Monday, May 16, 2016

Navigating and Our Personal Journeys

Recently I had a conversation with a friend that left me with my feathers ruffled.

I am fairly certain she left the conversation feeling the same way.

I shared with her some of what had been going on in my life and shared some of the feelings I was experiencing. At no point did I ask for advice or help. I was simply expressing myself and sharing. I usually don't want advice or help and just want someone to listen. I don't need anyone to insert what they think is right or wrong or how they think I should handle it all. I am fairly adept at handling my own shit. Most of the time I want to talk about it and nothing more. I was pretty taken back when I got a barrage of unwelcome "help" and "advice" that was basically telling me how she thinks I should do things based on her interpretation of the limited information I gave her. I was shocked at her interpretation and her lack of understanding and compassion.

What I find interesting is that often the people who are most vocal about being "empaths" are the ones who seem to demonstrate the least empathy. Maybe it was just an off day for her because normally she is very kind, but she sure as hell was NOT feeling what I was feeling or she would have never said some of the hurtful things she did to me. I walked away feeling like she really just has no understanding of me and my journey at all.

The thing is, I am okay with her not being able to grasp or understand it fully but the barrage that followed even after I told her she didn't understand was eyebrow raising and made me feel annoyed for days. The meme below was what I was wanting to scream.

You might be surprised to hear me say that I am GRATEFUL to her for this experience. Being irritated by the conversation made a lot of things well up inside me that wanted to be expressed. Because of that interaction, I was inspired to write and write and write...and since writing is what I love to do, that isn't a bad thing. I have been able to talk about subjects that are important to me but were only mildly brewing inside. She helped bring it all to a boil and to the surface. So thank you to my friend for the inspiration. My friend provided the grains of sand that would provide the irritation to create some pearls of wisdom.

Now onto the meat of the topic I want to discuss today...

We all come into these lives with a specific journey we are intending to have. We all come equipped with an inner compass for navigation. We have our handy dandy spirit guides who help nudge us in the direction we intended for ourselves before we stepped into a skin suit and forgot everything we knew and planned. Maybe you planned to meet up with certain people and work together for a while but, always, our individual journeys are for us and us alone. I share my journey with all of you and understand that what you experience may be vastly different. The order you experience different phases in the spiritual journey may be different from the order I have experienced those same phases.

There is no right or wrong way in this journey called "life".

Maybe you don't hit all the markers and grab all the flags you intended to when you hit the top of the mountain and started swooshing downhill at record speeds, but you won't incur a "do-over" for missing the minor things. It is going to hurt if you go off course and maybe hit a tree or two. It may or may not slow you down, but you get back up on your skis and keep going.

I went through a phase where I thought everyone else knew more than me and had my answers to help me navigate my journey. I would seek out mediums and psychics and think they had so much more wisdom than me. Some of the information I got was just flat out wrong and bad. But some of the others weren't so overtly wrong and, for a time, I took their information into my navigation system. It was taking me all over the place in all kinds of funky directions. When I finally started to believe in me and trust me, I could look back and see that a certain dream was trying to show me this, but I didn't understand that is what it was trying to tell me until AFTER I had already gotten to the point of trusting myself and my own navigation.

August 28, 2014  Apparently I had gone on a trip to Europe or somewhere. I can't remember specifics but a big part of the dream was being on this giant plane. It seemed like we were on it for ages. I wanted the food I thought I had brought with me but it seemed to have disappeared. I thought maybe someone had taken it or perhaps they never put it on the plane as they were supposed to. Well we flew for a while but the plane stopped and we had something like a two hour layover, so I went into this city I was unfamiliar with to go find something to eat. I was riding around on a bike and the streets were busy. Two guys grabbed onto me to help propel me forward faster. I was like "what are you doing? I am new at this bike riding stuff. I don't want to go fast." And then we approached this stop light. We all stopped and I looked. It was a steep decline and I was scared. I was thinking, there is no way I can go down that on a bike. I will kill myself because I will go too fast. I wanted to get off and walk the bike down the steep hill. I don't actually remember traversing the hill but my concern was getting back to the airport on time and I kept seeing these lines on a map, but it was like the navigation was fucked and taking me in round-about ways instead of a direct route. I was feeling upset that I might miss my plane home. That is all I remember of that one.

