Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Personal Dream, Death of Many, the Spiritual Journey

Art by Tom Bagshaw
The Dream:

February 23, 2015 I think Inara (my daughter) and I were somewhere but it doesn't feel like home. We are visitors. But we long for when we get to go back home. I know we don't have much time left so I am trying to get things cleaned up before we leave the place we have been staying. It feels like it is taking forever and then Amrik shows up and helps us tidy and I think, "Damn! He did that faster than we ever could have done it!" There was something about a tsunami coming and it takes out a bunch of people who are down low on the beach. I see big logs being flung around in the water.

Nuno in L’Uomo Vogue
I think this is where Nuno Bettencourt (a semi-known musician) comes in. It seems he has just woken up and I ask him what he wants to eat and if he wants some coffee. He asks for a tomato and mayo sandwich. So I say, okay. But I don't get it to him right away. I think because of the water...the tsunami. We have to move to higher ground and I am carrying him...only he is no longer in a body. I put him in a skeleton so he would be easier to carry. The elevator is packed and it doesn't look safe. The door is almost closing on people and it looks like people could get hurt. I opt for the stairs but first stop by a shop that has a chair which I tie the skeleton to so that it is easier to take him up the stairs without losing any parts. I traded the shop keeper something like a large purple/indigo net (kind of like hammock netting) that I said was valuable and told her I would be back with her chair to trade back. The shop keeper was in agreement and was happy with the exchange because the color matched many of the items she carried in her shop.

Nuno expressed sadness about the people who had been taken. I hesitated to say anything because I didn't know if he was ready and then I asked him, "Why? Do you know about the afterlife? People get recycled. No one truly dies. There is nothing to be sad about. Those people on the beach are okay even if their bodies aren't." We get up stairs and we are in a room and I have restored him to his body. I feel a lot of love for him. He sees a picture of Deryck Whibley on something and he mentions something about him.

Deryck Whibley performing with Sum 41 in Argentina. Photo by Valeria Solange

I start telling him about Deryck and who is inside of him. I ask again what he wants to eat and then say, "oh that's right tomato and mayo sandwich." I am getting ready to leave him even though it is hard. I give him a pendant and on it is a lion and horseshoe and I tell him it is for luck and to keep it near. It is gold and I take it off the silver chain and give the pendant to him. He thanked me. I remember some other woman being present. She was a friend...a co-worker. She said something but I can't remember what. It feels like he has feelings for me too and that is all I remember.

The Interpretation:

While all dreams, I believe, can be looked at as very personal and everyone is an aspect of us, the interpretation I am going to present is the bigger picture one.

Notice how I say we are "visitors". I believe fully that despite the many lives I may have had here, I am still just a "visitor". I have many, many of these dreams where I am preparing to go home but I have to clean up and get things sorted before I leave. I believe the "cleaning up" I am doing is wrapping up loose ends and old unresolved karma. When I see myself cleaning up shit (actual poop) in my dreams, I see this as cleaning out the internal crap that we carry with us from lifetime to lifetime. Sometimes letting go is all we have to do and other times there is more involved like forgiveness and/or making amends. I believe my time here on Earth is coming to a close and soon I will be allowed to go home. Some people will think home as in "heaven" or "the other side" but I think it means home as in the solar system I originate from in my other body.

The tsunami meaning from a bigger picture point of view to me speaks of what is happening now with so many people dying in one way or another. So much apparent distress in the world with natural disasters, wars, mass shootings, and just general deaths from illness. I posted this in a group when this subject came up and I think it is relevant to what I witnessed in the dream:

November 22, 2015 You just have to view it at as birthing pains. I have said it before and I will say it again. Birth of a beautiful baby (new Earth) is sometimes bloody and very painful if you aren't hooked up to drugs to numb everything you feel. There will be more of this but, maybe this pinnacle is like the transition phase. It is like that excruciating contraction that feels like it will never end. And then all of a sudden we have to push. Our bodies say it is time to push. And guess what? When you are pushing that beautiful new life out, shit comes out with it and it can't be helped. It just is the way of things. Not only did I shit when I pushed, but that new thing I pushed out was shitting all over me and I just didn't care. I once heard in a half awake state, "find the calm in the center of the wave and ride it out." I think that is what we have to do. As passionate as we feel about it, we have to find the calm in the center of the wave. During contractions we are encouraged to breathe to ease the pain. Maybe when we are triggered we need to practice a little deep breathing in order to find our center again. The best way to change the world is to lead by example. By all means, share information. I think we are not trying to wake up the entire planet. Just enough to tip the balance and put into effect the hundredth monkey theory. Once you have a certain percentage who are awake and get it, it becomes a part of the collective consciousness and the others automatically know what we know because enough people have inserted the knowledge into the collective. We have to lead by example. We have to step away from the safety of FB once in a while and actually connect with fleshy people in order to be part of the solution. Everything is going to be okay. Just remember that sometimes when it seems like everything is falling apart, sometimes it has to fall apart before it can come together. The old has to be disassembled before a new foundation can be built.

My friend, Ashley wrote a perfect blog post that goes with what I am saying here.

When I go to the shop and exchange a purple-indigo hammock-type thing, I believe this represents checking in my abilities at the door so that I can work my way up to awakening and knowledge exactly the way most "local" humans would do it. Remember, I am a visitor and not from this place. So I checked in all of my seemingly extraordinary abilities so I can awaken and remember and build the abilities that are accessible to all of us if we just develop and work at it. Again, this is about teaching by example. I share my journey, my mistakes, my successes in case someone somewhere gets something out of it.

The elevator and stairs to me represents the spiritual journey. There are many who try to take a fast track to "ascension". The elevator was packed because people are all of a sudden recognizing the need to wake up, but they are trying to bypass steps spiritually and it doing so, it isn't the best route because it isn't actually safe.

You can read more about Spiritual Bypassing here:

I believe the representation of Nuno as a skeleton is about a primary soul mate who came to me first in spirit. Later in the dream he is restored to a body which to me is speaking of the process of spirit walking into a body.

There are lots of meanings to silver and gold that can be looked up. What the chain and pendant speak to me of is confirmation of who Nuno actually represents by the symbols on the pendant....lion and horse. Those totems belong to my primary soul mate. The separation of the chain from the pendant to me represents the separation I will have from him. Is it permanent for this human incarnation? Possibly. It is really hard to say.

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