Thursday, May 12, 2016

Forgiveness, Super Mario Brothers, Leveling Up

I recently responded to some comments in In My Sacred Space Facebook group about my blog post from yesterday and felt like what I explained is worthy of its own blog post. I have talked a lot on this blog about how we are each living out our own personal plays. I have made references to this experience being a game we are trying to complete. It isn't surprising to me that someone doesn't agree with me about the whole "Jesus dying for our sins" issue because people like that sense of a safety net....that sense of an easy out when they are knee deep in the shit and they fucked up.

Forgiveness shouldn't be that complicated for us as a species and yet it seems to be, so we create this fantasy that this magical man died so that our slate could be wiped clean. That just isn't what Yeshua came here for. He was just a man. Yes, he was an extraordinary man but he wanted to show us all the cheats on how to complete the level. He never wanted to become some pseudo deity. He never wanted to be worshiped in the way he is currently. He never wanted to be the excuse for wars and atrocities we commit toward each other in his name. He just wanted to show us how to Level Up. He was leading by example, as we all should. 

It was foretold of his coming but what if he was simply the human equivalent of game cheat video on YouTube showing us exactly how to get through the level? I think that is exactly what Yeshua was....the Way Shower for how to get the fuck out of this level. We have been in this level for so long that we have forgotten it is just a game. We have been here so long we have forgotten we aren't actually the characters we are playing. 

It is time to wake up and remember WHILE we are in the physical. The key is to forgive NOW, to remember who we really are NOW while in the physical and playing the game. It is no good if you only remember once you kill off your character and go to the other side and get ready to jump back in. If you can let go of your physical attachments, let go of the hurt and pain and anger through forgiveness, if you can apologize to those you have wronged while you are get to Level Up which is basically "ascension". I mean, what does it actually mean to ascend? Think about it.

I think while we are here in the physical, we have a responsibility to each other to not be assholes and actually give a fuck about each other. That was something that Yeshua was famous for...helping others and being of service. He lived a life that was heart-centered. He cared about others and saw everyone as equal no matter their social status, their profession, their gender, their sexual preference. He just loved them all and was of service to those in need.

We have become a society of greed and self-centeredness. We care more about buying things and more things to fill the void we have inside of ourselves. If only we could understand that things will never fill the void. Our consumerist lives will be the death of the planet if we cannot change and become a heart-centered species rather than self-centered. Love is what that void is craving. When we truly love ourselves in a non-materialistic sense, we can then give love easily and freely.

User 1:
Very interesting. And except for the forgiveness i agree with you and lets keep spreading the truth

Me: What do you believe about forgiveness? 

User 2: Hmmmm depends on the dastardly deed ...

Me: If you know this is actually just a play and we are all performing parts in it, no matter how dastardly the deed is, if we can be cognizant that the soul inside is just playing a role and forgive and forgiving means being able to move up a level in this whole experience, why wouldn't you do it? When a character on stage kills another character, do we hate the actor who played the role? No, because we understand that it isn't all that real. And what we learn, if we have explored spirituality long enough, is that there is a whole lot of planning and choice that goes into the roles we ultimately choose to play when we come to Earth. We know full well the tumultuous life or easy life we could be living.

Think about video games and how when you play and meet new challenges you use a life trying to understand the level. So you keep coming back to the same level over and over and over again until you finally learn how to navigate the new level. I once played Super Mario Brothers for Super Nintendo with my sister-in-law for 13 hours straight. hahahaha When we got to where we had to fly to get through the level, it took us many lives to get to the point where we could finally figure out how to fly and make it to the end of the level.
Nevermind that we were waving our controllers all around in the air as though that would help the process any. lol That is what we are doing here on earth...using up life after life to navigate through the level. Earth is just one level we have to navigate.

The game we are playing is the one of separation from source. We are playing at this idea we are individuals and then with each level we accomplish, we are a level closer to God. The goal is to get back home and integrate in. And once we are back, we start the game all over again. It is some crazy shit but true and some of which can be found in Dolores Cannon books.

Moving up a level is what I mean by getting off the hamster wheel. We keep playing the same level over and over again and it is time we finally get it. So here we are, people like me, you, Ashley and everyone in this community offering cheats to explain to people HOW to beat the level if they follow our advice. That is all Yeshua was really doing. He was offering cheats on how to finish the level finally.