Saturday, December 15, 2012

Birthing Pains

Unfortunately this will not be the last of these tragic incidences. There will be more as our planet makes her way into a higher vibration. There will be more pain and blood before we come into something new. Think of the atrocities and natural disasters as birthing pains. As beautiful as the birth of a child can be, any woman who has labored drug free knows how much pain goes along with birthing that magnificent little person. There is blood and icky-ness that goes along with that gorgeous baby. Labor hurts and sometimes you think you just can't make it through the pain, but somehow you do. The Phoenix is rising....and when she is out completely, just watch how brightly she shines. Everything is going to be okay. The pain we experience now will make us better people. Good will come from the bad. I know it in my heart to be true.