Sunday, October 7, 2018

Who Killed Mr. Green in the Ballroom?

Art by Stephen Andrade
I saw a recent discussion about who really killed River at The Viper Room. This individual was upset I had placed blame on Samantha Mathis in a series of posts based on my dreams. I laughed to myself, because who killed "Mr. Green" in the game we are currently playing could be different for each of us. Remember, our thoughts create our individual reality.

To explain this, I will have to give you a list of players I have gotten clues for since I started this journey and who they would be in the game of CLUE.

Art by N. C.  Winters

Mrs. Peacock - Rainbow - Oktobre (me) - Transformed version with all chakras fully functioning.

Miss Scarlett - Red - Deryck Whibley - Root Chakra

Yvette the Maid - Orange - Oktobre (me) - Sacral Chakra

Colonial Mustard - Yellow - Laura Jane Grace - Solar Plexus

Mr. Green - Green - River Phoenix - Heart Chakra

Wadsworth - Blue - Keanu Reeves - Throat Chakra

Professor Plum - Indigo/Purple - Brandon Lee - Third Eye Chakra

Mrs. White - White - Kurt Cobain - Crown Chakra

In my game of CLUE, there were multiple fatalities. The question is, who killed each? The answer is, I did. I killed them all in one way or another.

So, to see in a dream that Samantha Mathis was somehow responsible for River's death is actually seeing how I killed my heart, my love and my partner. My heart drank the poison I gave it and it died. Heart Chakra issues are where most of my health problems stem from. Killing my heart is like putting armor on and saying, "I can't feel anymore."

The murder that happened before that was the murder of my Third Eye. I killed any connection to spirit, the other side and my sixth sense abilities. Brandon represents my third eye and I was shown in a dream where the bullet went in that killed him. It was in the middle of his back which shows a lack of support for the connection to the part of the mind that can see more and connect with information that the normal thinking mind cannot. I remember deliberately turning off that connection to the other side. I didn't want the responsibility and it scared me. Killing my third eye is like putting my hands on my eyes and saying, "I can't see you."

The next fatality was Kurt Cobain. He represents my connection to spirit and all things spiritual. As evidence shows, I blew my crown right off with a shotgun. I shut down, turned off and went into radio silence. It was like sticking my fingers in my ears and saying, "I can't hear you!"

Photo by Ezo Renier
Keanu represents the throat chakra which is all about communication. In a dream once, he was carrying a little girl who was referred to as "the little mermaid" and I took it to mean she was my voice and he was holding her for me until I was ready for her to stand and walk on her own.

And with each one of the living players, I am meant to give them what I needed to give myself. And by learning to give unconditional love, support, and guidance to them, I learned to also give them to myself. I was also able to see former versions of me and witness how and why it was a problem or an asset. I was able to see patterns and work through so much internal baggage. I was able to fall in love with me and THAT is the point.

The reason why I am also the Maid is because she is the sacral chakra. Just recently I had a dream where a woman stepped through the door wearing an orange dress. Sacral chakra to me is about relationships and the person I most need to have a relationship with is myself.

Through doing all the work that was being asked of me, I was finally able to find my voice again.

Now, your cast of characters may be similar or different depending on the clues you are getting. Maybe River represents something different to you than he does to me. Maybe the method of death will look different in your game than it does in mine. You have to take a good hard look at yourself, understand the clues and understand how you, yourself killed off that character in the game.

It really doesn't matter who or what actually killed River. What matters is that you are understanding the messages you are being given if you are guided to specific people. If you fail to step away from the lower mind and narrow thinking, you will fail to grow, expand and transform. You  will fail to become Mrs. Peacock and she will be just another casualty in the game.

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