Monday, February 5, 2018

Sexuality and Spirituality

I'm a little hot and bothered about something....and not in a good way.

Ceramic sculpture by Kim Reyes (detail)
I did a search for the above image to find out who the artist is and was dismayed to see it attached to a whole lot of new age bullshit about having sex with people and soul ties and why women are so crazy now. I would laugh except it is disgusting that they would use a beautiful piece of art by Kim Reyes titled "Self Discovery", not to mention the complete garbage they are feeding people about sex.

Ceramic sculpture by Kim Reyes

Dear new age spiritual people who fear monger about soul ties and sex....

...FUCK OFF!!!

Dear religious people who promise eternal damnation for masturbation and other forms of sex...

...FUCK OFF!!!

Each community thinks they are better than the other and they are both so full of shit it isn't even funny. It is time for me to speak out about sex, fucking making love, masturbating or whatever you want to call it.

Why, why, why do so many people from all sides make sex out to be "evil" and something to be repressed? It is the very repression by self righteous, pious zealots that is causing perversions. Repression is causing people to act on impulses in ways that hurt other people.

One of my Facebook friends shared the soul ties bit and asked his readers:

"I would like to hear your thoughts feelings and responses to this post. There is no wrong ones. We are all in this soup together."

My response:

"I would argue that if "we are all one" then really anything you take on from someone else is actually yours anyway.. 😉"


"in one sense that is true  but this brings it down to a more personal level . I think you feel it different here"


"To me it feels like a different community but the same song and dance where we demonize women and sex. I am not saying go out and sleep with everything that moves, but why do we have to put so much fear around sex? Why do we have to put this in the lap (womb) of the female and not give equal responsibility for creating balance to the men? The men are participating, afterall. If we were balanced as a society in regard to sexual relationships, I think there would be a natural progression to choosing deeper and more connected sexual relationships. If there was less repression, maybe sex wouldn't be such a hot commodity and sell. Human trafficking is often about sex. And what about priests who take a vow of celibacy and then go out and molest children? Repression of sex and placing fear, guilt, shame, and blame around it is only causing more imbalance. What the author of this share is doing is exactly the same as many of the religious organizations around the globe only with different terminology and different fear tactics. If we were a balanced society, we would teach our children about connection and healthy sexual connections and they would naturally gravitate towards those kinds of relationships. But we are so polarized. We demonize and blame women for their own rapes. This is not an issue for one individual or one gender, but for our entire society to take a look at what we are teaching and putting out there for our young. Our thoughts create and polarization too far in one direction or the other is imbalance."

We crave connection, which is not necessarily romantic love. I believe fully that if we felt more connection in our day to day lives within our community, we wouldn't be seeking it through acts of sex only to feel more empty and less connected when we do. Fear, blame, guilt and shame doled out by religious and spiritual groups are twisting our thoughts and beliefs which, in turn, are holding us hostage from being able to make the leap in evolution collectively we should have made ages ago.

I fully reject the idea of taking on soul ties from all of your sexual partners. Thought and belief create your reality and if you buy into that bullshit, then it will be true for you but not me. And what about sex in the afterlife? You are talking about taking on energy of all the people you have slept with in the physical, but we are nothing but energy in the afterlife and there is plenty of sex and energy merging over there, I can assure you. Why are they not afraid of getting energetic cooties? Because they understand that thoughts and beliefs create.

I would go a step further and propose that the imbalance and repression of sex is what caused STDs to manifest in the first place. I don't think they existed until we started feeling fear, shame, guilt and blame around the act. Illness starts in the energetic body first and later manifests in the physical body. Our feelings and emotions are capable of creating fertile ground for cancer and a whole host of other illness. Our thoughts give illness an energetic permission slip. That is not to say that there are not those who come in to be a canary in the coal mine to show us there is a very serious problem. There are those who agree to go through hell for the purpose of helping those around them learn profound lessons.

Sex creates. Sacred sex is beautiful. What if true sacred sex where there is connection between every chakra and on every level is actually the gateway home? What if it is a key meeting the lock that opens a door to a different realm and a different way of being? I believe that is the case and we are being kept away from opening the door by false information surrounding sex.

Sacred sex requires self love.

Sacred sex requires balance.

Sacred sex requires education and knowledge about empathy and creating healthy connections.

What thoughts and beliefs are you allowing to hold you hostage and which ones will you let go of so you can be free?

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