Saturday, March 25, 2017

Collective Consciousness Concepts and Core Identity


We are ghosts inside a machine and most of you think this reality is real.

It isn't.

The Earth in here is the "False Mother" of the fairy-tale. We have been kidnapped and most of you don't even know because you think it is the only mother you have ever known. It isn't. We develop amnesia the minute we step inside the game to give the player the most realistic experience and they believe they are the characters they are playing. The only problem is, it worked so well that most people forgot that this is a game, an amusement park, a school and a virtual reality. We forgot who we really are at the core.

I could post countless article links here about some of the most intelligent people in this reality saying exactly the same thing about us living in a simulated virtual world. Most people, including me, don't click on the links so I will leave it to the reader to do their own research into the matter should they be so inclined.

Let's talk about concepts we hear a lot from the collective.

This is absolutely accurate but if you don't know what truth you are looking for, you will never see it. Artists of all kind often get in a "zone" to create and many will tell you, their art did not come from them, but was channeled through them. That is why you will find so many messages in the lyrics, the music, the movies, the images. When we leave the physical and go to the waiting station to re-enter the game, we remember who and what we are but it is no good to remember over there. You have to REMEMBER WHILE YOU ARE IN THE PHYSICAL in order to make a conscious free will choice to choose your really real life outside of the machine...per the rules of the programming and game. When we created those rules, we didn't think it was going to be that difficult for anyone to finally get there, but everyone who came in got TRAPPED. People, like me, came in to help get people out, but we got lost in amnesia too.

September 16, 2014
Went back to sleep and had this dream: There was something about what seemed like a video game. There was someone in there who had gone in to try to fix the game or shut it down because it had gotten out of control. The game was taking over. I would see her get her head shot off and then it would come back. There was something about some computer somewhere in a person's home that was going to blow and could take out a huge population. I can't remember if it was me or someone else who went in and simply shut down the computer. There was something about a wealthy family who were just kind of horrible and all they cared about was money. There was something about this square sort of trampoline put in place that would allow them to jump from their section to another. At one point I remember lying back in the grass in a lawn but these horrible people people who loved their money were bouncing into my yard and annoying me.

Comments: I believe fully this is a memory and showing me what I came here to do. I came in here to try to fix the game and if we can't fix it, we are going to shut it down. It was never meant to be the hell hole it has become. I have family in here and I intend to bring my family home to the really real world with me.

September 3, 2015
The dream jumps and I see these kind of white iridescent rings. They shimmer a kind of see through rainbow and they are spaced and equal distance apart. I am curious. It feels like I am in a building. I walk through this ring and I am sucked through and I am traveling at a fast speed. I had the thought "oh I remember this. This is a worm hole" and it is taking me around almost like a roller coaster ride. I am moving through solid objects. I am passing through an arcade and I think the destination might be inside this arcade game, but it is not and I go through the game. I eventually wind up in an area that looks like my reality but some people are talking about something that happened and speaking of it as a fairy-tale. Like my story from where I came from was a fairy-tale story in this one. I think I said something to the people that it was no fairy-tale and they were speaking about me. I was going to try to leave but now it is like I am two people with a tether....string...connecting us and there is a big ball on the end. We decide we need to go back to where we came from but the ball gets tangled and stuck when we throw it. I am working at trying to untangle us. It was like the string was tangled on a roller coaster rail. I finally got it enough and halved the string so there wasn't as much to get tangled and I threw the ball through the wormhole ring. We started to move but it was weak and not fast enough to take us out. We were stuck there. There was something about how the wormhole was stronger at certain times so we would have to wait until it had grown stronger again. We were stuck there until then in this alternate world that looked like ours but wasn't. The people were excited and gathered around us and offered to take us in. They were excited to have real live fairy-tale characters among them. We were a curiosity. I remember walking along with the group of people and looking to the right and seeing what looked like a gorilla like creature but it had tall antlers coming from its head. It was glowing white but looked to be a statue. I don't remember anything else.

