Sunday, June 5, 2016

Manifesting, Gardening and Taking Action

I have been working hard towards achieving a specific goal and manifesting something in my life that I dearly want. Lately it feels like something that was stuck has become unstuck. Something has shifted and finally I am seeing movement in the direction I have been working toward. This makes me very happy but also makes me think about all of those well meaning people who said one or more of these things to me:

"If it was meant to be, it will happen."

"You don't have to do anything except just be"

"Relax and do nothing."

"Just let go and let happen what will happen."

"Stop trying to force things and let it just happen."

"Law of attraction...don't focus on it."

"Let it go and wait for your intention to manifest."

I am paraphrasing and these are just estimations of what people have said to me. Had I listened to all those well meaning bliss ninnies to just let it go, relax and do nothing...NOTHING is exactly what I would be getting right now. I would see no movement at all. I would be seeing no fruits of my labor. Sometimes the things we want and set up pre-birth for our lives requires a lot of work and perseverance. And just maybe that fire that drives us to keep going and not "let it go" knows something that those well meaning fuckwits don't know. I know what my guides have been pushing for better than they do. Giving up and doing nothing is not what they have been pushing me to do.

Making effort and taking action is not a bad thing and too much in the spiritual community people are preaching sitting back on our laurels and doing nothing because it will all magically come to you. Here in the physical world we have to take physical action to make our intentions happen.

All of this preaching about creating what you want in your reality with your thought is pretty much useless if you never dare to take a risk and take actions toward actually forming the reality you want to see. I am not saying there shouldn't be balance because I think there should, but just putting your hands behind your back and thinking everything will magically come to you, you are in for a rude awakening. I can say, "I really don't like it when people litter." and then I walk past a piece of litter I see and do nothing. I have just become part of the problem and my thoughts and actions are not matching. I am saying and thinking one thing and yet doing another.

If I say "I am hungry" and I try to manifest food with my thoughts alone and there is a store next door with food but I am so convinced that I can manifest it with my thoughts alone that I do nothing and end up starving to death, shall we say that was fate and meant to be? No. You would say I was a dumbass and should have walked my ass over to the store and bought some food.

Sometimes you have to take ACTION to make your intentions come to fruition.

When you grow a vegetable garden, you don't throw out your seeds willy-nilly and do nothing after. It takes a lot of work and care to produce a productive garden. You first have to break up the soil, remove the grass and weeds. You have to provide ample fertilization for what you are intending to grow. Then you have to form your rows and plant the seeds; mounds if you are planting squash; string and support for creeping vines and tomatoes. You have to take each plant into consideration and give them what they need. There is no one size fits all if you want to have a variety of plants in your garden. And after you plant them, you have to continue to watch them, nurture and care for them.  If it is a big enough garden, you may need to bring in a colony of bees to help make sure your flowers get pollinated. You have to make sure they have water. You have to try to keep the weeds out. You have to make sure critters aren't eating the fruits of your labor. If you are a really loving and doting gardener, you will end up with a beautiful productive garden. You will have many varieties of fruits and vegetables to harvest. But none of that happens without getting your hands dirty, getting on your knees and really giving it your best effort. It takes dedication, time and perseverance to grow a garden. None of that magically happens by simply wishing it into existence and using thought alone to manifest here in this 3D reality.

ALL of the above paragraph can be used as metaphors and examples for our lives. If you want to grow a garden in your life, it takes takes matching your thoughts with action. When you do that, just watch as you see your life take shape and blossom.

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