Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Awakening and Those Crazy Kundalini Symptoms

There are tons of sites out there that will give you a list of Kundalini symptoms.  I don't claim to be an expert. I don't even practice Kundalini Yoga. I just the like the name and the things I have read about it resonate more with me than other terms and phrases for the same thing.

"What are the other terms and phrases for the awakening Kundalini?" you might wonder.  I came to the conclusion that a lot of these things that people are going on and on about in the spiritual community are basically all exactly the same thing. We give it different names, but we are all talking about the same thing.

How often have you heard about ascension, awakening the Kundalini, activating the Merkaba, activating the light body, uniting that elusive fucking twin flame (don't get me started), the Sacred Rose, Christ Consciousness. Those are just ones that I can think of off the top of my head. All of those things describe exactly the same thing. Really.  We are all talking about the same thing.  Kundalini is Hindu. The Sacred Rose is connected to Mary Magdalene and Christianity. The others are alternative and new age terms and phrases. Twin Flame is something that people are looking outside of themselves for and they are just really confused. The goal here, people, is to unite the twin flame within yourself to create the violet fire...and the violet fire is basically just an awakened Kundalini. It is a mind fuck I know....especially if you have been looking for that elusive perfect partner. That is not to say that there isn't some awesome man or woman that you are destined to live a really happy life with, it just isn't why the Twin Flame term has been brought into our consciousness. Balance the masculine and feminine within yourself and *boom!* twin flame reunion and fireworks go off because you awaken your violet flame. Cool right? 

Notice the two snakes...twin flames, yin and yang, masculine and feminine coming together create the violet flame of the crown chakra.

The Sacred Rose is often depicted as a blooming rose and is said to reside in the root chakra. Here a lotus flower is depicted and the kundalini snakes are said to reside in the root chakra and rise when we awaken them.

With the raising of planetary vibrations, we all are experiencing symptoms to some degree. A lot of people that can't grow and open themselves to the incoming higher vibrations are simply going to leave the planet. Haven't you noticed how so many people seem to be dying around you? I have. Those people are given a choice to raise their vibration with the planet or leave the human vehicle behind and come back later when you are ready. Some of the people leaving the planet are leaving now because we planned for one of us to be here and one of us to be there to work together at building a bridge between the worlds and tearing down the veil...the veil that doesn't actually even exist.

I think my symptoms started long before I was even aware of the awakening Kundalini. The first thing that I can recall as seeming like a medical condition that the doctors couldn't find an explanation for was the night sweats I was getting. I think that was around 2006. I would wake up and my sheets would be soaked with sweat. I went to see my primary care physician to find out what was wrong with me. I thought maybe I had a kidney infection again and didn't know it. We had an MRI of my kidneys and blood tests and everything was fine. I then had blood tests to see if I was Peri-menopausal and all of my hormone showed I was no where near menopause. I tested my thyroid and was completely fine. So then, why the night sweats. There was no known medical reason.

I am convinced now that my bout with horrible night sweats was all Kundalini related.

In the fall of 2007 at the age of 38, I found out I was pregnant with my first child. A miracle of sorts. I still am not sure how she came about as I was pretty sure after 5 years of marriage and no birth control, that we weren't going to be a baby making couple and I was okay with that. Pregnancy threw me for a loop. It is supposed to be a beautiful experience, right? No one prepared me for the hell my life would be for the next 10 months while this seemingly alien creature grew inside my body. My smell aversion was acute and I was nauseated my entire pregnancy. I had aches and pains that kept me from sleeping. I continued to have horrible night sweats as well. My nipples would constrict so tightly on their own that it felt like someone was twisting them right off of me. Yep, pregnancy wasn't pretty for me. I wonder now how many of my symptoms were more acute because of the raising vibrations I was responding to. I expect a lot of my discomfort had to do with awakening symptoms.

The next 3 years are a blur and I can't tell you what symptoms I might have experienced. I was busy breast feeding on demand and attending to my daughter's needs. 

When the symptoms started to explode and happen frequently was after I found the Channeling Erik site and I grew exponentially in a spiritual way. It started when I merged with spirit three times. I believe the merging raised my vibrations. My third eye vibrated for three days. I spontaneously tried to leave my body. I started to feel a buzzing and vibratory sensation throughout my body. That also lasted for days. At times I would experience electrical jolts that felt like I was being burned or a spider was biting me. I woke up one morning and heard a whirring sound like a large turbine turning. It lasted for probably half an hour. This turbine sound is what some people call a locomotive sound. I have had lots and lots of tiny muscle spasms.

I hit a point in which I encountered a throat chakra block and was really sick for a month. A simple cold triggered my asthma symptoms and I felt like I was going to die. Thankfully I got the medicine I needed to turn it around. At that point I had a vibratory feeling, but it felt like it was sputtering like an engine that couldn't quite start or wasn't running smoothly. I contacted a friend and hired him to do some Reiki healing on me. He agreed that my throat chakra was completely closed and he did what he could to help me with this.

I haven't meditated as regularly as I think I should, but I have continued to move forward. I did eventually hear the turbine sound again one morning.  I had a dream visitation from Erik and after the visit I was feeling that familiar vibratory buzzing sensation again. It lasted for about 4 days. After that I experienced what can only be described as an emotional storm. It swept over fast and strong and engulfed me in a whirl-wind of INTENSE emotions. It felt like someone close to me had just died and all I could do was sob.  I couldn't breathe. It felt so heavy and dark. My ego mind created all kinds of elaborate and creative reasons for why I was feeling what I was, but the very next day I felt fine. The only explanation I could come up with is that this was symptom of the awakening Kundalini.  

These are the extent of my symptoms up until now and will likely update this entry as new symptoms occur. What symptoms have you been suffering lately that have no known medical cause. Could it be you are on an awakening journey as well? I would love to hear about your personal experiences.

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