Friday, October 5, 2018

Four Horsemen and the Kundalini Awakening

Art by Oleg Lipchenko
My guides want me to talk about something I have recently come to understand, but I have had to delay it while I writhe in pain. It has been one thing after another over the last week. It started with painful edema, then moved to kidney pain. Today I woke with massive head pain in the third eye region. It has finally dulled enough that I feel like I can put my words together to talk about my important discovery. All of this pain I mentioned will make sense later.

Illustration by Gustave Dore

"Fuck you, and the horse you rode in on!" takes on a new layer for me after what I came to understand yesterday.

Something kept coming back to my mind over and over. At the beginning of all of this, I was shown fours in dreams. I saw four necklaces, four dogs, four phones, etc. But then it changed. There were four hot dogs, but one couldn't be used. There were four pets, but one was sick. There were four bands, but one cancelled at the last minute.

That number four haunted me and I have suspected for some time that it might be related to the four horsemen mentioned in Revelation in the Bible. I had looked before, but I needed more information from the experiences and lessons I was having before I would fully be able to connect the two definitively.

Art by Victor Vasnetov

I made a quick reference list of the four so I could compare it with the people I have been guided to.

White Horse - Archer - Competition
Red Horse - Sword - War/Taking sides
Black - Scales - Value of things
Ashen - Scythe & Famine - Death and Hades

After looking at that list, I determined that it was my White Horse I was missing.

Deryck Whibley is clearly my Black Horse because he is a borderline hoarder. He is all about his things and he has no real regard or generosity for those less fortunate. He is the dwarf in the story of Snow White and Rose Red who wants the treasure all for himself. Don't get me wrong, Deryck has wonderful qualities too. He has SO much potential and yet he chooses to be materialistic and selfish. When I was trying to reach him and wake him up, it was easy to see myself in him. It was easy to see how I had been too sentimental and needed to let go of the things and the past. It was during that time I started purging and getting rid of stuff I had been carrying with me for more than 30 years. I learned so much during my time with the Black Horse.

Laura Jane Grace is very clearly my Red Horse. She was all about raging against what she saw as unjust and taking sides. She speaks out a lot but does little to actually create any real change through action. Again, I could see very well how I had been exactly like her at one point. A trip to my old Facebook posts will show you I liked to speak out on injustices and take sides. Again, Laura is a beautiful person with mountains of potential. Seeing me in her helped solidify my own transformation away from warring with people and taking sides.

I'm not sure who my White Horse would have been, but the lessons of competition have trickled through different people in small ways. Most recently, I feel like I was put through a series of bizarre tests. I think I passed those tests.

The Ashen Horse is Keanu Reeves. I haven't spent as much time studying him as I have the others because he is still new to me. Part of that is due, in part, to the lack of social media presence. It was easier to interact with the other two. I think the fourth horse has a pretty big lesson in that we have to release our fears and a huge fear most of us have at one point is the fear of death. Along with that is the grief we feel when someone we care about dies. Keanu has experienced some significant deaths in his life that seem to have weighed heavy on him. The Mary character grieved so much that it followed her through all of her lives. Keanu lost a partner and a child. Mary, also, lost a partner and child and she never got over it. I felt the enormity of that grief during my past life regression and it is a weight I no longer want to carry.

I think the famine part of the lesson isn't so much about literal famine having to do with food, but famine of the soul. We starve ourselves when we shut down and shut out people. I think Keanu is like me in that he put his heart on lock down so that no one would ever get back in there and devastate him again. In doing so, he starves his own soul and others by not being capable of giving or receiving fully. I feel I can give fairly well, but I am not very good with receiving. I get images of arrows being shot at my heart and they simply hit the barrier and fall to the ground, unable to penetrate the inner sanctuaries.

Illustration by Gustave Dore

I think the added lesson of famine is being able to continue to love and give to someone even when they are not in a place to be able to give to us. All of the lessons teach us an aspect of unconditional love.

These are listed as the first four of seven seals.

I happened upon a Gnostic site that had an interesting excerpt from a book. I thought, "Oh my God! Why did it take me so long to find this nugget of gold?!"

By no means do I believe this is complete because it is missing integration of the information that this is a virtual reality. Some of what has been said in the article, when taking into consideration what I know because of dreams, would alter slightly.

I see a little boy in dreams all the time and, often, I opt to take care of him.

The article mentions when the fifth seal is opened, a person will see themselves dressed in white. I had a dream where I stood in the shower and my Doc Marten boots I was wearing went from black to white. Since that dream, I am wearing white in dreams more frequently.

I seem to be at a point of the sixth seal opening. I have been experiencing and unusual amount of pain, as I mentioned at the beginning of this blog. So, while I feel rather like I would like to check out and skip the pain, I guess it is actually a very positive sign of all the progress and growth I have done.

Here is the article should you be interested in reading it:

Who are the four horsemen in your life? Are you learning the lessons you need to learn to move forward? Which seals have been opened on your journey?

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