Thursday, February 1, 2018

Dreaming About Past Lives and Ava Gardner

Let's talk about past lives and how we come to discover our other lives.

There was one time I had two people approach me separately and say they were given the message to tell me to do past life work. I never could afford a regression and I never tried the self regression CD I bought. Later I was told by intuitive Jeannie Barnes that I should start reading about past life work and that where I needed to go would stem from there. She said my guides wanted me to read a specific Brian L. Weiss book. I did read the book my guides mentioned and Dolores Cannon soon followed. Their work opened me like a can of worms... especially Dolores' work.

It was reading those books that made me realize I was dreaming about my other selves pretty consistently, but it wasn't always a scene from that life that I witnessed. Sometimes it was more subtle and bits and parts of personas came through. I have had lots of lives as ordinary people...a slave girl, a boy dying from the plague, a Nazi soldier, a girl who was murdered and buried alive, and an African American girl whose mother abandoned her so she could be with her boyfriend.

I never really had a desire to lay claim to any celebrity personas. So many people do and we all roll our eyes at them, don't we? But you absolutely must follow the clues and breadcrumbs you are being given, even if they land in the lap of a famous person.

That is what happened to me recently. I was following my breadcrumbs from my dreams. Once I dreamed about a guy I adored. I see what I identify as Caesar's Palace and the house of the guy who liked me showed me where he lived and his house had a giant grilled cheese on top. I laughed at the symbol which was kind of a pun..."the big cheese". For some reason I did a search to see if there were any celebrities who liked grilled cheese and the main hit I got was Frank Sinatra. Apparently he loved them and that was the last thing he ate before he died. He also spent a good deal of time performing at Caesar's Palace. I was amused but didn't chase it any further than that.

I can't even remember how or why I later looked up Ava Gardner on a hunch. Maybe it was the dream I had that was set in 1941 that caused me to look up information about her to see if I could find anything that fit. Much to my amazement and surprise, I found information that matched her life in such a way that I was absolutely convinced that she was another aspect and she is very much on board in this current vessel. I shared those dreams on my FB page and Instagram. I sometimes dream AS her like when I was back in London showing my old apartment to someone. This version of me has never lived in London but Ava did. The information was accurate to what I learned about where she lived before she died. I dreamed about having issues with one of my legs and how much harder everything was for me to navigate now. Near the end, Ava had suffered two strokes and her left side took the hit. It is my left side I always injure. Ava had been a heavy smoker and she eventually died from pneumonia. I developed asthma in my 30s from acid reflux. Do you see the parallel?

By klimbims at DeviantArt
So I sat there going, okay, now what? How is her life relevant? Why make me aware now and what do I need to know? I have checked out several books about her and have just started studying her today like a subject in school. 10 chapters into the first book and I see so much of myself in her. She is funny, honest, raw and says "fuck" a lot. What I have come to know about her so far, I love. I love her candor and her personality. Don't get me wrong, she was a class A fuck up, but she was charming. I believe I am supposed to somehow understand why I chose this current life in order to kind of balance out what she had experienced in her life. But that is the key word.... balance. I can see how Ava swung too far in one direction with how sexual she was and I swing too far in the other direction with how frigid I am. I think I somehow need to find the middle and apply it to my life. There might be other things I have to learn and gain about her life as I go deeper into studying her.

Tonight I was rereading a dream I shared in a past blog post. I was stunned to see certain little bits that prove to me I was dreaming through her persona, seeing through her eyes and hearing her voice. It didn't make sense to me before because I knew nothing about the woman then. In the dream I was talking with a southern accent and I couldn't understand why. Also the way I spoke and the terms I used was so Ava. She seemed to call everyone "honey" and would end her sentences this way frequently and I did this in the dream. There are some things I waffle on and am uncertain of in regard to information that comes through in dreams, but this, Ava being one of my other lives, I am absolutely certain of. With each new thing I discover in old dreams, it makes it more solid and concrete.

What are your dreams trying to show you? Do you have another life you are being handed to help you understand your current life? It isn't always easy to extract, but follow your hunches and the bread crumbs.

We are all on a fucking Scooby Doo adventure, honey. The adventure of self discovery that leads us back to ourselves.

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