. When we repair the corpus callosum, we get to go home to who we really are outside of all of this.

Do you remember who you really are yet?

"Wake up, Alice! It is time to come home."

This image is of the Gabriel Dawe Rainbow at the Toledo Museum.

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