So basically this navigation outside of me wasn't really getting me to where I wanted to be. It reminds me of a news story I saw recently about a 23 year old woman following her GPS navigation into a lake. lol Oops!

Here is the story.
If we are all basically an aspect of God/Source, then wouldn't it be a silly thing for us to send billions of people to have the exact same journey and to navigate it exactly the same way? Don't you think that we, as God, would be clever enough to throw in as many variables and variations as we can to get as many experiences as we can so we can take it in as part of our God-self? So please don't tell me how you think I should navigate my journey based on your limited knowledge of what is coming into me from my guides, your standards, your beliefs, and your overall personality. My journey is mine and yours is your own. I know all too well how tempting it is to "help" because I have been guilty of it myself and I had to learn to step back and just allow people to navigate their journey the way they feel best. I can offer my perspective if I am asked, but I am not them nor am I a sum of all of their parts. I don't actually know what is best for them or what they have set up for themselves pre-birth. It is very tempting to project onto people what is best for your own journey and not necessarily theirs.

I have had a well-meaning psychic/medium try to tell me that "the guides" told her this or that when: 1. I never gave my permission for her read me or access privileged information about me. Having a casual conversation is NOT implied consent. 2. I never gave permission to access communication with MY guides so who the fuck she was talking to, I have no idea. I just know they weren't MY people. In one particular instance, her interjection of what "the guides" were supposedly saying only succeeded in pissing me off and wanting to tell her to back the fuck up. I did tell her this was MY journey and mine alone and there was no way in hell she was privy to the mountains of details and daily interactions I have with my guides. For every dream I write down, there are 20 others I don't record. They just float around in my head and pop out when something triggers a memory. You should never presume you know my whole story by what little I do share. What I share is just the tip of the iceberg. Trust that I can navigate my own journey without your unsolicited advice and help. Trust that I am listening to my guides and doing exactly what I feel is the very best for me and my journey. Trust that even if I get shit wrong, it is okay and is what is best for me and what I need to learn. Trust that when I tell you I sometimes cry and feel sad that having these emotions are part of my journey and don't need to be avoided. Trust that I don't need to be fixed and that I am learning in leaps and bounds from my difficulties.

None of us have any real idea what the soul next to us planned to experience no matter how psychic, intuitive you are or how many spirits you talk to. We should be careful about inflicting our personal morals on each other because morals are mostly subjective. Some people adhere to the human laws of morals, but the morality of the soul in non-physical is very different. When your mind expands and you start to see the world through spiritual colored lenses, human morals seem quaint but not really applicable in a bigger picture sort of way. The journeys we plan for ourselves could look pretty messy. They could seem to be full of conflict and *gasp* immoralities. It isn't really for you or me to decide what is right or wrong for another person. All we can do is decide what is right for ourselves.

All of us are a sum of all our parts and that sum is unique to each person. Some people are all fluffy bunnies, kittens, fairy dust and unicorns. While I am over here all combat boots, bad-ass, brass knuckles and "fuck off." Neither one is a right or wrong way to be. To ask me to approach my journey like your fluffy bunny self is to ask me to ignore who I truly am. Do I have a soft squishy center? Absolutely! Does the fluffy bunny have a bad-ass center? It is very likely. But how we naturally navigate and operate through our journeys is going to look very different. We have to be willing to step back and just accept people for who they are and allow each other to operate in a way that feels natural and comfortable. You fluffy bunny people are perfect just as you are because our God-self wanted to experience what life was like that way. But our God-self also wanted to experience life as bad-ass, brass knuckle people too and those of us who appear hard on the outside are absolutely perfect the way we are as well.

By all means, love and support the people around you who are doing the best they can on their journeys, but allow them to use their own inner navigation to get them to their final destination.

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