Thursday, October 6, 2016

Pizza, Puppets, Personas and Walk-ins

The below are three different comments I made to people and I feel both are relative to the other. Also I have added parts from a blog post I removed a while ago that felt relevant to this topic.

Comment #1:

I see us like a recipe. You have heard the rhyme: She is made up of sugar and spice and everything nice

If you think in terms of a recipe and creating a persona with the qualities you wish to have in that person, I see the other lives we recall as being ingredients to make up the final dish. We don't take qualities from every single life, just the ones we choose so we can have the experience we want to have. It is entirely possible to borrow an ingredient from a friend and a life we recall isn't our own experience but we would never know until we leave the physical.

We could also look at all the other lives as downloads and programs that help shape characteristics of the role we are about to play. You don't need something from every single one of them. You take a little of this one for strength, a little of that one for compassion, and little of this other for an edge.
Every single life I recall as my own could, in fact, have been experienced by someone else, but when I download it into my character, it is as if I myself have experienced it all and I would behave as such.

You know all those people who remember being Mary Magdalene? Most of them are borrowed ingredients and downloads. Copy of a copy of a copy….

Comment #2:

I am used to people not believing me. I don't need anyone to believe me for my truth to be true to me, know what I mean? And being reminded of incidents like what my friend, Jen, experienced, helps to remind me that I'm not way off base because I do I need these little reminders to drive it home.
You see, I have the belief that when the sliver of soul leaves the body and rejoins their bigger self, the essence of who they are is accessible to every sliver that then leaves the bigger soul. I believe that the essence of who River and Brandon are can be both born into little babies and be born into fully grown bodies that one of the other slivers has already grown in anticipation of their arrival (aka walk-in). I don't really think any of us actually walk into a stranger body. I think a walk-in is just a merging of another aspect sliver of self. I believe "higher self" is massive and only a little spark animates these incarnations. I believe that when we set up the experience we want to have, we take a little from of multiple lives higher self has had to create the qualities we want to see. 

I see us as like a custom recipe our higher self puts together before sending us into the physical. And sometimes with recipes, there are extra steps in the dish that you do after most of the ingredients are put together. Like with pizza. You have the bread dough and it has to rise before you can roll it out. Well, crust on its own is not pizza even though it is lovely. So think of the sauce and toppings as other aspects stepping in to body. They are all part of the bigger self and when they come together, they create something with a specific flavor. So think of a pizza that is all put together and cooked and you take it out of the oven and add even more ingredients. Those are the walk-ins. Those are the aspects that come after. They aren't any less part of the pizza. When it is all together, you would still call it pizza no matter at what point you put the ingredient on, right? It is the same with people. We can have multiple aspects of our higher selves walking in and out to create whatever recipe our bigger soul wants to create.

Comment #3:

So if we think of a soul and view it as the shape of a human body, the arms and legs could be seen as soul streams each going off in their own direction and having their own experiences. But then you have the fingers and toes which branch off again. The toes and fingers have all of their own sets of lives. Imagine fingers with finger puppets. So say that the index finger lost its puppet and the middle finger, goes dude, I have room in my ride, hop in!

Now imagine the index finger and middle finger crossing so that they can both get the puppet back on their fingers. Same thing. Both fingers are part of the same being even though they have had different sets of lives and experiences up to that point. And maybe eventually as the vibrations raise of the planet, more people will die off. It will look like less people when in reality they are all just jumping into a bus with other aspects of themselves. Eventually the two hands will come together and create magic...create balance and unity. Yin and yang will meet and marry. 

Art by Joe Weinreb

Copied/pasted from a removed blog post:
I get these images of a child playing with finger puppets on both hands and she is playing out all these dramas with them. But now is the time where the two sides are meant to meet and make peace. Right now is the time we are meant to be mending past life wounds. It is a time for forgiveness. But in order to get to that place of harmony and unity, we first have to clearly see our errors. We have to clearly see where our gaping wounds exist. Half of the battle is just understanding what the core issues are and where they stem from. From there, the other battle is letting go of the hurt, the pain, the anger. We have to say we are so sorry for what we have done when we have harmed another and do what we can to make up for it. We have to come together and be the loving family we were always meant to be.

This doesn't apply to just me and my group, it applies to every single soul incarnated at this time. We have been given this amazing opportunity to truly make a difference for the planet by healing ourselves and our closest soul connections. How much do you love Gaia and want to help our mother? She needs us right now and this is what she is asking us to do first. When we come into personal balance and harmony, we have the power to heal the whole planet. It really is just that enormous and important to do the work your guides are asking of you. And when I say "your guides," I really mean it is just part of you over there pushing you forward to do the inner work you need to do. But you can't do it alone. Yes, there is inner work that only we can do, but there is also this aspect of teamwork that a lamp is being shined on. We have to be a team and work together and realize our connections or it all fails.

Ancient native tribes knew that it took unity for the whole tribe to succeed from year to year. Tribes that have been pretty much untouched by modern man thrive harmoniously. Our flawed ways of cutting ourselves off from the whole and creating separateness has to end. We are like those seagulls in Finding Nemo shouting "Mine! Mine! Mine!" collecting more pointless shit, watching our fellow man suffer in the streets, killing each other in wars with dirty bombs. Greed and separateness fuels our modern society and we are trying to push our modern society on so-called third world countries. We need to step back and clean up our own shit before we try to "help" others by pushing our fucked up western values of consumerism and selfishness on them. We have to take care of our elderly and not just shove them off out of site somewhere. We need to take care of each other and give a fuck. We have to wake the fuck up now and make a choice to understand what really matters in this world if we want to save it.

The Hopi have what is called "Prophecy Rock" or "Hopi Rock" in Arizona. Basically the images show us that humanity has big choice to make. The path of greed leads to extinction for mankind and the path of unity and love is long and fruitful.

What will you personally choose?

I choose the path of unity, healing and love.

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