Thursday, August 14, 2014

Walk-ins, Soul Family, and Soul Missions

Dolphin Pod - Photographer Unknown
I was having a conversation with my friend, Teresa, who is both gifted and knowledgeable.  I was picking her brain a bit about the topic of walk-ins.  I wanted to know how a walk-in finds their people, their soul family.  I wanted to know how we could better help a walk-in remember who they really are and thus reach the people they were meant to reach to carry out the soul mission that they came here to complete.  Her information was so beautiful that I asked her if I could use it for a blog and use her name.  I was pleased that she agreed.

My soul sister was the first to find me.  She is not a walk-in.  Next, one of my soul brothers somehow found me online and he is a walk-in.  A series of connections led him to contacting me and we both realized the truth about our connection fairly quickly.  He is still in the process of remembering in bits and pieces.

Teresa's wonderful information:

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In an effort to not make the information hard to read, I only included Teresa's side of the dialogue.  It was just too good not to want to save it all in one place.

"Walk-ins have specific purposes."

Well the tough thing is that whether you have a soul mate energy in one person or another and they are a walk-in, typically the walk in has a specific purpose for the exchange and coming in."

To be granted special permissions like walking in, there would have to be pretty big reasons and they would be weighed and considered."

Walk-in's usually involve a process so as not to shock the body/brain/systems"

Some will even cohabitate as they match the frequencies of the body.  You don't have to be ill to have a walk in.  The process as to the integration of the walk in with the mind/body of the vessel varies."

"When it comes to what you can do to help facilitate the process really depends.  So much of it relies on the walk-ins level and experience with energy integration and reintegration.  In addition to any energy conflicts or soul conflicts of the soul leaving, etc."

"It very well could have been pre-planned. Doesn't mean it would be any easier for the transition.  So much of it relies on the walk-ins experience.  It's a much more complex process than a birthing. Which is one reason we go through a birthing process to begin with."

"When it comes to walk ins, again so much of it is reliant on their experience and knowledge.  So if you all are advanced energy healers then collectively you could tune in to his energy signature and help anchor him down into his vessel."

"Outside of what I mentioned when it comes to you all helping to anchor his energy signature and coding into his vessel on this plane, it's totally going to rely on him the rest of the way."

" (walking in) It's not an easy thing. Again, majority lies on the walk-ins shoulders. We can help encourage or nurture the signature to root on this level. Most of the time walk-ins have such a strong purpose and level of knowledge they typically can integrate in a number of months or even a year."

"They'll have a period of sifting through the thoughts, memories, etc. if they didn't cohabitate initially or work with the original soul."

"Remember time is simply an illusion.  There can be a lot of reason for a wait.  In the meantime work with the walk-ins that have awakened.  The more you raise your vibrations and express your authentic selves it will also nurture and call to him.  It's easy for us to want to rush the process but only he would know what he has to sort through with the integration."

"again... call out your energies collectively with your own vibrations and also put the call out there with his signature. Create the harmony of the blend."

Like if you're all part of the same soul group as most soul mates are there is a frequency, a collective hum that is the signature of your pod.  Other groups have their own signature like if you were to think of a phone one else has the same exact phone number."

"That number is the direct number to your office or pod. Really the numbers are like representatives of musical notes.  The music harmony as I can best describe it is made of your energies combined. Layered on top of the original melody or signature."

"(you call out with) Intention.  You have to first connect with it yourselves within."

"Recognize it and anchor it in, which it's already anchored, but outline it and intensify it's energy.  The more energy and intention is like turning the volume up.  Others can hear it.  But unless someone feels that song as home, they won't really care.  But his energy being part of that group and signature will be drawn to it and it will intensify the song within and help add to the melody."

"You know how you can hear a song and it literally moves through every fiber of your being and can give you goosebumps?"

"That's what your intention is. You're all like an individual speaker playing the foundation melody of your groups signature. Coding... Each "speaker" has their own melody layered on top of the foundation melody. When two "Speakers" meet and connect and turn on... then you start to create the harmony."

I guess my pod and I need to put out a call to find the others so they can find us and help us on our soul mission.  While I am not entirely sure what the group mission is yet, I do know that my personal mission is to be an energy healer.  Jeannie Barnes and others have all told me the same thing....that I am meant to be an energy healer.  Jeannie told me that I will come to healing gradually and naturally within the next couple years.

There are differences in types of walk-ins.  Sometimes it is a soul braid where the soul that walks in kind of braids with the existing soul.  A full soul exchange is where the original soul steps out and the new one walks in and takes over.  Sometimes a soul only walks in for a short time to complete a specific task.  You can do a search on these terms to find our more about both.  THIS is my previous blog post about this subject.

Here are some sites I found interesting and helpful: