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The Tale of My Custom Orgonite

This is the lovely completed orgonite created by ShowMe Orgonite. This is after the resin was poured.

So I had this dream:

October 31, 2014 I had really kind of hoped I would dream about River as it was the anniversary of his death and he was on my mind, but instead I dreamed about Erik. I have never had a true Erik dream until last night…where the Erik face/vessel played the role. I dreamed about him all night. I would wake and say, “remember that” and then drift back off and keep dreaming about him. There was only the first part with him actually there with me. The rest was me trying to keep the memory. I was with Erik. We were a couple. There was this other couple who had created a place, a space for us to meet up and be together. I mean, I knew he was coming through in spirit and they created a space where he could come through and we could be together in a more physical way. We held each other and kissed and I didn’t want to ever part. I just wanted to stay there forever.
Then there was something about a device type thing that someone else had that Erik wanted me to gain access to. It wasn’t actually hers. In my dream it was my friend, Hafidha, at first who had this thing I was to gain access to. It was like it was an anomaly, an accident in how it developed. Whatever it was it gave Erik the ability to come through more easily. I seem to recall a box with roses on the outside. On the inside it was a mix of stuff. I couldn’t tell you what exactly. But it was like when certain components came together, it created this gateway…or perfect environment for Erik to come through. I heard something about “particles” and I want to say the particles were him. I asked Hafidha to give me the box/device and she gave me a box saying it was what I was asking for but it was much too small and wasn’t the actual device. What I was supposed to do when I gained access to this thing was “download” it and keep a copy so I had all the information I needed to be able to have easier access to Erik as well….so he could come through to me easier and be with me.
I have a vague memory of a wind chime and offering to put it at my place because I like chimes. Most of the dreams were about me trying to “save Erik” by finding this device and downloading it and creating a copy. Who had the device seemed to change and I was plotting to gain access to it when they were away from the house. When they came back, there was something about one of them having had their hair done but it wasn’t right so the other was going to help fix it. When I went into the room, there were bits of red dyed hair everywhere on the floor. It looked almost like a dog shedding only no dog has that shade of red. hahaha I don’t remember many other specifics other than almost stepping in dog poo in grass and just missing it.
Interpretation: The meaning of this dream was perplexing to me. Usually I can see the meaning fairly easily but I was confused about what my higher self/subconscious was trying to convey to me. I started thinking about the “device” and how not long before a friend had talked about Erik coming to her wanting her to make talismans/pendants for some of the active members of a small private discussion group. She had mentioned that Erik wanted the components of mine to be slightly different to the others. I’m not sure why, nor was she. The talismans were basically going to be small orgonites. At the time, I really didn’t understand what an orgonite did. I had heard them mentioned before around the time of Fukushima and the concern of radiation but I never really researched them or gave them much thought. I just nodded and trusted that my friend and Erik knew and wasn’t concerned with exploring it further.
I considered that the “friend” in my dream was actually representing my friend who was going to make the talismans. My friend has a lot going on in her life and hasn’t gotten around to creating what Erik wanted her to.

Desert Rose

I had become acquainted with Chris at ShowMe Orgonite through my friend, Ashley at In My Sacred Space. He had done a beautiful custom piece for her and she raved about it. The morning after my dream, he posted a photo of a beautiful piece he titled “Desert Rose”. There were roses on the box of the dream device and there is a song by Sting called “Desert Rose” that was played for my friend, Jan, during a reading she was doing for me. The song was from Erik and the lyrics spoke to me. Because of the sync, I decided to reach out to Chris and shared my dream with him. I did consider he might think me absolutely insane for sharing this strange dream with him, but I wanted to see if he thought the device in the dream might be an orgonite
Chris was lovely and very open and had quite an unexpected response to my dream. He saw himself and his wife in my dream and suggested that I had traveled to the place and time when he had created this desert rose piece for his wife. He described having two dogs at the time…a great dane and a smaller one. I never mentioned in my telling of my dream that there had actually been two piles of poo…lol…one small and one very large one. I left it out on purpose because I didn’t want my friends who are also vivid dreamers knowing how much poo was in my dream. Usually it means I have internal shit I need to clean up. I never expected that it could actually represent real dogs. lol Here is Chris’ blog where he talks about some of what made him think I was dreaming about him and his wife. It is pretty cool. And the couple at the beginning definitely makes me think of Chris and his wife now. I just makes sense and fits.
I decided that I was being told to have Chris make the device from the dream. When I was sure that he understood what I wanted and needed, I had him move forward with making the piece.

This is the before resin picture. Look at how pretty the “desert rose” stone is in the middle. Go to Chris’ blog about the piece to learn about the symbols and meanings of the materials used.

I have yet to get my custom orgonite in my hands, but should have it sometime this week. I can’t wait! I am so excited! I will likely do another blog post telling what I experience when I get it.
Now those reading this may be very knowledgeable about what orgonite is, what it is capable of. I was still confused and not entirely sure even after trying to research it a little. Some of the terminology and language just makes my eyes glaze over and I totally miss the point and just translate the details as “blah blah blah”. lol Chris was kind enough to answer and explain some of what it can do.
Here is our exchange:

ME: Let me share a little bit of a dream I had last night. I am not entirely sure how an Orgonite works but if it helps to balance energy, perhaps it can also remove blocks.
This is the bit: November 22, 2014 So I just had this dream where there was this store that was getting ready to open up and everything they sold was pink. I saw pink clothing in my head. I was inside this open and large two level space they were going to use and everything was already Pepto Bismol pink….the walls, the carpet. They were just waiting for everything else to fill the rooms. I was like, ain’t no way a business like this will survive, but whatever. They were hiring and I am not sure why I was there and following them around. I remember sitting on the stairs feeling bored. I could see these lasers that were coming from the wall that I assumed was security. I kind of played with the dust in the light as I sat on the stairs. There was even a pink baby grand piano on the lower level but both levels were quite open to each other. I think I might have mentioned that I had worked in a place like this once before and it closed down. lol
Interpretation: To me this dream has a meaning of the heart chakra opening up written all over it. Pink is the color of the inner heart chakra. I have known for a while I have a heart chakra block because of related health problems I have. A part of me is wondering if this piece you made for me is the reason I had this dream.
SHOWME ORGONITE: Oh yes, Orgonite can be used for both balancing and removing blockages along with many other things. I feel this helps with so much it’s hard to comprehend. If you do any kind of energy work, meditation or astral travel type work Orgonite is a very powerful assistant. The Desert Rose is really Selenite, which in the book of stones is for Spirtual activation, communication with the Higher Self, spirit guides and angels. For the Spiritual – Selenite’s energy clears etheric blockages and debris, allowing for a freer flow of energy through the higher chakras – particularly the etheric chakras that facilitate connection and communication with the Higher Self. It is always my intention to allow the stones and crystals that I use to vibrate and assist at each specific level they are attuned too, whatever frequency they resonate at and assist accordingly. You have 7 DT AA quartz cyrstals and an awesome Desert Rose – that’s a total of 8 which is the sign of infinity, which I believe shows infinite possibilities!

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