Thursday, February 20, 2014


Artist J. Slattum

Spin the wheel
Make your move
Show me what
You've got to prove
Throw the dice
Take your turn
So much now
You've got to learn
From the world
You hide the truth
Tell me please
What's the use
Secrets you have
Have been untold
Secrets you have
Shall soon unfold
Avoid the question
Tell a white lie
Answer you give
I won't buy
Live your life
Try as you might
You've had a chance
But lost the fight
A perfect hand
Dealt to few
Left in the cold
It wasn't you
Yes they say
"This is fate"
These are words
You've learned to hate

Written Septermber 9, 1987

By Oktobre Taylor

Author's notes:  The majority of the poems I am starting to share I wrote many years when I was in a very dark place. I have never ventured to share them publicly until now.  I hope, as time goes by, I will be inspired to write new poetry from the place I am at now in my life.

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