Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Daughter Wants to be a Rock Star

Ever since she was a wee thing my daughter, Inara, has kept rock star hours.  So the fact that she now tells me she wants to be a rock star shouldn't surprise me.  It fits.  She also says that she wants to be on TV and in movies. 


Again, she is already used to her entire life being filmed and photographed.  It wouldn't be a stretch for her to do it for money.  Lately she has lamented that she needs a way to earn money.  Maybe it is an option but I pity the director that has to try to "direct her".  OMG the child doesn't listen. 

We were watching some Sum 41 videos together and she says to me:


 "I just really want to be a rock star." and "Deryck is so handsome. I could just look at him all day!"

Should I be worried that she is obsessed with the idea of getting married, having kids and thinking an adult male old enough to be her father is so handsome that she could look at him all day? lol  Honestly, it gave me a huge belly laugh.  I think when I was her age (5 years old) I was into Shaun Cassidy.  Later it was Andy Gibb.  What can I say, I was a girl who liked a guy in tight pants who could sing.  Inara thought it was pretty funny that I used to pretend my pillow was Shaun Cassidy while I watched episodes of The Hardy Boys.  She pretends "Big Dog" (a stuffed toy) is her boyfriend.  They get married often. lol 

She wanted me to record this message for


PS: You probably won't even be able to see the videos from your mobile phones as I can't usually see the videos on my blog from my phone.