Comments: If you regularly read my blog, you will have seen this dream before in my declaration that I am not human. In that blog I talk about having a body in stasis. I believe we all do, the ones that are not just programs, have a sleeping body in the really real world. The key here is stating that I go "through" the game. Splitting apart was the creating of polar opposites that created two parallel universes. When we embark on a journey back to ourselves and learn to love even the worst part of ourselves, we help heal the rift and bring the two universes back together as one. I am still in the process and drawing in and winding the string to my other self and bringing her into balance within me. We see evidence of the two different universes with the Berenstein Vs. Berenstain controversy. Until recently, old original copies of the STEIN spelling could not be found, Not long ago, I saw someone on IG post a photo of an old version she found at a garage sale which had the STEIN spelling. To me, this demonstrates the merging of the two polar opposite existences. My friend, Cynthia, told me about the Sindbad/Shazaam controversy. I was surprised to hear that this movie was apparently never made in the current reality even though I remember clearly this very bad movie existing. Sinbad himself swears it was never made. Now when we start seeing copies of Shazaam, it will be further proof of a merging happening. 

The more we embrace, understand and love our own shadow selves instead of rejecting, the more into balance we become and the more the two universes become one.

We tend to think this concept is simply to wake up to spirituality and wake up to what is really happening in the world. I hate to be the bearer of bad news to all those self-professed awakened and enlightened individuals, but you aren't even close to being awake. If you think your end goal is to sit around and meditate and reach for higher dimensions WITHIN THIS VIRTUAL REALITY, you are completely wrong. The whole reason this has been brought to the collective awareness is because WE ARE REALLY SLEEPING in the really real world and you need to be able to acknowledge this fact and search for who you are at the core and then choose your REAL LIFE over the FANTASY of the GAME.


All that shit means is beating the game and getting the fuck out of here. You hear about the "Kingdom of God" All God is in here is the navigator/creator of the game and his ass is stuck in here with the rest of us. "The Kingdom of God" is the really real world where he comes from, not this bullshit nightmare of a game.

In many spiritual practices, killing off the ego is a revered occupation, but why? The objective has been lost and these concepts meant to get us the fuck out of here have been turned into various religions and you have lost the meaning and end goal. The reason for burning away ego is not to become some passive little bliss ninny, but to burn away all the characters in the game you have ever played so that you can identify who is at the core....the REALLY REAL YOU. Our core identity is what we are reaching for but you have forgotten. You don't understand how to even look for those fragments that are trying to reach you every single day and you ignore them or explain them away.

In the sense that The Borg are all one, yes we are all one...all part of the machine but that is where it ends. This concept isn't really helpful in finding your core identity. In fact, it leads you away.

 Totally true, but they also have the ability to keep us trapped and prisoners here. While I am all for dreams and imagination, it is entirely possible for them to ensnare you when you get what you want and you don't want to give up the fantasy. During my spiritual journey, I really struggled to see in my head and imagine what I wanted. I asked myself why this was so hard since I spent so much time daydreaming as a favorite past time growing up. The conclusion I came up with is that I WANT SOMETHING THAT IS REAL. I don't want to manipulate and create the fantasy. I want it to be entirely organic and the free will choice of the players around me and not some thought/coding manipulation. I no longer long for the fantasy. I want authenticity. I want only the really real. I want out of the game.

What are we letting go of exactly? Emotions? People?  Beliefs? Identity? Ego? Things? The reason why this concept is so important is because you have to LET GO of your attachments to EVERYTHING that is part of the GAME...part of this VIRTUAL REALITY. In order to get to a point where you choose your really real life, you have to be willing to accept that the people around you that you love may not even be real family but actors also playing a role. You have to let go of every script and story you have ever played out in this game. You have to let go of anger, pain, sadness and wounds inflicted upon you. That requires forgiveness and acknowledging that NONE OF THIS IS REAL. You have to let go of the joy, bliss,contentedness and all of those precious beautiful moments. You have to let go of your need to be there for people. You have to let go of your need to make this virtual reality a better place. You have to let go of your need to heal your false mother Gaia. You have to let go of all of the things you have accumulated. You have to let go of all of the art you have created. Let go of fighting the good fight. Let go, let go, and keep letting go until all that is left is the core you and a desire to go home to your really real life. Any attachment you have to this reality will keep you TRAPPED here.

I think Trump is a wrecking ball designed to make everyone really uncomfortable and ask ourselves some really important questions like:

How can this possibly be real?

If we are all fucked, what is there left to do?

So before you go to bed tonight, ask yourself, "Who am I really?" It is entirely possible for you to get a glimpse of who you really are in a dream.