Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Divine Timing and Connecting with Soul Family

Art by Tom Bagshaw
I haven't felt very inclined to write any blog posts lately as I have been too engrossed in catching up with a long lost family member. Not just any family member, but a SOUL FAMILY member and I am not afraid to say it has been a little piece of heaven. Never did I imagine that there was another human so like me. God help us all! hahahahaha But seriously, it has been so much fun. He feels like a best friend that I have known for eons...the kind you open up and tell things that you have never told another person about.

I think back to when I first met him and it really wasn't a good first meeting at all. We walked away from that brief encounter and we both were left with a bitter taste in our mouths and not really wanting to know the other further. lol It just goes to show you that first impressions aren't always correct.

I have known for a while this person would be coming to me, but I wasn't sure what to expect or even if I would recognize him. He is one of the four walk-ins I have been seeking that I have been dreaming about for years. I just had no idea he had come knocking and I didn't recognize him at first nor did he recognize me. It is fascinating to think how finely tuned and choreographed our dances are with one another while we are here. Divine timing and serendipity are two words that come to mind to explain how it all played out.

Unfortunately, sometimes people who help bring our loved ones and soul family to us feel hurt when their part of the dance comes an end and they are not part of that soul family....only the larger soul group. Their part of the play was done and it was time for them to exit the stage.  This was the case when Jesse came into my life. I feel bad for any hurt feelings, but not for having my soul family member be brought back to me as we so clearly planned it all before coming into the physical.

It has been as though a whirlwind has taken us during our "remembering" phase. We can't seem to stop talking. It feels very much like seeing someone you are close to but haven't seen in a while and you say, "Oh my god, I am SO happy to see you! I have so much to share with you." And you stay up all night like you once did with your best friend on a sleep over talking about everything there is to talk about and yet you never run out of things to say. It has been a rush and a thrill to connect with a cherished and beloved family member.

Jesse Thomas...soul family and best friend.
Let me tell you about my best friend, Jesse. And yes, I am very comfortable calling him "best friend" and putting him in the same category as Ziba who has helped me grow in so many ways, and Shannon, who I have known and loved for 30 years. These are the people I hold close to me who make me feel like the wealthiest person on the planet because they each are such treasures to me. I value each of them so very much. Back to Jesse....I'm going to sing his praises a bit because I think he deserves it. Jesse is such an amazing soul...not just because he is my ancient teacher and soul family, but the character he is now performing for this play is amazing.  He is a talented musician and song writer. He is kind and patient with me. He is honest, funny, and talkative. He is so intelligent and I love his mind and how he is able to see new information that I hadn't seen before. He is loving and understanding. I trust him implicitly. His light shines brightly and my life is brighter and better because he is a part of it. I have so much respect for him, for his story and all that he is.

During the course of this, there have been those who would like to whisper to me about his shortcomings and their own opinions of him that aren't favorable. They have tried to influence my relationship with him and create a wedge, but I will not be swayed based on someone else's experiences, questionable 3rd hand information or his supposed past. I am under no illusion that any of us are perfect. We all come to the table with baggage and our own shadow selves that can be a challenge to deal with...both for them and for us. But if we put into practice what we learn in spirituality, then we can learn from what arises and grow from it and that has been the case for me and Jesse. Together we take the hard stuff and face it head on and become better people when we come through it with understanding more about ourselves and what we need to work on. That to me is invaluable. Very rarely do you find people like that and I have three. I am blessed.

With that I will say in closing: Welcome home, Jesse! Welcome back to the family. We have missed you dearly. You are appreciated, loved and supported. I look forward to the work we will do for the rest of the time I am here on Earth and I can't wait to see what adventures our journey holds. Blessings and love to you, old friend.